Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” The truth and life seem to be getting more attention than the way.  The way is critically important. We are justified from sin through death.  Forgiveness is always an application for the man of sin, not the son of man.  The man of sin is only dealt with by death. The way God is dealing with a transformation is from death to life.  One man entered the world through sin and death entered through sin.   


There are only two humanities: one is the man of sin (the corporate man of sin) and the other is the corporate son of man.  The man of sin is of the earth and the scriptures teach that he is of the earth.  The son of man came down from heaven.  In John 3: 13 and 31, the man who came down from heaven was spirit.  He came down from heaven and came out of the spirit world.  Jesus became the last Adam. He ended Adam’s earthy image of God to bring forth a spiritual image through the spirit.  The basis of Adam was earthy, carnal, and fleshly.  The basis of Jesus, as the son of man, was spirit.  He was the Son of God and not made out of the earth.  His essential sense of being was that of God. 


When Jesus came to John’s baptism, he came as the fruit of the law.  The product of the law is repentance, which means that the law has put to death all ability to be righteous, to please God or to be spiritual.  When Jesus came to be buried, he came as an Adam-man who came out of the water in a burial to show that death is the way that God had planned for the Adamic man.  When he came out of the water onto the bank, he was regenerated or generated spiritually.  He was born again in the sense that he had come out of death and was demonstrating resurrection, that is, from the death in Adam to the life in Christ.    


When Jesus came on the shore, the Holy Spirit came upon him.  Jesus was then anointed by the Spirit.  Shortly afterwards, God spoke from the heavens and said, “This is my Son.”  This statement was a declaration of his sonship.  Jesus passed through these things as a demonstration in the natural. He was displaying what his spirit was in the true sense of spirit.  In other words, anybody joined to his spirit could go through these same things spiritually.  However, a person can go through baptism or speak in tongues and still not have any concept of what Jesus was doing.  This demonstration was a symbol of what the spirit will do to the elect. 


On the banks of the Jordan, Jesus was anointed as a new man. It’s the new man that gets anointed.  The old man is not anointed.  The old man could not understand the spirit so the anointing wouldn’t do any good.  He could not hear the spirit so anything the spirit said is void and useless to him.  After hearing the voice from heaven say, “This is my Son,” only Jesus, at that time, could understand that, or realize that, or believe that, or have faith in that statement.    


Once we have been taken into the new covenant and receive the spirit of Christ, we receive the spirit that was in him.  The spirit caused him to do all these things, to demonstrate what God wanted as a pathway for all humanity to follow.  We cannot do that.  We can do the outward thing, but the inward thing, the spiritual reality of it, can only come if we receive his spirit.  Jesus came to prepare a way for us to return to the Father’s house.    


From then on, in his demonstration in the earth, Jesus began to minister.  No man, without the anointing of the spirit, is able to be a true witness to God.  A man can be a biblical witness, he can formulate ideas of God, of heaven, of baptism, of water, etc., in his mind and still be totally void of the spirit of Christ.  The only way spiritually we can make a passage into the heavens is on the basis of our death.  Why is that?  The natural man cannot conceive of spiritual things and he lives in a realm of separation from God, which is death.    


Jesus began to demonstrate a spiritual witness of the Father.  He did his miracles, works and mind reading to demonstrate that it was really God who gave him the ability, as a vessel, to perform these miracles and do these works.  Jesus never did a miracle in the true sense of the word.  He said, “The works that I do are not of myself, they are of the Father.  It is the Father within me that doeth the works. I can do nothing of myself.”   Jesus could do nothing of himself. When he knew and understood that, he was then in a condition to be a vessel for the Father to do the works in him.  This is something we haven’t yet learned. 


Jesus went to the Jordan River recognizing and understanding what the law was teaching and to bury the old man.  From the beginning, man had disrupted the rule of God.  As a result, man was walking in death and sin ever since the beginning of the time when God’s word was disobeyed, his order was rejected, and man was in rebellion.  Jesus, being led of the spirit, passed the temptation of the devil in the desert and went on to preach about the kingdom of God, which is the rule of God in the spirit.  It was not through the flesh anymore.   


As a result of Jesus’ confession that God was his Father, that old man (who had died in Christ and in his spirit) put Jesus on the cross and killed him. They thought they would get rid of him because of his testimony.  This is exactly the same process for every Christian: Christ’s spirit takes him in faith through these steps of being anointed and regenerated, and hearing the voice of God say, “Thou art my Son.”  Then, at this point, we too in this world are a true witness for Christ and will suffer persecution and be put to death (in the mental sense of being rejected by humanity) just as Jesus was.  Jesus’ demonstration in the earth was a demonstration of God’s way, and when it’s God’s way, it’s God’s energy, his wisdom and his purpose that takes a man through this process.  This, of course, means disowning yourself, your own soulish ideas and who you think you are. 


Was this just the cross?  Of course not.  The death of Jesus, demonstrated at the Jordan River, was the critical basis for everything that happened in his life and for everything that happens in our life.  It was on this basis of death and resurrection at the Jordan, of being anointed with God, of recognizing and understanding that he was the Son of God, that his ministry led him to the cross.  At that point, God released to us the very spirit that gave Christ the energy, the wisdom and the obedience to do all these things for God.  Some people turn that around and claim that he did everything for man.  He really did them all for God, and he was sent by God.  It was God’s purpose, God’s intention, and God’s way, and thus he became God’s way for us. 


