APRIL 12, 2005

Early this morning, hearing of Victory, and also knowing That We Have Accomplished It, my eyes opened to a bright new day.

The thought, even of Victory, doesn’t compare with the thought that came right afterwards. It was: “ I Am Victory ! ” WOW !

Think on this: You Are Victory. You Are Peace. You Are Joy. You Are Whole today, and Blessed. Think on this: You are everything there Is because you are ONE with He Who Is.

Everywhere You may look or go or Be, There He Is; The All In All, The Everything. All shadows are removed Where You Are. In This Overwhelming Light, In Which You Dwell: You Are changed into The Song of God. You have no conflict, complaint or ill will. You find no fault in All My Holy Mountain, (All Your Holy Mountain), for You Are The Love of God.

Let all men know they are swimming In The Everlasting Glory right now as always Dear Savior. I know it has been really hard for all men to receive Your Free Gift, yet we look upon You.



VICTORY FOREVER [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-12-05             1


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