OCTOBER 12, 2012

I had awakened an hour earlier to some words that didn’t make sense to me; “Define your reality.” For the past hour I have been slowly waking up (nothing new there), but these words were a bit disconcerting and in a semi-sleeping stupor, I kept wondering about them and pondering what they mean. I also kept repeating them albeit silently: “DEFINE YOUR REALITY.”

Finally, I formed the question clearly and asked our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT what to do with them.

“Do you want to cling to the past or move forward into My Truth?”

Fully awake, now, I mean FULLY awake from being startled with this seeming audible voice …the thought was so clear to me and still is. I knew I was going to write something and here I am sitting at my keyboard looking at these words I felt compelled to write boldly in RED.

You can join me in the process as I allow the SOURCE to clarify some things in, through and for me; I’m hopeful that the process has some value for you as well.

In my past career in business consulting I have believed and shared this maxim which I had picked up somewhere: “A business cannot stay the same and survive, it must grow or die.”

In helping business people define their marketing strategies because, after all, how are you going to grow a business unless you carefully strategize the marketing of it? Rather obvious, of course. If a business is just starting up it must sell its goods and services to provide a living for its owners.

In order to develop an effective strategy, several things must be considered. Just one very important consideration and one key example of the things to be considered, for an established business, is defined by the question: What effect will whatever strategy I adopt have on my current customer base? The reason the question must be asked is obvious. The financial health of an established business is dependent upon its current customers.

In a rush to get new customers, we dare not neglect or offend our old customers. Am I going in the right direction here? I immediately realize that I am NOT! I have allowed myself to be trapped in sophistry; in this context meaning that I am allowing a wise sounding axiom, that is, “a business cannot stay the same and survive, it must grow or die” …WHICH IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE, to guide my thought processes. I need help here!

The words that I first awakened to are still rattling around in my head “DEFINE YOUR REALITY” and the words that startled me into being fully alert, “Do you want to cling to the past or move forward into My Truth?” bring an awareness to what I need to do …and that is, stop allowing adopted principles from my past to rule me (period).

What I have so clearly seen in others, that is, hanging on to religious and/or anti-religious (opposite sides of the very same coin) traditions and seemingly inviolate principles which are preventing them from interacting with the SOURCE so that they can begin to move on to UNIVERSAL AND UNFOLDING TRUTH is the very thing that is going on in me when I allow deeply imbedded “principles” (which they are not anyway) to have rule over my thoughts and actions today.

I am now ready to answer our SPIRIT-PARENT’s question and the answer is YES! “I want both the subconscious and conscious parts of the brain of the body I occupy to be overtaken by YOU!”

“DEFINE YOUR REALITY.” The immediately foregoing paragraph is my reality except what our SPIRIT-PARENT is showing me this moment is that by putting it into words that I “want it” is hampering my progress. This has been proven conclusively true because researchers of the brain’s functioning processes with probing instruments have demonstrated that the brain stores any number of consciously “forgotten” experiences and words, and is continually “re-playing” them in the unconscious background as PRESENT REALITY!

Another item proven, conclusively, through careful and systematic research with this same scientific instrumental probing is that if say I want something I am reinforcing the subconscious position that I don’t have it and the subconscious further takes it as instruction to carefully maintain it as my reality. GOOD GRIEF! Instead of preaching to others how to break through into faith that produces results I need to deal with some subconscious obstacles of my own.

I am filled with gratitude at the insight. I clearly understand right NOW that defining moment in my life when I was given: “I am in and of the will of God. Your presence and power are upon me. I want and have nothing else and no other thought or feeling shall have a permanent place in me. I AM!”

I AM! I  am grateful that the CREATIVE UNIVERSAL FORCE (by whatever other title or name) is ruling everything and living within me and speaking and writing through me (unexplainable in easily acceptable human terms) …and I AM.

I AM, I AM, I AM …I thank YOU that YOU are manifesting in and through me in ALL ways. I see it, THANK YOU!

My reality is thus defined and I am utterly grateful and happy to continue declaring it, not as a desire, but as my PRESENT REALITY overriding and overruling those old tapes.

I certainly hope this little exercise of my waking up hasn’t been boring to you!




























WAKING UP to a NEW REALITY [Brad Cullen] 10-12-12         1


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