Jesus was the firstborn of every creature.  In the beginning he was with God.  He is the eternal Son.  Was his crucifixion in Israel the beginning of his death?  No.  From Peter and in Revelation there is testimony that he was a lamb slain since or from the foundation in this world.  King James uses the word ‘foundation’, which is actually the Greek word ‘kata bole’, which means a casting down.  Casting down is quite different from the word foundation.  The word of God, the purpose of God that was in Christ Jesus in the beginning, was rejected in man.  It is man, in his own disobedience, who rejected the word and the purpose of God.  We fell into death.  God had a redemption plan since the disruption of the world.  


John 17:24 tells us that the Son was the beloved of God before the disruption of the world. When the world was disrupted, man’s expression of the love of God was put aside by man.  Man loved his own ideas, his own conception and that is why God has a plan to redeem us.  The way that God has done this is quite a mystery to most people.  Most people think that a sacrifice happened so that there was a substitution instead of an identification.  In other words, they believe you can have good things happen to you, you can go to heaven and you can get forgiveness without the spirit of Christ in you but that is impossible.  It’s only through the spirit of Christ in us that we can even understand or go through the death to our old nature, the regeneration of the spirit, the anointing of the spirit, and the true witness and confession as the Son of God.   


Matthew 13:34-35, “When he comes, he will speak in parables of things that were hidden since the disruption of the world.”  Jesus was going to restore the way of God, which was disrupted in the beginning. God’s way is when his rule is accepted and not cast down and disrupted.  We are getting a total reversal of all the things that happened to God because of man’s disobedience.    


Matthew 25:34 is about the inheritance of the kingdom. “…this was prepared from the disruption of the world.”  The kingdom is simply God’s rule.  When God’s rule was cast down, another kingdom ruled the world through the flesh and in rebellion to God.  When Jesus came, he restored the kingdom because he is the obedient one. This kingdom was prepared in the beginning of the world and man disrupted it.  Man disrupted God’s rule in the beginning.  God’s rule was symbolized as a lamb slain from the disruption of the world.  Man also killed the visible expression of that when it came in Jesus Christ.  All that are identified in Adam are adversaries to the plan of God and to the will of God. 


Ephesians 4:1, “The elect are chosen in him, in Christ, before the disruption of the world.”  God’s plan was that redemption was going to happen to Christ even if everything was disrupted.  He was going to be returned in Christ.  This was his way of redeeming the circumstance of having man come into obedience to his way.  That only happens through death.  Death is the basis for our justification and thus we get into the life of Christ and we can fulfill what God had planned for man before the disruption of the world.   


Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son.”  The world is not simply people. The world is a rule, a system or an order that is the opposite of chaos.  There is a rule in the world, but the world is not ruled by God.  Jesus said, “If my kingdom were of this world, my disciples would fight.”  Jesus said that his kingdom was not from here, or in here.  The rule of Christ was quite different from the rule that was in the world.  It still is, unless we are taken in to the obedience of this in Jesus Christ, are united with him and have his spirit, we too will walk on, being led by the course of this world, by the principalities and the powers of the earth, being estranged from God, and being aliens from the kingdom.   


All the verses I have previously referenced are from the King James version and they use the word foundation. They should all read disruption.  In Revelation 13:8, “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship the image of the beast.”  No exceptions.  That simply means the mind of natural man is rejecting the things of God.  “And they will worship because their names are not written in the scroll of life from the disruption of the world.”  The scroll of life was written from the disruption of the world and it’s really the words of Jesus Christ written in an eternal language that only the spiritual man can hear. Who actually cast down the world arrangement or the order of God?   It was man. 


When people talk about the world, I wonder what they really are saying.  Which world are they talking about?  The world that Jesus said he was not a ruler of?  Is it the world that opposes God?  The world, that if you love it, you will make an enemy of God?  Or, is it the world in which the righteous dwells?  Peter talks about three worlds and the destruction of two of them.  These are realms in which people’s consciousness see God. Revelation 12:12, “Therefore, rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell them.”  That verse refers to those who have been regenerated spiritually.  “Woe unto you that dwell in the earth and the sea!”  That verse refers to the sea of humanity and the earthy concepts of God.    


The scripture refers to a “new creation.”  Where is the new creation?  The scriptures tell us that the new creation is in Christ Jesus.  Here is where we are newly created and that this creation is.  Some people believe that the creation referred to in Romans 8 is something that is waiting for the Sons of God.  The new creation is in Christ and it is waiting for us to be regenerated into a conception of the creation.  When God made the creation in Genesis I, he said that it was very good. I don’t think anybody disrupted that. I think the wrong conception of creation in man and in his ideas have polluted and disrupted what the creation really is.  They have polluted the earth and the things that we live in, and it’s not getting any better.  Most people are looking for a real revival but they don’t want to accept that it is death that justifies the sin, and that it is his life that saves us.    


There are many more things to say about this subject but take this much into your heart and trust the Lord for edification. Amen. 













WAY OF GOD, THE [Lloyd Ellefson]          3

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