And then came the end. We have beaten our swords into plows, and have entered in to rest.

He swore by His wrath that some must enter in, and when the time of His wrath did come, all sat before the judge and partook of the Lamb’s death. Such a Holy death it was also, All being grasped in the arms of Jesus at the Cross. Now, because He lives, We live also. Rest is the order of this eternal day as one by one We discover Who We Are.

How is this Life? What is Life? My God! My God! Come and see! Come and see!

Pronouncements !

(Authoritative Statement of Facts)

War shall be no more! The very Spirit of Immortality As The Immortal One is here. Love has had her perfect work, and Life has turned Her Face toward the sun. The marriage of creation’s outer and the inner has taken place just as the marriage of the soul and the Spirit. This is the Great Day’s dawning and acknowledgment of the Reining of The King.

The pitiful antichrist is exposed as the spirit of unbelief in the Great Finished Work and Presence of The Lord Jesus Christ; the darkness of men’s minds. The antichrist is dead all right, while many still can’t quite receive the fullness of The Awesome Presence of Jesus Our Lord, come in  the flesh. Antichrist minds of unbelief shall awaken and stand aghast, when they realize the length and breadth of so great and marvelous free gift that has been given. Peace now issues forth as flowing gold, The Flowing Blood of The Lamb, now unveiled as The Holy Ghost. Men’s hearts are in a quiver at the realization of it. It is clear that Jesus conquered all separation at the cross.

And now,church men are dropping their slings and arrows and running after it; drinking of the mercies that never could have been imagined. The eyes of humility are now at rest in The Presence of The Prince of Peace.

Yes, we see Jesus, rapturous shining beauty; Christ Light in Men, Father revealed, walking in the shoes of His Delight.

And, we see Her, Love Personified, rushing to be mended; rushing to taste the lips of Christ Jesus, folded in the Arms of Favor. We see Her opening the treasures of Salvation with tears of joy; Grace so endless, depths cannot be measured.

And I find Life in You, My Life comes from You, Joy from You, Peace from You. Come, we will frolic upon the wind and play among the stars. Come, we will explore the heights and depths of Salvation Who Is Jesus Christ in You.


I greet You Oh So Wonderful Love, Wonderful Joy, Wonderful Peace. I greet You Faithful, Dependable, Reliable, Holy and Righteous, Chosen of The Holy Ghost, Elected and Lifted In His Presence. I speak to You in vivid color: “Now Is The Fullness of Christ Jesus made known In You. Now is the darkness removed, and antichrist unveiled and shamed. Now, also, Is He That Is Perfect come to answer Your cries. Now Is Everlasting Joy revealed. Now Is The Sweetness of True Divine Love warming the hearts of men. “

“I greet You and breathe upon You The Life of He That Never Shall Fail. I breathe upon You new Life and new capacities. I breathe upon You this very moment The Precious Holy Ghost Whose privilege It Is to reveal The Manifested Only Begotten Son. I call You forth Mighty Christ, for You Are So Very Welcome by all to take a Bow In Your New Creation. We humbly accept All That You Are In This Divine Order. Only, now let us see more and more clearly.”

You have honored My Name, and I Have Honored You. You have received My Love, and I have recognized Your Love, so now We go forth As One New Man, speaking As One Voice, walking in One harmonious walk.”

“I address You Holy Spirit As The Workhorse of The Divine. You testify of The Father’s Perfection In All The New Creation, and Present The Son As Love, Mercy, and Heir of Visible Manifested Being. I address and thank you that You Have gone forth to specifically lift My known Friends and Acquaintances; to quicken and enliven and reveal again The Great Immeasurable Truth. Thank You that You have come As The Invincible with Explicit Light and direction, and have released Them completely from drudgery and fear, and inspired Them for This Awesome Day of Lord Jesus’ Dwelling.”


Glad Tidings,



WARS and SKIRMISHES and RUMORS of WARS [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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