AUGUST 30, 2002 – ELUL 22, 6002 (5762)






Shalom! This publication will be a little different from many of our previous ones in the sense that it serves as a Warning, Rebuke and a Prophetic Prayer Alert for those that intercede. We do not seek to magnify the darkness; however, it is necessary to awaken people from their slumber.


This is the month Elul, the 6th month on the Hebrew Calendar, equivalent to our months August/September. The shofar (trumpet) is blown each day throughout this month. {Study the Hebrew Lunar based Calendar for more info}. This publication serves as the sounding of the mighty shofar to awaken all those that have ears to hear.

“The Lord God has spoken; who can but prophesy?” As a Prophetic Voice to this generation and the generations to come we have a mandate to release into the physical plane what the heavens have declared to be so.

The Sun is now in Virgo, the month is Elul on the Hebrew Calendar and day 22. Elul, the 6th month on the Hebrew Calendar means: good for nothing, searching and gleaning. It represents the darkened state of mankind created on the 6th day, searching for the reality of Christ within. In Judaism, the Sun in Virgo represents, a time of self-analysis, going within, striving for perfection, preparation for the coming judgment. This letter is being written in hopes that it will stir you to prepare yourself for the days ahead.

Since late 1998 I have spoken prophetically in conferences, posted on our website and written in our book and other publications about the time that we are now coming into. In open eyed visions, the year 2003 start appearing before me in huge numerals, along with diverse deep emotions of fear, anger, hopelessness, and lost of life. Please keep the things we are about to share in much prayer with fasting.


If someone would run for a Political Office in the USA, using the Church as a platform to springboard them to power; they would probably get elected or end up in office by some other means, by making these promises. Safe Streets, Sound Currency, An End to All Economic Problems, An End to All Pornography and Perversions, Restoration of Our Nations Dignity, and A Strong Military.

Does that pitch sound familiar? I can imagine many of you are thinking, “Yes, this sounds like our Christian President, George W. Bush.” Well, I must admit it does sound a lot like him. However, this is the pitch Adolf Hitler used to get elected, and he did fulfill all of his promises. Adolf Hitler promised all these things to a Depressed War Ridden Germany and accomplished them.

In Milton Mayor’s book, “They Thought They Were Free” he states this. “Fascism came as an angel of Light. German Christians both Protestants and Catholics welcomed Hitler as a gift from God. Nazism was seen as redemptive of a decadent society… Nazism was received.” Hitler actually used the Church as a springboard for power, to exterminate millions he hated in his quest for power and World Domination.

There is nothing new under the Sun, that which is, has already been before. People repeat history. To avoid the mass deception that’s being caused by deliberate misinformation that the politicians, media and some religious leaders are giving us; we must hear what they are not saying. WHERE ARE THE REAL PROPHETS?


I am appalled at the blindness among Christians; especially those that are spirit-filled. I am sickened by the crap being spewed out of the mouths of the preachers for hire on radio and TV. It is a repeat of the attitude of Christians during Hitlers time. It seems as though the whole country is under some type of hypnotic spell and don’t want it to be broken. Where are the real seers and prophets of God? Why aren’t they crying out against the scheme of our President for World Domination that’s being hatched under the guise of “war on terrorism.” How could they just sit back and watch silently while a nation (Iraq) is about to be destroyed; other nations to follow and countless thousands of innocent Americans? In the name of OIL, GREED and ARROGANCE, what part of this is Christ-like (Christian)?

It seems like the days of Eli just before the fire went out in the Temple. The leaders were only concerned with getting fat and rich off of the sacrifices of the people. Eli had become blind and couldn’t see.

It seems like the days of Jezebel and her paid puppet prophets that often sat at her table and spoke her words. Her evil government had the ministers/prophets in her back pocket. Get out of Bush’s back pocket, you are about to get squashed.

Very few in the Christian camps seem to see what is happening, sheep being led to the slaughter. The leaders are dumb dogs that can not bark. The Preachers are more concerned with their ratings, popularity, and political correctness and are too spineless to speak the truth.


