For years we have walked the wilderness path, no place to really call our own. Alone and rejected we walked the narrow path. We endured all types of suffering, persecution, and sorrow ... often appearing to be barren and useless in a world filled with religious excitement and worldly enticements. From the day of our natural birth we were different and did not fit in. Indeed, we were pilgrims and foreigners in a very strange and perverse land. 


Though we tried the world with its fun and pleasures we never had enduring joy; even in our accomplishments we found no fulfillment. All seemed vanity and vexation of spirit. Turning to religion, we placed ourselves under tutors and governors, learning very little. We lived in fear and superstition, for we lived by the opinions and interpretations of self-appointed men who boasted of their "calling" •.. yet led us in the ways of bondage and division. Our faith and trust in God hinged upon our feelings ... as long as we felt the "anointing," so we were taught, we were in good standing with the Father. Finally, we "came out" of the play church of men, enjoying, for a season, the freedom of spirit. It was not long, however, till we began to adhere to the teachings of those who had led us out ... once again playing "follow the leader." Even the so called "Latter Rain" movement thrived and grew on the work and money of the people. Then, self-centerness and false pride crept in, and that which was called "The House of the Lord" became just another Babylonian harlot. We had to pass through the valleys of the world and religion and human idols ... a way that seemed right, but ended in death, in order that we might reach the way that is right, which ends in life evermore. 


There is so much scripture being used today, not for the glory of God, but to prove the vanity of human thought. Men argue over the meaning of a particular word; they mangle and twist the words of a verse ... until it says what they want it to say. Much too long have we trusted in translations, definitions, and interpretations ... these are but the foolish wisdom of man ... they are a fountain which cannot quench the thirst of one’s spirit. It is the hour to receive all things from the hand of the Father. 


Once we were trapped between the pages of the Sacred Page: Now we must find life in every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. It is in Him alone that we live, move, and have our existence. The Father is not using "hirelings" ... He is using sons ... sons who freely give as it was freely given to them. And, only the carnal and slow of heart would connect money with such words. We give life, and light, and truth as we walk in Him. Though we be alone with Him in the shadows of a dying age, our spirits are touching, yea, changing- all creation. Every pain, every sorrow, and every rejection we feel opens a door in the Kingdom of God. Our every cry of "Father" is a prayer for all mankind. Every tear we shed is like a cleansing stream. Every time our spirits moan, the Kingdom of God is nearer. And in the depths of our aloneness, we find the heights of God's glory ...


There has never been a man on earth, nor is there a man on earth today, that could lead us into the glorious fullness of God. There is not a Bible study that could open the gates of the City of God; nor a progression which could usher in the Kingdom. If you do not understand, go to the Father. If you want the truth, go to the Father. If you want the crown of Sonship, abandon all else ... everyone else ... and go back to the Father's House ... all that He has is waiting for you. All that you have longed for, sought for, and suffered for can be found in His presence alone. You will not stand completed in Him ... until you stand completely in Him. 


What is it, my brother-sister-sons, that you believe? What do you as a member in particular believe? It matters little what Brother so and so believes. What is your relationship with the Father? Is it on a one to One basis? Are your depths reaching upward to His heights? Is all that is within you hungering for all that is within the Father? Are your ears of understanding open to His voice? Are you willing to walk where others fear to walk? IT WAS NOT GIVEN TO THE ANGELS TO KNOW OR THE SONS OF ADAM ... IT WAS GIVEN TO YOU AS A MEMBER OF GOD'S CHRIST...


This is the hour of freedom: The earth is moaning for it; mankind is waiting for it; the heavenlies are proclaiming it ... and we are receiving it. Freedom must be ours first ... then the Creation. Ah, then shall our precious and sacred earth be renewed and given back to us. The earth and all therein shall be forever free, forever strong, forever without want ... forever an expression of the Father's greatness; a renewed earth lighted by the glory of the Lord, filled with the Spirit of the Eternal One ... The Everlasting Footstool for God's Many Membered Christ. Hallelujah!! 


The Father is not "teaching" us, He is awakening us. Too long have we slept in the darkness of Adam's sleep. Too long have we walked the path of religious ideologies. We have been like men on a far journey ... too long have we been away from our Father's House. As we awake, we arise, we ascend, knowing that the glory of the Lord is rising upon us and within us. We have walked the valley of the shadow of death in many ways, it is now time to rest by the still waters; time to sit in the heaven1ies; time to receive from the Spirit all things pertaining to the Father. 


