Since Christ’s ascent into the heavens Christianity has influenced both individuals and entire kingdoms. Lives have been forever changed and courses of history itself have been altered by the influence of the teaching of the carpenter from Nazareth.  Yet in this current age something is terribly wrong. It’s not that it started in this age, it is only because the current age of information allows us to see further and naturally discern deeper than before. The influence is still there but instead of affecting change by action we have been sitting on the sideline waiting. Some say they wait upon the Lord to move. Others are frankly just content to do nothing. We sit idle as the world changes around us when we should begin to affect the world by the power we have within.

We are the offspring of almighty God. Consider for a moment what that means. What he has, we have. We are called members of the family of God, sons of the most high. Sons inherit authority, power and ability from earthly fathers. How can it be that we have yet to awake to the fact that the same is true of our true Father?

Father is a creator. He first “dreamed” of this earth within Himself and then He spoke it into existence. You and I are quite literally living the dream our Father created for us. More than that, Father is living His dream from within (or) through us.

We share all things with Father do we not? Do we not share in his authority? Do we not share in his nature? Yes! We most certainly do! The very first attribute of Father that we see is the fact the He is a creator. If you can receive it, so are you. Surely you have dreamed a thing into existence. (By dream I mean that you have thought of something and then set to make it a reality). Designers first picture a thing within themselves before it ever is placed into production. This is the creative process in action. If this is true in the natural, then so it is also in the spiritual.

We have the authority and the creative ability to affect the atmosphere around us for good. What we lack is the faith to believe it to be so. Cripples who are healed are first seen as whole in the heart of the one who prays for them. That vision is transferred into he who is sick. When faith is added this “dream” becomes a reality. A new thing is created. Wholeness!

If so great a power is within the hands of Fathers offspring – then imagine a world where we dreamed of health instead of sickness… Where we set into motion the events necessary to affect the entire planet. Do not doubt for a moment that this ability does not lie within you already. You have Christ within. Is Christ only partially within you? No! The entire fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily in Him, and He dwells in your hearts by faith!

Hear the voice of the Father call to your heart right now and see if changes do not occur. The body is many members but one is spirit, what begins with one truly affects us all. Therefore create peace instead of war. Create love instead of hate. Create joy instead of suffering. Create a world where Christ is at the forefront of all things for He must have the pre-eminence in everything!

There is no force on this world or any other that can stop the power within you. Only you can stop it by not believing it to be so. Please consider that right now – son of my Father. Grow into that which He has seen you to be since the dawn of creation. Wake up and remember where you were when the morning stars sang for joy, when you existed in His bosom and gathered your life from His light. Nothing has changed except that now you are in this earth realm to change it. You have been sent, oh, son of God, most High. Your existence here is not by accident. The entire creation itself is groaning, waiting for you to manifest. It is in you hands. Act on it now and see the power of creation in action. Prayerfully consider these words in your hearts.

Blessings to you,




WAITING FOR WHAT?  [Scott Carpenter]  August 2004        1


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