In Judaism it is believed and taught that there are 4 levels of understanding the words of God and spiritual things. Once these 4 levels are learned and mastered, the disciple will enter into Rest and Perfection. I like to call this, “The Way of 4.”

Studying the Books of Joshua and Judges, it is very easy to see that Joshua is a Book of Victory, and Judges a Book of Defeat.

Joshua represents the Overcomers of the Old Testament. They had come out of Egypt, gone through the Wilderness, and after 40 years entered into the Promised Land. However, those that were apart of that great exodus died in the Wilderness, except for Joshua and Caleb. Nevertheless, their descendants entered into the land and defeated the inhabitants of Canaan, but did not come to Rest.

In the Book of Judges we find God assigning the Israelites 13 Judges for a period of over 400 years. The phrase, “And the children of Israel did evil again” becomes redundant throughout this book.


During this period Israel went through a 4-fold cycle of history over and over again.

1) Rebellion 3) Repentance 2) Retribution 4) Restoration

This is the same cycle that Believers encounter today. Why? Israel did not learn the Way of 4, just as Believers today refuse to learn. Therefore, we don’t experience the Rest in the Spirit, and our lives become a constant struggle, a roller coaster of defeat.

Under the administrations of Moses and Joshua, there were only a few out of the multiplied millions that understood the Way of 4. Moses, Joshua, Caleb and a few others were a kind of firstfriuts; foreshadowing a reality that would be revealed to initiates through the Messiah.


The New Testament Greek word for “mystery” is musterion, which means to shut the mouth, silence imposed by initiation.

Jesus (Yahshua) spoke to the multitudes in parables, however, to the inner circle He initiated them into the mysteries of the Kingdom. Matt. 13:11

The process of initiation, which is humiliating, is to determine if one is qualified to receive the rite of passage. This brings into mind the question of one’s character, which must be tried.

Words like, Integrity, Courage, Loyalty, Commitment, Faith, Obedience, Sacrifice, and Love must become the garments of the one seeking initiation.

In our society today, we have become familiar with gang activities. These mostly young people must be initiated into the gang by committing a violent crime, sometimes killing an innocent person. They are willing to take the chance of life imprisonment, or to die defending a ghetto city block. The only way out once you have passed the initiation is death.

These gang initiates seem to live in a totally different world not affected by our laws.

As in the natural, so it is in the spiritual world. To be fully initiated into the mysteries of the Kingdom, one must be willing to be ridiculed, and humiliated. This means being stripped of the Ego, and total death to the lower nature; no longer being controlled by the rudiments of this world.


1) PSHAT- The plain, literal, and superficial knowledge. Something that basically anyone can understand. This can be called the salvation or conversion experience.

2) RIMEZ- To hint at, intended for those who are developing the intellect. Those who desire to be taught more than the literal meanings.

3) DARASH- The eye of the Spirit, to go beyond the intellect and reasoning of the conscious mind; intuition. At this point the initiate is not depending solely on a teacher, but he seeks out truth for himself.

4) SOD- “Secrets”, this is the highest level of initiation where the deepest mysteries are revealed by Spirit. This is the realm of Be-Coming and DO-ing all that you have learned.

Once the Way of 4 is mastered, the initiate becomes what is called a Tahar, Pure or Perfect One. All the Canaanite nations or 7 abominations within will have been overcome. This is what Jesus (Yahshua) alluded to in the Gospels when He said “be ye perfect as the Father”. This is the level of full maturity, manifested victory and sonship.


Within the initials of the 4 words Pshat, Rimez, Darash and Sod are hidden another mystery . {In the Hebrew alphabets there are no vowels; although the first letter Aleph can be used as a vowel. Notice the name of God with no vowels YHWH, the tetragrammation. Taking the first letters of the 4 words we come up with PRDS which means nothing to the unInitiate. However, looking closer, and adding the vowels, we find a new word waiting to be formed with new mysteries ready to be revealed. What is this new word? PRDS = PaRaDiSe.

Remember, the ancient Israelites entered into the Promised Land, but not into the Paradise or Rest. The reason is they only understood the Pshat of what was revealed to them, which could not produce the faith to overcome death. The Apostle Paul says the letter (Pshat) kills, but the Spirit (Darash) is what gives life.

There remains a Rest (PaRaDiSe) for the people of God, for those that would dare go beyond what modern religion offers and learn the Way of 4. This PRDS is the refreshing, it is the fullness.

For those that refuse to be initiated, they will repeat the 4-fold negative cycle of Israel. This brings one under judgment and into spiritual imPrisonment and defeat. This was typified in the Book of Judges.

1) Rebellion manipulation of others and, or the Spirit for selfish gain. To go against defined authority and principles; witchcraft.

