Dreams 8-25-08

1st dream –

As a funeral director, I was helping load a casket, but the other person began pushing not allowing me to get my end into the opening. I sat my end down and began to correct the individual.  This individual was from the Clinton – Heber Springs area.

Then the scene changed and I was with a group of people sitting at a table.  An individual was going to minister to the group and I closed my eyes and began to worship, my hands raised, and my elbows on the table. As he came near to me he spoke, “Will redeem His plans for you”, and immediately the anointing came upon me. Suddenly, I was standing surrounded by Fire, and I began to spin counterclockwise in the fire.  End of dream

2nd dream later the same night –

I was reading to a man from a book, the verses were numbered like the bible.  I was overcome with emotion as I tried to read what God was speaking to me. The words were about entering into the ‘uptaw’. The man asked in the dream what it meant and my wife Kathy answers that it is an entrance in God.  (Kathy is a seer) End of Dreams

I awoke in the night and wrote on my writing pad ‘Uptaw’. As I had never heard this word before, I wanted to be sure to remember it and research it in the morning.  My searching revealed nothing, until I realized ‘Uptaw’ was a compound word, and ‘bingo’ I realized that I was hearing a word from the Throne Room of Father.  I just absolutely love how Father confirms His words to us. 

Up – indicating completion, upright, coming out, out, rising above, into consideration, in northerly position, to higher value, to greater intensity, near.

Taw – A fancy marble used to hit other marbles…  is also a piece that is selected to represent a player as in the game of monopoly (shoe, car, train, etc.), and chess pieces.


The first dream has the dual meaning of my being a funeral director and loading a casket.  The morning of the 25th, I taught a regular bible class at a drug treatment program.  One of the young men was trying to push several doctrinal issues and he was being disruptive. Being lead of the spirit, God had me to deal with the situation, setting down those issues and speaking a word of correction.  We’re to put away the dead body of sin and we must all work together. This individual was in fact from the Clinton and Heber Springs area. What a witness. A funeral director helps people to respectfully dispose of dead bodies.  There are right and wrong ways to do this; as it is in disposing of the dead body of the Adamic sinful flesh.  It isn’t alright to set it in a corner or under a table and act like it isn’t growing more grotesque by the day. Spiritually speaking, it is through the death to the self-life of the body of sin and the regeneration by the Spirit that is flowing out of Father through Christ that we become free from its hold. As a deputy coroner, I also validated the death and legalized it by signing the death certificate.  As in Christ I help people with burial of the flesh and also to validate that death-to-self has indeed occurred.  I’ve been trained up and licensed in this field both naturally and spiritually.  

Both of the dreams speak directly to the fact that God’s instruments are those found standing in fire and still turning His way.  God’s Way turns counter to the ways of man. Man has discredited, devalued, and shunned God’s messengers, but God is confirming His Word that is speaking from His vessels of honor. He is doing this not just by the spoken Word, but also by the living Word written in the tablets of clay. These same vessels of honor can be found turning whichever way He turns even in the midst of fire.  They are His ‘Taws’, those called-up into greater visibility and consideration. Not called up to be a testimony of self, but called up to give evidence of Him.

Rev. 19:10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony (evidence) of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony (evidence) of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

The taw doesn’t represent itself, but the taw represents the one wielding the taw –the one in control.  As in the game of monopoly, the shoe, the train, or the car is nothing in itself (has no meaning or significance) until it is selected or called up to represent someone.  After selection it is evident who the car, the train, or shoe now represents.  What an awesome type and shadow of what God has selected us for; to represent Him to creation. 

A few days after these dreams I took on a job where I found myself standing in the fire.  The job was very challenging and I was being observed by many religious and worldly people. They knew I was involved in ministry.  The watchful eyes looking to see if I would do things like everyone else, or would I honor God in my conduct, even in the midst of adversity.  I became very aware that I had been placed in this position to be a witness of the Way of Christ – I was in the fire turning His Way.     

We’ve fled from the life of self and have laid hold of the hem of His garment. Cover us oh God with your garments of praise that our nakedness and shame will no longer be seen. Oh, that we might know and see that He is our ALL and creation might see that He is their ALL. When they see a poured out people, with no casting of the stones of self to catch the toe of another, or hindering the outflow of God’s life, they will have hope and know that The Most high has visited them. They need to see Him, His Ways, and His beauty; His Bride is His Uptaw.  If we’re still seeking to be seen, to be noticed, to be testified to, or in want of the favor and the recognition of men, then we can be assured of our present disqualification as The Lord’s Uptaw.  Is our only purpose grounded in pleasing the King? Do we desire to see the full deliverance of creation from the oppressor?  If so, then we might be on our way to becoming one of His Uptaws.  But if we are found seeking self-glorification, then we can be sure our motives are wrong and that we need to consider why and how we are approaching the Throne Room of The King. Jesus was the perfect Uptaw.  His only concern was pleasing and Glorifying Father.  Listen to His words.

John 8:28-29  Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.  And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.

Haman in the Book of Esther was a prime example of wrong motives.  The first thing we see with Haman’s heart is he doesn’t submit to the Throne, but he seduces two eunuchs to attempt an assassination of The King (Esther 2:21-23).  The eunuch has been cut in such a way that they’re desire isn’t for self, but to serve the will of The King.  It is easy to project outwardly, identifying those with Haman’s heart.  ‘Surely I’m not like him’, ‘I’ve never had that kind of heart’, but the truth is most have been as guilty as Haman.  We’ve just not been willing to judge our own hearts and our motives.  Pride has a way of shouting from the house top what is hidden in the heart.  Peter said… Though all men shall be offended because of thee, yet will I never be offended. … Though I should die with thee, yet will I not deny thee. (Matt. 26:33, 35) When the man of sin is able to seduce away your loyalties from the Spirit and the Word, know that Haman wishes to kill off The King-Jesus-The Seed of righteousness governing the Throne Room of your heart in His temple.

The best way to prove someone for purpose isn’t as many imagine.  Today everyone wants to graduate and start at the top. “Just fill me with knowledge and turn me loose”, but ignorance is untried knowledge. God forbid that we might suffer the humility of menial jobs such as sweeping the floor, cleaning toilets, or picking up trash surrounding our duty placement.  From the viewpoint of a good boss, this will certainly expose what is hidden in the heart, and is also a good indicator of whether we’re pliable and can be a useful employee.  Pride is concerned with its own image, but humility seeks to favor others above self. In this case, what is best for the business should be the employee’s only goal, even if no glory shall come from it. All these things can be applied while working in the Kingdom of God. If you are a know it all (full of pride seeking recognition), then that is an assurance that you’ll never ask for help when you should; thus, resulting in doing it wrong and continuing to do it wrong.  Character is measured by what we do when no one sees what we do. Since God sees what is done in secret, He is the one that can reward us openly. He judges by the thoughts and intents of the heart.

The judgment of self is of the utmost importance. Are we ready to sweep that floor, are we ready to pick up that trash, and are we ready to clean that toilet? We need to be ready to do whatever menial tasks He asks of us, the end result of which will be the necessary subduing (or hanging) of our own personal Hamans.  

This is a time when we, the Esthers, need to standup ready to go before the King to request deliverance for our people. The Hamans abound and they must be found and hung. That mindset, that way of thinking must be provoked out into the open and put to death, so that we may come under the sovereignty of the glorious Kingdom of God.

(To be continued)

































UPTAW of GOD [Kevin C. Blacker, Sr.]            1


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