In order to be filled with the fullness of God, we must be emptied of all else. To know Him as He is, we must no longer see Him as the "tutors" thought Him to be. When all voices are silent ... when all books and writings are put away ... when all theories are forgotten, then the voice of the Father can be heard within the holy place of our inner son. The Father comes and walks in the garden of our hearts. He speaks to us, and the sound of His voice quickens our memory. And we begin to remember the time when we walked with Him in the fullness of eternity. Hallelujah! 


The Spirit of the Living God is moving in the high and holy places ... the realm where things are unseen by mortal men and unknown by carnal minds. Yea, deep within the center of our inner son dwells the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ and of His Christ-Sons ... The Most High, dwelling in the depths of our being ... thus, forming a Divine Union between Father and son. That realm belongs to the Sons ... born of His Spirit, eons ago. Seed of His Seed, spirit of His Spirit, mind of His Mind; living expressions of the Father; beings of light and life ... giving light and life to all that the Father has made ... each age in its order; each creation in its turn; each creature in their appointed hour. 


We are reaching the place beyond time and feelings. We walk upon very holy ground ... ground we once feared; yet deep within we could never resist. Now that we are "entering in" this holy place it is as though we had never left. Unknown things seem new at first ... yet we had known these things once before. We are not learning ... we are remembering. We are not exploring higher grounds; we are passing over them, once again, in a different state of being. 

When all worldly ties are broken when we no longer live in religious fear and bondage, and there is nothing left for us to lose ... then, indeed, we are free. Our spirits ride upon the wind of God's breath into the place of our: former birth ... the Secret Place of the Most High ... where the Sons sing the Song of the Morning ... for there is no night there. Hallelujah! 


The Song of the Morning is the song known only to the Sons. It is the song of many parts ... sung by the Many Members ... the song about The Christ; about their place in The Christ; about their dwelling place and their life long before time and place and things. It is the song which magnifies and glorifies the Triune God: FATHER, SONS, AND SPIRIT. It is the Song of Manifestation to all things, past, present and yet to come. It is the song that fills all things with His glory ... ages without end. Praise the Lord! 


My dearly beloved, the things of which I write are not of this world. One does not discuss these things over a cup of coffee, or chat about them over the phone. Our place in Christi our place at the Father's side, and all that pertains to the Father's holy purposes are profound ... they are awesome ... the} are life-giving ... This is the place by Him where we see Him and live. It is the Holy Place where Divine Life and Divine Understanding is given to us. Treasure it ... treasure thy aloneness ... it is the key to Eternal Sonship. Honor it as sacred and holy ... and it shall renew thy mind. 


Many, today, still specialize in scripture they are bound to the "New" as the Jews were bound to the "Old". Most, today, still follow after ... they are content with a blessing or with external progress. We must, however, as our: brothers of old, no longer listen to the foolish wisdom of man. THERE IS NO FULFILLMENT IN ANY OF THE TEACHINGS OF TODAY! We must find our fulfillment in His "still small voice" as He whispers the Truth of the Ages to our spirits. Let us write "finished" to all others. Let us walk with God ... He will "take us" and we shall be no more ... For we shall be lost in Him. Ah, then shall we know even as we are known. Then we shall see Him as He is ... and in the light of His glory we shall be transformed ... Hallelujah! 


We need not walk the "wilderness path" any longer. We need not fret ourselves over the tribulation of the world and its people. This is the hour to lift up our heads and rejoice ... it is the time when full redemption draws near. Let men with their narrow vision argue over the scriptures, over their definitions and interpretations ... The Truth alone sets free. Do not give heed to the high minded that are always proclaiming "thus saith the Lord." Do not put your trust in those that are always having "revelations." They see with natural eyes they hear with natural ears and understand with natural minds. Turn from those that seek honor and respect, for they too walk as natural men. Only hirelings live off the money and work of others ... thus defiling the very things they teach. Nothing will bind you more to the legs of a man than money. Free yourselves of this "old order" habit. God is moving greatly by His Spirit ... a moving which transcends all others. In one moment He shall accomplish more by the power of His Spirit, than all the giving and spending of the dead order. 


There is a Divine Power lying dormant, as it were, within our inner son. Even now, perhaps unaware to us, the Power of Absolute Truth, Life and Light is rising within us as we walk at the Father's side. Touch this power for just a moment and all the ways of the past will wither and fade. Lay claim to your birthright - ye Sons of the Eternal God. All the secrets and mysteries of the ages are hidden within the heart of the Father. It is in His presence alone that the Spirit takes the things of the Father and manifests them to us. It is in His presence alone that we become ... Hallelujah! 


































LITTLE LETTER [Carl R. Schwing] UNDATED LETTER Q            3

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