The Jews still wail at a wall in hope of the advent of the Messiah. The church system awaits the appearance of the man, Jesus, to set up a kingdom on earth. They expect Him to finish His work and change this world. Then all men will bow the knee to their God…having an expectation of being raptured out of tribulation to heaven. 


The kingdom folks are waiting for a Company of Sons. These special ones will manage to do greater works than Jesus was able to do, and undo the evil in this world… a world that Jesus has already overcome. 


One generation after another awaits for God to bring the fullness of the promise to this world. Jesus, the Christ, is the fruit of the seed of God's promise. He is the fullness of God's intention for man. He is the greatest gift God has for humanity. He is offered to man with nothing withheld. He has no expectation that man can fulfill any of His word of promise. This Jesus, the Son of God, veiled by a tabernacle of flesh, is the sole heir of all God's intention…for the world, for sin, for death and life. Plus, in Him the love of God is received. God rested and His Word continues to bring forth in itself all His purpose. The Son is the manifestation and the comprehension of God's Word from the beginning. He is made (not gives) our wisdom, our separation, our righteousness and our redemption. (1 Cor.1-30) God has finished the work, which unfolds in His Word. The Word, producing a son, manifests God as father. 


In the Son He reveals a different relationship to Himself. All judgment and penalty is put away in the Son, in the offering of relationship. Receiving the Word in Christ generates a union in the Son, with God as Father. The Son is the Spirit of the Word, a quickening Spirit - sent to man, veiled in a body of flesh. Man is in bondage, needing one who could mediate spirit to flesh. Jesus presented God's full intention for humanity. He finished this work - nothing further needed. The history of man from great darkness, to the law of Moses, and the word of the prophets - is preceded by a declaration of the end of all flesh (Gen.3:6-13) and a promised seed, which turns out to be a Son of God's own seed. When the fullness of time was come, God sent His Son into this world to be the last Adam and the second man (image) which is accomplished and revealed to those who believe. The work of God is unfolding in those who believe the one God sent. This is the work of God, not man. Jesus said, “He who believes in me shall never die.” 


Now repenting has to do with unbelief, because the work is finished. Sounds simple? Not to unbelievers. They are always presenting an outline of works… 7 steps to salvation… 4 steps to sanctification. You must speak in tongues to get the Holy Spirit… You must be baptized by an ordained minister… You must agree to what the church teaches to get membership. You must use the King James Bible. You need to be ordained to function as a deacon, elder, pastor, prophet or apostle… You need to fill out a card to partake in communion… You must belong to our synod to have the Lords Supper with us… It must be grape juice not wine… You must use one cup. So, on and on works must be presented as a criteria for things that mean nothing. All these and others are evidence that unbelief prevails, and demands works, which is a denial that the works of God are finished and declared in Christ Jesus. 


God works in you, both to will and do His pleasure. God grants you repentance unto life. (Acts.11-18) For you it is given on, behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake. (Phil.1-29) Jesus said: “Of myself I can do nothing.”  He also said: “Apart from me you can do nothing.”




WAITING FOR GOD [Lloyd Ellefson] 7-5-04          1

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