Preface: “Christ in me; has reminded me”, that we were created in GOD’S Image; “a trinity”; and suggested to me that, “in Christ; we were framed with three [ 3] functional parts; (“tree like”); with roots, a trunk and branches; representing in us [1]a sub-conscious, [2]a consciousness and [3]super consciousness; “3 MINDS”. 


(We have a brain; but more important to our spiritual identity; is our mind. “Let this “MIND” be in you that was in Christ Jesus” This potential was directed to us by the Apostle Paul (our “other” Comforter). Philip. 2: 5-13. 


The mind is where our conscious mind wisdom is located. It, “in our conscious mind” activates “as our will”. Our natural Conscious mind (“unconscious of the sub-conscious”) is like a tree trying to produce fruit without the invisible roots. 


I had an “A-HA” moment, [!], when, I realized that the sub-conscious mind is where our spiritual memory is pre-written; and it was activated at the time we were “Born again”- born a second time. (Ignorance of that structure; has resulted in “the deficiency in our knowledge of our spiritual history in Christ” and has resulted in a quality of physical life that manifests very little difference from a once born person). 


Hosea 4:1 “Hear the word of the LORD, ye children. V.6; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”; (wittingly): 


Paul; our “other Comforter”, was commissioned to reminded us that prior to our being born of woman; the very important truth’ “our Life was hid with God [‘in oneness with Christ’], even before we had a physical body. (Eph.1: 4; Jer.1: 5; Phil. 2: 5). Our history of our personal preparation and “being sent” by Our Father is recorded in our “sub-conscious mind”. The “marriage” of the sub-conscious and the conscious wills; creates the Super Conscious Mind of our Christ Oneness. 


End of Preface. 


“In my previous treatise”, I wrote about the event in Exodus 17; which was also Chronicled in Numbers 20; when Moses was instructed to “strike the ‘tswur’ Rock high upon Mt. Sinai. I trust that you can agree, that the water pouring forth event; was actually a prophesy depicting Christ as the presence of our father in us, and culminating in Christ’s crucifixion; with water pouring forth. And did all drink the same spiritual drink; for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them; and that Rock was Christ: (1 Cor. 10: 4)


I trust you might agree; “The event recorded 3500 years ago, was truth to them then, because IT was recorded in Father’s Word Plan, which was written “in the beginning” and continued, to contain the End; even at the time of the beginning”. 


Revealed in this view, is the reality that Moses did not complete his assignment then, of ‘sanctifying’ (or identifying) in the eyes of the people, the Presence of God in Christ; symbolized as water; inside the individual. Also; because Moses was also included in the “Transfiguration” was to show us; “that our Father Looks upon the Heart; instead of looking upon the outward appearances. 


These revelations also open to us; “there is a distinct difference between Truth in the Spirit realm and the way things appear in the human; 5 sense, physical realm. This awareness give us insight as to why Christ, being born of woman; but with the nature of the Father; was not able to recognize “the lost sheep who belonged to Him; and they were not able to recognize Him; because of what they had been taught; SO; He taught in Parables (stories He had taught them, ‘in the beginning’; that were designed (and recorded in ‘their’, and in our sub-conscious) to be ‘remembered’ for us, by The Spirit. 


(John was assigned to write; “they and we could not remember who we are; until his revealed promise; “I will send you MY Spirit”. John’s Gospel 15:26; “I will send you of the Father”; not He will send; I will send”. 


We can believe, or “remember” (to remember is ‘zakar’) revealing until God’s covenant memory is activated) [Exod.2: 24] ;“zakar” is Strong’s # 2142]; we can remember because we now have the super consciousness of “the covenant water of Christ’s Spirit”. 


Is the Water beginning to flow? 


Rudy and Polly 


The sum: “We observed; 3500 years of recorded history; until the water from the Rock was manifest as Aquarius; the Waterman, filling the whole Earth”. Habakk. 2:14. [filling with observable knowledge] 











































WATER NUMBER 3 [Rudy Jones]          2

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