DECEMBER 23, 2008

Shalom Blessed People;
(Here is a current present truth prophetic word)
This morning while Zobia and I were discussing our dreams of last night I got a phone call from a fellow prayer partner/intercessor.  The brother calling me asked if I had seen the news, I answered, “No, what happened?”  He began to tell me of the D. C. Water Main Breakage (DC suburbs area) and that people were trapped in cars, up to 4 feet of water, others being evacuated and the concern about people suffering from hypothermia in this freezing weather.  I immediately began to sympathize and feel compassion for many that may be injured or have their holiday season interrupted.  We continued to talk and share for some time about other things and the called ended.

After doing a few chores I went into the office and looked at the images on the internet.  As I looked at the few images, I heard the Spirit distinctively say, “THE WATER HAS BROKEN, THE TRAVAIL (labor) WILL BEGIN, THE BIRTHING IS SOON!”  While sitting in meditation the Spirit began to download more info and reminded me of the specific things we have spoken and written prophetically especially, over the past 3 years to warn and prepare the people of America and the world. 

“Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He reveals His secrets to His servants the Prophets.”  Amos 3:7 The Holy Spirit is Always speaking and giving us signs of what shall be.  Once we learn Sign Language we can interpret and realize there are absolutely no coincidences.

Without getting into all the details and facets of what the Spirit downloaded, I will only touch on a few points the same Holy Spirit in you can reveal more that you might need to know.  (Two days before what is celebrated as the birth of Jesus the Christ). Here is what the Spirit said:

December 23, 2008   “This nation has been pregnant with twins and the birthing of both is at hand.  (In January of 2006 we revealed that prophetically speaking we were in the 8th month of pregnancy Watchman What of the Night” publication. http://www.atam.org/Watchman.html )  

The Water Main in the place of Power has broken (DC representing the womb of the nations) and the real labor is about to begin, that which has been hidden and growing in the dark secret place is about to be revealed.  You are entering into a time of karmic retribution – what you have sown as a nation both good and evil is about to be realized.  The birthing room is a messy place, filled with a range of emotions and sounds; but it is also a place of joy and life. 

“All these things are the beginning of sorrows.” Matthew 24:8 Sorrows (odin) means in the throes of childbirth, birth pangs.

Over the past year you have experienced the “false labor pains” that manifested as the collapsing of Banks and Landmark Financial Institutions that thought they were too big to fall.  You have felt the contractions of the Mortgage Meltdown with record Foreclosures and many actually living on the streets.  And yes, you have experienced the Loss of Jobs and extremely high Unemployment as giant industries toppled – the economy continues to tetter.  You have seen your arrogant shameless leaders steal and ravish the American people and the world in broad daylight again and again.  But now the Water has Broken and there is nothing that can withhold the twin birthing of contrast that you shall see in this country and the world.  The (2) are not identical, one shall eventually overtake and subdue the other.  The younger shall rule the elder in this time of great paradoxes. 

Yes, the planet is groaning and so are you and the groans shall become louder in the days ahead, the birthing is near.  These are signs that the birthing is eminent, don’t ignore the signs. You have entered into what could be considered the 9th month and activity shall continue to increase. This activity will manifest and intensify in the outer world in many forms of Natural Disasters, Man-Made Disasters, Violence, Further Economic Meltdown. The next several months shall reveal the first, that which is natural through much pain and confusion.  It will be finally realized that the America you used to know does not exist anymore. However, it shall be followed by the second, that which is spiritual that shall bring much rejoicing and peace to those that embrace it.  There is a travail that will produce disaster, but as soon as Zion travails she shall produce deliverance.  (Twins names: Disaster & Deliverance)

The total economic collapse and fall of a great nation shall give way to the rise of a new nation.  After the transition, turmoil and turbulence have settled; out of what will be literal ashes in some parts of this country will emerge the Kingdom of God.  This is a time of great paradoxes and many shall be confused.  

** The Breaking of the Water in DC also represents the washing and outpouring of the Holy Spirit that shall come from a corrupt place.  The corrupt power that has been, shall be replaced by cleansing power.  Therefore, prepare and expect the outpouring of my Spirit in the midst of crisis like the world has never seen.  Also know that I can cause this to happen from your seat of power in this nation.”

“The 66-inch Water Main Broke about 8 a.m. on River Road near the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, authorities said.”  Associated Press

Don’t you just love it when Spirit leaves all the pieces of the puzzle and reveals the mystery in plain sight?  Ok, put on your spiritual eyes and SEE.  Receive spiritual insight now.

** 66 is the number of man lacking perfect or the image of the Beast. (See Daniel 3:1 KJV, the Political, Religious, Economical Image set up in Babylon – it was 66 cubits).  Babylon is Falling!  The image of the Beast is being broken by the force of Spirit (water/prophetic words).   When?  Now!!!   So what time is it??

** 8  It  8:00 am,  A New Beginning is on the horizon, new day.  The old order (religious, political, economical) must pass away.  Get ready for the new day when the system completely crashes.  WHERE?

**  RIVER ROAD  Hallelujah!  “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters.” John 7:38-39    “There is a River that makes glad the city of our God”.  Psalms 46:4   Come on jump into the River of God’s Presence, lets get swept far away from all the economical upheaval and collapse.

**  Congressional Country Club   Congress, the formal assembly of representatives where they discuss problems.  Look at what your Congress has become.   It is nothing more than a Country Club for the elite.  They can never solve your problems, most of them don’t even care.  But the River is coming!!  The River is Coming!!  Something is breaking that’s going to Release the flood of God’s Presence.   LET THE WATER BREAK!!!!  BREAK UNTIL IT FLOODs THIS NATION AND THE WORLD!!!   Hallelujah! 

** BETHESDA  Bethesda means the House of Mercy.  I see the Mercies of God being renewed every morning to replace the Miseries of your night season. In the midst of this Global Economic Crisis you will see the mercy and grace of God as never before – you will see the supernatural become natural.  We must give birth to and become individual houses of mercy.  There are many powerless, impotent folk waiting for the moving of the waters, the breaking of the water in you that will give birth to their miracle. (See John 5:1-16)

**  MARYLAND  How appropriate for the Father to give us this awesome message during this season when over a billion humans celebrate the Virgin Birth of the Messiah.  Hail Mary, you are blessed and favored by God.   Mary means bitterness, to become bitter.  Here we are in this land where many have become bitter with the loss of jobs, homes, cars, family, health and for some, it seems as though they have lost Faith.

I don’t know what you have experienced this year or recently, that has the potential to make you bitter and question the reality of God.  Use your circumstances to make yourself BETTER instead of becoming BITTER.  Commit to become a Better person in every aspect of your life in the coming year in spite of what challenges you go through.

Give birth to your Dreams, Ministry, Business, Abundance, Good Health.  Your birthing of the Christ consciousness will subdue the birthing of evil in this world.

Be Blessed Throughout This Season,

Melchizedek Order

P.S. Be blessed by this Christ-Mass message written/spoken December/2001


WATER HAS BROKEN [John Lewis] 12-23-08          1


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