Even as the walls of the so called "church system" crumbled and became but dust on the threshing floor of our hearts, so now the walls of mans ministries must crumble in the powerful wind of the Spirit’s voice. The message of the hour is loud, it is clear, and it is simple: "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Many Membered Body of Christ." 


Voices! Everywhere there are voices ... teaching, preaching and prophesying ... serving a purpose in God's plan for the children of Adam. But for the Sons of God there is but one voice ... the voice of the Father. Though once He required us to give of our time, our money, and our service ... He is now coming to us to give unto us our inheritance ... our birthright. He is opening every door that had been shut. He is removing the veil. He is manifesting that which was hidden. Revelation is knowledge ... Manifestation is becoming. 


Where were we when the morning stars sang together and the Sons of God shouted for joy? There is but one answer, my brother-sister-sons, we were with Him, ruling and reigning over all that the Father had made ... members in particular of God's Christ ... begotten … not created, forever the Sons of the Almighty. 


And now, in the light of glorious Truth, the Father is appearing unto us. Eye cannot see, nor ear hear, nor the heart of man know … but He is manifesting himself to us by His Spirit. Though we bear the image of the earthy, the image of the heavenly abides within. And this "inner son", with out stretched arms, is receiving the Father. •• once again to dwell in perfect union with Him. This is that "special something" we feel going on inside of us; this is that "sense" of something glorious about to happen. When Father and son are joined together, this is the Kingdom of God upon the earth which we are. My beloved, if we are to be overcomers; if we are to be "pillars" in the House of the Living God; if we are to reign with Him, then union with Him must come first. 


He must be our all! There is nothing and no one besides Him. He 1vould that we enter into the Holy Place that He is ... that we might become His dwelling place. There is no spot for the mortal on these holy grounds ... flesh and blood cannot enter in. In this holiest of all places, Father and son walk as one, they think as one, they exist as one. Jesus Christ, our Elder Brother ... the many membered Son ... many sons forming One. Hallelujah! The hour will come when all shall hear the voice of the Spirit proclaiming: Thou art The Christ, The Sons of the Living God. 


Oh, my beloved, it is expedient, very expedient, that we spend as much time as possible in His presence ... that we might behold Him and receive Him with great joy and everlasting peace. Though there are those among us which would kick against the "aloneness" and go down to the crowds (perhaps they belong there), let us ascend unto the Secret Place of the Most High: our place by Him. Praise God! Let us soar with the Sons in the high and glorious realms of His Being; soaring beyond place and time, into the eternal heights of His Spirit. For, this is where we hear His voice and know; this is where we see God and live; this is the place where we become. Hallelujah! 


We cannot find life in the words of man. Teachings and methods only weary the spirit. Books and publications can only give us a glimpse of truth. It is not by might (the strength of man), nor by power (the wisdom or wealth of man), it is by His Spirit ... it is in His presence. God does not want our time, our money, our service ... He wants us. He loves us. He wants to give himseIf to us. He is our Father, we are His sons. He is opening the door of His heart to us. He is making all things new! 


We have gone through many external practices; we received sound doctrine, read our Bibles, and lived the best we could: Yet, in spite of all this, there was a great void deep inside … there was always a voice whispering: "There is more, there is a better way." And so our spirits hungered and thirsted, yearned and longed for the way that is everlasting ... and that way is Union with God. 


I do not write of a "mystical" path, I write of The Divine Day ... laid out for us by the Father, eons ago. The patriarchs spoke of it, the prophets foretold it, Jesus pointed to it, and the apostles died for it. It was not meant for the crowds, nor for fools and slow of heart. .. it was for the "few" out from the few: The few that would change the course of time and layout the path which would lead to the Gates of the Holy City, making a way for all Creation to share in the liberty of the Sons of God: The few who would respond to the voice of the Spirit and live in the silence, in the shadows of aloneness, thus partaking of spirit converse with their Father: The few that would return the Creation, fully restored, to the Father … through the power and glory of their Elder Brother ... The Lord, The King, The Christ. 


The walls of partition that are among us today is not Babylon with all of her spectacular revivals and programs. It is not her radio and television ministries, not even her many "great men" ... it is some of our "own" that have erected barriers by drawing disciples unto themselves. Sonship is not a "movement" "It is not something one enters into through a "decision" ".  It is not a teaching, nor a programmed way of life. Sonship is a sacred and intricate part of the Father; it is the Father expressing the fullness of himself within those that are begotten of Him. The Sons of God are the expansion of divine life … they are life-giving beings ... equal with, but not exalted above, the Father. The whole Creation is on tiptoe, waiting for the appearing of the Sons of God. All that is within us cries out: "Hasten the day Father, when we all stand together as One ... bringing perfect order and perfect harmony to all Thy hands hath made ... the hour of The Restitution of all Things." Hallelujah! 


\'Ie descended, when we left the high and holy place to bear the image of the earthy and to dwell in Adam I s realm. We left the realm of life in order to experience the realm of death. WE KNOWINGLY STEPPED DOWN! Now, the hour of freedom has come ... we must be free ... allowing no walls to divide us. We must be free to ascend into the realm of reality ... the realm far beyond time and place ... the realm untouched by mortal men ... the realm where God is All. It is through our "ascending" that the Creation will be lifted up? 


