We have walked with the Father down many paths and through many gardens. Some were paths which led us to a garden of joy, or hope, or truth: some brought us great suffering; or sorrow, or aloneness. All these experiences were necessary to bring us to the place were we are today. Many wonderful manifestations are taking place in the heavenlies. The eyes of our spirit are being opened that we might look into an open heaven. The Spirit bids us come ... for the path that is before us leads FROM and TO the Holiest Place. As our spirits walk this path we will behold two of the Father's loveliest gardens. And we shall see clearly the purpose of suffering and the reward which lies hidden as a treasure in a field. 


This is the garden of crushed roses; it is the place where they release their fragrance and fill the Father’s House with the sweet smell of their perfume. This is a hollowed spot  the ground is stained with the tears and the blood of the Sons of God. 


This garden is a place of great beauty. It is here that we turn loose of all remaining hindrances and we are freed of all remaining weights. And then we offer them up as a sweet smelling sacrifice unto the Father. This is where the roses are crushed ... not broken … for the crushing is unto life. This is the place where we exchange all that we are for all that He is. Yet, it is a place of very little giving ... for what are the pleasures of the flesh but trifles compared to walking with the Father. 


On each rose there is a name. No man can know that name ... it was placed there by the Spirit of God; only he that walks in the Spirit can know that name. Every crushing brings us closer to the time of Eternal Glory until the hour when the crushing brings a crown of life to be worn by the Sons of His Right Hand. And the sound of their crushing is the sound of many voices crying; Abba, Father! 


Father, this is a most profound garden, for it dwells in the hollow of thy heart. Even though you crush … you give your kiss of life to each tender rose. 


In this vast garden of roses I see One more crushed than all the others. His fragrance is far sweeter than all. He looks upon the others and cries; "Father, these are they that Thou hast given me." He bore the greatest of suffering, thus a name was given to Him whereby all creation shall receive the life of the ages. 


The gentle wind of the Spirit blows across the garden; the roses dance with delight in the presence of the Father. This is a lovely place ... it is filled with love and emotion. One that has not been crushed cannot feel love. On earth love is a natural feeling brought about by natural expressions. As one has written; "The joys of love are but a moment long … the pains of love last the whole life long." In this garden love is found by crushing ... and with this, the pure love of God, we love one another. 

There is a very holy unction in this place; like 'the dew of the morning it rests lovingly upon each rose and through this anointing we are brought together into 'Divine Harmony. And from this harmony we become one spirit, even the Spirit of 'the Lord. Thus we shall share with all creation the love that the Father has so lavishly bestowed upon us. 


The result of each crushing is a surrendering until the moment we cry out; "Not my will but Thine be done." By those words you shall know a son of God, for a son of God has one will: the will of God. Thus the crushing has done its perfect work. When we have no will we are free ... free of all disturbances, unrest, turmoil, oppression and depression. When we are free of self we are free indeed. We must always reverence this spot for it is here that our journey begins. It is here that we are, as it were, born again into the reality of life ... entering into the place of our beginning. And from here the path leads us into union with God …


He gathered us together eons ago and said; "Sons, all that I have is thine. Can we now stand in this garden and speak the same words to our Father? 


This garden is rich, many treasures are hidden among the roses. Many secrets can be found here ... all one most do is seek, resting in the assurance that the Spirit will take the things of the Father and manifest them unto His sons. He will not leave us in the darkness … we are the children of the light ... let us walk in the light ... to become the light ... the light that shall dispel the darkness. 


The Spirit bids us leave this garden and walk another path to another very lovely garden ... no, it is not a garden … it is a field ... a field of lilies … The lilies are in full bloom; meaning full maturity. There is no need for crushing, they need not labor or toil. This is another state in the call to sonship. Transformed from a crushed rose into a pure lily, pure for it is overlaid with the holiness of the Father. They are trumpet shaped for they grow in a higher realm of sound … the sounding of the eighth trumpet ... the sounding of a new beginning. And these mature Sons of God are the Firstfruits of this New Beginning. The sound of their voices fill the Father's Courts as He opens to them the Everlasting Gospel. 


Oh, my brothers, remove all the things of earth from your hands; they are but thorns and thistles … things that hurt and prick us. Wash your hands and cleanse your heart … we are beholding wonderful things … we are seeing the Lord as He is. Step up higher and be free to find delight in the ways of the Spirit, to be led by the Spirit, to have life in the Spirit. Close your eyes to the turmoil of the world and the flesh, then you will see the workings of the spirit. You want life … then give your life. It is through yielding that we are made strong. You want the mind of Christ … then turn from your own ways and thoughts. Roses are lovely; lilies are pure and free. Embrace the truth and you shall be free indeed. 


We have always belonged to the Father. Though He gently planted us in the dirt of the earth, He now gathers us with His strong arms and bathes us in the holy water of Divine Truth ... preparing us for the hour of manifestation. 


Consider the Lilies of the field … for someday they shall cover the vastness of eternity ... covering it with the righteousness and holiness of the Eternal Father. 


We are eating of His body and drinking of His blood. We are eating of the solid meat of the Spirit. We must stand tall as the Sons of God ... children of a higher order. Yes, at present we bear the mark of the flesh and serve our purpose on earth ... yet our spirits can walk freely in the heavenlies. Let us shine as lights in the darkness of the world ... shinning brightly as the virgin sons of God ... Sons of His Right Hand! We are the crushed roses ... we are the lilies of the field ... yet we are not what we shall be, for there is an excelling glory which the Father has prepared for us. 


The garden of crushed roses represent consecration ... the field of lilies represent exaltation. As the heavens open to us and we behold the great and marvelous manifestations of the Lord, we are passing from glory to glory. Ah, my beloved, we will never be the same ... all else will be as nothing. And as the light of this glory burns within us the creation around us will be affected. 


Let us rise and shine, for the Son of a New Beginning is appearing in the heavenlies. The Lord is no longer hiding Himself among the types and shadows ... He is manifesting Himself as Father God to the Sons of His Christ. He stands before us clothed in life and light and truth. He is imparting His ways and thoughts to us. This is truly a great hour ... we are coming into our rightful inheritance in Christ Jesus. We are remembering ... Hallelujah!! 


Many doors and windows in the heavenlies are opening nothing that we shall see that we did not see in another place. All that we hear we shall recall and all that were ... when the morning stars sang together and the sons of joy. Shalom! 



LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER P            2

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