“You protest, fuss, and fight so that your children can pray in school, but you won’t take the time to pray or read with them at home. You fight for the rights of the unborn to live, while you turn a deaf ear to the cries of the impoverished in foreign lands, anticipating their destruction so that you can continue to live a life of ease. HYPOCRITES! You wave your flags with great patriotism and pride. But I say unto you, your flags shall be flown at half mass for many days. Time and time again the bugles shall sound as the flag draped coffins are displayed in your living rooms. I can hear them now, those resounding notes of sadness and grief shall be repeated so often over the next 4 years in this country.

I shall require the blood of many that shall be slain upon the hands of the religious leaders that would not use their voice and platform, which I gave them to speak out. I will pull the plugs on your well lit studios and your multi-million dollar structures will become desolate. {I give you a prophetic sign. I also see a large building, a Church or building used for worship that will become a tomb. I see it caved in with people inside. People trapped under beams, collapsed walls and roof. You will watch this on the news.} I see a spirit being let loose to harass and attack some major ministries and destroy properties and assets.

You have aligned yourselves with Deception; made Greed your close friend and the lust for Power your kinswoman. How shall you escape?! Many have not sought Me, they have sought their own interest.

September 6, 2002 is Tishri 1 6003 (New Year-Feast of Trumpets) on the Hebrew Calendar, the planet shall move into a new phase. The level of violence shall begin to increase again in the Middle East and the world. This phase will consummate by late summer of 2003 with countless thousands dead, only to restart another phase that will consummate in 2006. A lot of negative energy is being released on the planet to empower evildoers to commit massive destruction. The earth will be scorched with nuclear bombs and in this country contaminated with radiation.

America as you see it today will be only a wishful dream in the minds of millions in the days to come. The freedoms that you think exist will literally disappear over night. Many will yet chose to live in denial, not wanting to accept the truth.

The safety that you have become comfortable with over the past several months shall soon be taken away. Attacks shall be allowed and instigated by the America government that shall cause FEAR and TERROR coast to coast.”

* September 11, 2001 was only a prelude to what’s about to be unleashed. I strongly feel that within the next 3 months we will see a destruction as America has not seen. This may come in the form of what the media is calling a “Dirty Bomb.” We are yet picking up a lot of negativity around the North Atlantic East Coast-New York area. {This is not a thus saith the Lord about the 3 months, it could be a little longer-however, I do feel it is close and inevitable}.

This should also be followed by an event to bring further terror near the Bay area of California. (Or along the west coast somewhere). These things will be done to convince America and other countries the need to invade Iraq, and stay in Afghanistan and possibly other Arab states.

* Within the next 12 months there will be assassinations, and mysterious deaths among dignitaries. Much of this will be blamed on terrorist. Those that become aware of what’s really going on and disagree will meet a fatal end.

* As the American bombs rain on Bagdad, and other foreign cities don’t think to yourself that you are far removed from danger. The fear and civil unrest in this country will cause many to rise up and Americans shall kill Americans in the streets. Martial law shall be imposed-intimidating national and foreign soldiers patrolling your streets.

* Between the years 2003-2006 the holy city, Jerusalem will experience massive destruction, but a remnant share be spared.

“Seek the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, who have kept his ordinances; seek righteousness, seek meekness; it may be ye shall be hidden.” Zephaniah 2:3

While many would think that we are being anti-America or anti-Christian, we are not. The author does not have a political party he supports or an agenda. (As a matter of fact, he has never voted or encouraged others to choose or not choose parties). What we are addressing goes beyond republican or democrat; we are only sounding the Alarm to awaken as many people as possible. If we consciously chose to agree with injustice and turn a deaf ear to truth, we will be held accountable.

“My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge, because they reject it.” Hosea 4:6 “How long will you simple ones love simplicity? And fools hate knowledge?” Proverbs 1:22-33

Are there reasons why much of the Arab world might hate Americans and want to see them dead? Are we completely innocent? Yet we proclaim to be the greatest nation, an example to the world.

More questions just to help us think. Why is it that Islamic countries don’t have problems with Teen Pregnancy, Murder, Drugs, Thief, and Abortions issues? What type of example have we become in the world community? Are we not the leader in all of the above sins?

