MARCH 29, 2007


Its nine eleven and the alarm rings,

Jump out of bed, hurry

Late, late already for the emergency,

Groggy and hung over,

Snared in slumber’s stupor,

Eyes wide asleep,

Seeing nothing under the shower’s water,

Trickling down like blood from a gaping wound,

Hurting US All,


Wake up, please,

Wake up,

Don’t hit that snooze button again,

Stop the endless rhetoric,

Debating and jockeying for position,

For the next race,

Wake up!


Realize we are at war,

With more than just soldiers,

Realize we are at war with the very

Enemy of our souls,

Realize we are at war,

With Powers and Principalities, and

Rulers of the darkness,

Swirling around the middle

Part of the east,

Unraveling at the seams a region,

Tortured by Religion,


Men arm for war,

Picking up rifles and rocket launchers,

Killing all freedom,

Following after a mission to

Steal, kill and destroy,

Leaving a trail of blood,

Innocence murdered,

Filled with their loving father of all destruction,

Believing a reward of 70 fresh whores,

A paradise wrapped in a lie,

Reveling in all that is unholy,

Reveling with The Deceiver of men’s hearts,


All the while our brother, Israel,

Isaac, Sarah, Rachel, Abraham, Elizabeth, Leah—The Patriarchs,

Surrounded on all sides,

Watch the Enemy pick at the Land,

Like vultures ravage over death,

Carving out their kingdoms,

Filled with Destruction,

At the very gates of God’s Holy Hill,


And its nine eleven one more time,

Having just one more chance,

Rise up, Awake!

Wash away the sleep crusted in eyes,

See clearly the harvest of white fields, and

Work until it is finished,

Until twilight’s final reaping,

Until time comes to a rest.


© 2007, Maribeth Schlobohm

All Rights Reserved


Meditations on:  John 10:10, John 8:44, II Chronicles 10:15, Zechariah 2:10-12, Deuteronomy 6:4 Mark 12:29, Exodus 2:24, and Exodus 3: 6, 14-15.





































WAKE UP [Maribeth Schlobohm] 3-29-07 ~POEM          1


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