A whole new understanding is opening to us, because the mind that was in Christ Jesus is being renewed in us. The realm of the Spirit is becoming a reality to us. We are remembering that we were born of His Spirit eons ago. We are reaching inward and touching the things that are eternal. We are seeing the Kingdom of God in us, above us, below us, all around us. We are experiencing the life changing, the life giving power of our Everlasting Father. All that is within us is being transformed into all that He is. Like the first rays of sunrise appearing at dawn, so the glorious light of God is arising within the depths of our being. The morning is breaking, and the darkness is fleeing away. Freedom ... glorious and triumphant Freedom ... to ascend in thy path; to rise to our former dwelling place within the bosom of the Father; to live eternally in His presence ... to reign with Him throughout endless ages ... to share with all Creation the glory of the Lord ... 


Oh! how we love His appearing. He comes and the shadows fade, and His light shines brighter than the noonday sun. Our eyes see Him, our ears hear His voice, and our hearts beat as one with His. Is it not true, brethren, that in every trial, every sorrow, and every pain and rejection, He has, in one way or another, come in great glory to lift us up and to press us onward? Is it not true, that in the darkest hour of the soul, He became our light? And, is it not true that should everything, everywhere, crumble into dust, that His Spirit will rise up within our inner son, and we shall stand upon Zion to declare the good tidings of the Kingdom of God ... the New Heaven and the New Earth ...


It is good to go unto the House of the Lord and be taught by Him. It is good to be in His presence and to partake of Him. He stirs the spirit and the mind; He renews the inner man, and shines the Light of Life upon his path. He gives us the strength to walk in the heavenlies, though we dwell in a house of clay. 


There are no walls in the Father's House, nor human idols, nor vain traditions, or lifeless teachings. within the silence of the soul dwells the Temple of God ... the Holy Place, where only the voice of the Father is heard. And our aloneness is the door to the Father’s House. Indeed, the Father's House is a "secret place" known only to the Sons of God. They are the Living Stones that form the Living House for the Living God. And when His House is complete, the universe, with all of its vastness, will not be able to contain it. Bow down, my beloved, for this is most holy ground. This is where we eat and drink of Him; this is where we are alone with Him: And in this secret place He imparts to us His life, His nature, His attributes. It is here, in the holiest of all places, we enter into union with God. It is here that the scrolls of the Eternal are unrolled, and we see and know as He...


Can you see, brethren, why we must not be followers of men? Do you understand why we must see beyond the Sacred Page? Do you understand why we must be free? There is nothing, absolutely nothing that compares to the glory which awaits us. Far beyond all doctrines; far beyond our imaginings, our hopes, our aspirations, is our inheritance in Christ Jesus. All the Father has is ours ... it was ours from the day of our birth ... the day we came forth in full stature in the image of the Father ... the day when the morning stars sang together and we shouted for joy. 


None of the things of which I write are far away. If our eyes were opened for a moment, we would surely see the glory of the Lord all around us and upon us. For centuries men have preached about the Kingdom, they have looked for the Kingdom, they have prayed for the Kingdom ... never knowing that they were a part of the Kingdom; a part of a time span within the reign of the Kingdom; never truly knowing that the Kingdom of God had no beginning and has no end: For, the Kingdom is the heart, the will, and the fullness of our Beloved Father. And this Kingdom is within us. It is in this Kingdom we shall reign as a member in particular ... in God's Christ, ages without end. It is this Kingdom that shall form the New Heaven and the New Earth. It is in this Kingdom that the Creation shall partake of the glory and liberty of the Sons of God. 


As you know, I live in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. I need but to go out my back door and I am in the heart of the forest. There have been times when I have walked these lovely woods and communed with nature, understanding the sound of the wind, the water, the trees and the wildlife. But, for the longest time everything has been very still. .. almost lifeless, as it were. It seems as though the creation around me has entered into a deep and holy silence ... as though they too wait in a special aloneness ... waiting, watching, and longing for the hour of the Manifestation of the Sons of God. All Creation is an intricate expression of God's love and life ... a living reflection of His beauty and greatness. 

At times, I believe that the "worldlings" know, perhaps more so than the se called "believers ", that there is a special way, a special people, a special world, waiting in the silence, to break the barriers of darkness and bondage. And so, in our spirits we can hear the moaning and groaning of all life forms. And we too moan for the hour of deliverance. 


Twenty years, or so, ago the "undesirables" where singing a very strange song to very strange music. Few, if any, heard or understood the words. I want to share them with you. I feel you will understand them, and that you will see beyond the feeble expressions of man: And you will know that these words exist in every living creature ... one way or another. I end this little letter with the following: 


On the turning away from the pale and downtrodden,

And the words they say which we won't understand:

"Don't accept that what's happening is just a case of others' suffering,

Or you'll find that you're joining in the turning away."


It's a sin that somehow light is changing to shadow,

And casting it's shroud over all we have known,

Unaware how the ranks have grown, driven on by a heart of stone.

We could find that we're all alone in the dream of the proud.


On the wings of the night, as the daytime is stirring,

Where the speechless unite in a silent accord,

Using words you will find are strange, and mesmerized as they light the flame.

Feel the New Wind of Change on the wings of the night.


No more turning away from the weak and the weary,

No more turning away from the coldness inside.

Just a world that we all must share, it's not enough to stand and stare.

Is it only a dream that there will be no more turning away?


We, of all people, know that the hour will come when there will be no "turning away" ... but, there will be a turning to. At present we seem to be "speechless," and when we do attempt to speak the mysteries of God, our words seem "strange" to the listener. My beloved, we are lighting the flame with the light that we are. We are the New Wind of Change in Christ Jesus. The world is waiting ... Let us draw closer to the Father ...






























































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER O            4

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