We do not deny that many of the radical Moslems would blow America off the face of the earth given a chance. And all of the above sins that our country have infected the world with gives no one an excuse to do such things. However, much of what we are being told and will be told in the days to come about terrorist attacks is not true.

In man’s effort for mass population control, money and power, he will continue to wreck havoc on the planet. He will seek out the weak and unpopular to exploit them and take their resources. Of course, in this religious age, it will all be done in the name of God. And all the blind sheep will bleat, Amen.

We have been sounding the alarm since 1998 about the coming great wars starting in 2003 and the mass destruction that it will cause to human life, not to mention the environment.

The government, religious leaders, and the media are systemically brain washing the public with buzz words like, “security,” “morals,” “axis of evil,” “terrorist,” and “united we stand.” This is the psychological warfare that’s being launched against the public.

Could it be that the real reason our government wants to invade Iraq is not because Saddam is a mortal threat, but to control the world’s 2nd largest oil field? Could it also be to defend the honor of George Bush Sr. and to eventually gain control over the massive untapped wealth of Central Asia and the near East?

Are we as Christians justified in supporting our government in murdering thousands of innocent people? Have we become so blinded by Greed and Materialism that it is okay to smooth it over with nice words like “collateral damage?” In the past we have supported the Apartheid regime of South Africa that finally crumbled; the oppression of Palestinians and many other unjust causes. Mostly because our religious leaders were in the back pockets of the politicians and they dictated to their followers what to think and believe.

Is this something that Jesus would want his followers supporting? Didn’t He warn us of wolves in sheep clothing coming in his name?


It is time to REPENT and SEEK God that you may be clothed with the armor of Light to not be affected by the weapons of destruction, radiation and psychological warfare.

This is the greatest time in history to manifest Christ-only the over comers will make it through this period of transition. If you were expecting a Rapture to carry you away, sorry to disappoint you, it ain’t happening.

We have shared many things that may appear dark, negative, or heavy. There are 2 sides to the coin, now on a lighter note.

* As the systems of man fall, God’s government will be expanded within his people. There will be a return to true holiness and seeking after God. As the system we call now Christianity is dismantled, the hidden army of the Lord will began to come forth to take the kingdom.

* We are moving into an age of miracles like the modern Church has not seen. Creative miracles of limbs growing out and being restored will be captured on film and view by the world.

* Multitudes will turn to God out of fear and confusion about the world events. While there will be a shaking and exodus from many denominations, there will be a flowing and explosion in others.

* When judgment was upon Egypt, and the economy collapsed- God’s people prospered. So shall it be in this country. Therefore, purge your hearts of greed and lust, so that when the transfer of wealth takes place it won’t destroy you.

Bring these prophetic insights, warnings and rebuke before your Prayer Group-share it with others to pray about. www.atam.org  



In our publication “Cycle of Sighting” written on April 25, 2002, the Spirit gave us prophetic insight of things that have come to pass. I will mention a few. The Holy Ghost will show us things to come.

* Simultaneous Tornadoes with winds 300 mph. Within 1 week after this prophetic word, the first ever recorded F-5 Tornadoes hit the east coast and Midwest with winds around 300 mph.

* We spoke that an Earthquake would hit the east coast. Within 1 week a 5.5 Earthquake rattled New York.

* We spoke about the Flood in the Midwest and the Drought along the east coast. We see the effects of these things even today.

* The Spirit spoke specifically that by July 2002 the media would announce an Outbreak, and infectious scare. Toward the end of July the Center for Disease Control {CDC} announced the West Nile Virus as an Outbreak.

The Feast of Tabernacles and the other high holidays are almost here. We will celebrate the Feast in San Diego, CA with Spanish translation for 3 days, 20-22 of September. Hosted by Apostle Abraham Rodriguez of Chapel of Happiness.

We will celebrate New Year September 6 @ sunset – Rosh Hashanah Feast of Trumpets.

We will be open for speaking engagements, Conferences, Seminars etc. starting October 2002.

Write us – we teach and preach on many varied subjects:  Mazzaroth (Divine Astrology), Hebrew Types, Shadows, Customs, – The 7- Feasts, Metaphysical Tabernacle of Moses. DNA and Spirituality, Immortality, Stones of New Jerusalem etc.



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