FEBRUARY 8, 2008

For what? There is nothing greater than the light that now is shining from the resurrected Being That He Is; nothing to come, or nothing yet to be discovered.  There is nothing more beautiful or nothing to be preferred above the awakened Life of Our Lord Christ Jesus.  So great and so ever Present He Is within our hearts.  The NOW of Him is all in all, ever to be honored and valued above all that is yet to come.  Oh, how important this is in The Only Begotten we are. How important this is to the awakening of all creation!  It cannot be explained in mortal terms by any earth means.

Where is this; where is He?  Everywhere, but in particular, in the burning Holy Ghost He Is, come in the flesh.  He knows who He Is, and where He lays His head.  (In Your Bosom)

His testimony is peace; also the prophetic spirit; also joy and grace and mercy and ever abiding love in eternal bliss.  “I Am That Peace, “He whispers in my heart.

With your own revelation that He Is, and always He Is, you surely shall see every fetter and every cross, every ill wind and every doubt erased.  He is the full measure of life in your eyes right now.  Neglect not so great Salvation that is come.  You are not and shall not wait for anything or anyone else.  Much is the opportunity for immortal life today for yourself and everyone you meet.

There is a name for this new awakened life, and the name is above all names.  Every act, disposition and circumstance is umbrella by the resolute name of Jesus, Lord of all.  It is the immediate end to every languishing doubt; the end Being Christ Jesus Himself.  Finality is Who He Is, with no repentance or reversal.  Everything has its finality in Instant Love.  Love will never cease, and it is THE NOW OF HIS PRESENCE.

Consider:  You, Being no more or no less that THE LOVE OF GOD; LOVE ALONE, makes you capable of giving forth WHAT YOU ARE.  Hallelujah!!!  You have the immediate capacity to love everything to life including your own immortality.

There is only ONE ONLY BEGOTTEN as you know, and He Is All In All, and personally in and as you.

May the Light show forth in its fullness today.



WAITING [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-8-09            1


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