2) Retribution divine pay back for rebellion in thoughts, words, and actions: reciprocity, karma.

3) Repentance changing the mind, usually after divine pay back starts. Turning to God.

4) Restoration bringing back to former state before the rebellion. (However, these four will be repeated if the Way of 4 is not learned). R=Rimez, the realm of intellect, PRISON


4 is the number of material creation, it was on the 4th day that God ended material creation. Gen.1:14-19 This is the day that the sun and other celestial orbs were created. Thus, foreshadowing the Sun of Righteousness (Messiah) that would be revealed on the 4th day, or 4000 years after Adam. Malachi 4:2

We see this mysterious number 4 throughout scripture and nature. The 4 Rivers of Eden, Faces of the Cherubim, Wives of Jacob, Gospels, Seasons, Principal Directions, Horsemen of Apocalypse, and many other examples.

4 also denotes completion and wholeness. 4 is the perfect square, the place of harmony and rest. The initiation into the Way of 4 bring one to the PaRaDiSe within where the 4 mystic Rivers of Eden flow.


Jesus (Yahshua) spoke the Parable of The Sower. He stated that this was the most important parable, or the key to unlocking the mysteries to all parable.

“Don’t you know this parable? Then how can you fully understand all parables?” Mark 4:13

This simple parable shows the Way of 4, the 4 levels of initiation, or developmental stages of the heart. The 4th being Sod in the literal and spiritual sense. In the literal sense sod, or good ground will produce fruit 100 fold. In the figurative sense, a heart of sod is what prepares the way for the Sod “Secrets” of God to be revealed.

Secrets are not shared with strangers, or those who have become satisfied with the limited rainfall of manna in the Wilderness. Rather, secrets are shared with those who have developed an ear to hear Spirit for themselves. This is developed through an intimate relationship with Him.

The Parable of the Sower is the 1st of 8 parables listed in Matthew 13. It is the key to the 4th dimension, which is explained in Sod; the 4th level of initiation.

The 8th parable unveils the mystery of the scribe and his treasure. This is the Tahar, Pure One. This is where the student becomes Teacher, servant becomes Master. This is the entrance into the Sabbath Rest (PaRaDiSe) within.

Beware, there are forces operating within and without to distract one who is on this path from achieving this high calling.


Those that refuse to follow on to know Him will not make it out of the Wilderness. They will continue to fall prey to the wolves in sheep clothing.

Wolves like to run in packs, they are territorial animals, often setting their boundaries by urinating. They enjoy the confines of their caves, and holes (organized religions).

The leading wolf of the pack and his mate are called, alpha male and female. They enjoy exerting their control over the pack with their howling (preaching). A wolf will also urinate on the spoil making it his.

“Beware lest any man spoil (take you captive) you through philosophy (world views) and vain deceit, after the tradition of men…and not after Christ.” Col. 2:8


Have a safe journey.



War in Yugoslavia!!! The Spirit has been speaking since the Fall of 1998 that 1999 would be a time of Wars. Not only the spirit of prophecy, but the signs are being given in the heavens also. However, we know that these literal battles are only pointing to the battles being fought within mankind.

WATCH and PRAYER DATES Now the worlds attention is focus on eastern Europe, what about all the problems in the Mid-East. It seems as though they have disappeared, not so. *May 4, 1999 – The focus of negative attention could be shared with the Mid-East. Israel and the Arabs will began to demand equal coverage as their relationship take on a new spin, which really will be a repeat of the old. Increased tension and break down of what little communication there was shall cause more violent outbreaks through the summer.

The Palestinian and Israeli Crisis will set the stage for outside intervention, as Serbia and Kosovo did, which I feel will be Russia.

*AUGUST 11, 1999 Total Solar Eclipse over Europe and the Middle East. It is being called the Millennium Eclipse. This is also Elul 1 on the Hebrew Calendar, the beginning of Prayer and Repentance period. This was also the day that the Red Heifer was burned in Israel and her ashes sprinkled. They pray for God’s judgments to pass over then, will it this time?

I find it very intriguing that this Total Eclipse of the sun will seen basically only in Europe and the Middle East. I take this celestial event as another sign confirming what the spirit has been revealing since last Fall. The darkness of War and Tribulation will affect mainly these 2 regions of the world over the next few years.

August is the season that you should find yourself in much Fasting, Prayer and Repentance. How shall we escape, if we neglect such great of salvation that’s ready to be revealed?

SEPTEMBER 11, 1999 Birthing of the Man-Child. Exactly one month after the Solar Eclipse, Tishri 1.

WAY OF FOUR, THE [John Lewis]          1


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