AUGUST 3, 2007

We will turn again and touch our lips to the blood of the Precious Lamb, because we know that as it reaches our hearts we are even more alive. It is so recorded that we shall also eat His flesh; which validates the quickening of our immortal selves, and the awakening of Who We Are; have always been in Him.

He, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit risen again in the flesh, is so alive, so real, and so personal. He is so honorable and so pure; we just enjoy wrapping ourselves in His Presence. We know we have grasped the four corners of His Presence and have brought them around us like a secure soft covering. This is our answer to the command: “Be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”

Love is His Name, you know; the foundation of all manifestation. Love makes visible the baby chick or the vast universe. Love is the awakening of all mankind, and the bowed knee to Father Perfection, and of course it is The Very Love of Christ in you.

So, we turn and turn in the joy of the Kingdom of God, realizing His Will is continuously done as the risen new Creature, our Holy Inheritance.

With bowed knee and humble hearts, we witness Him As He Is, Abundant Life.




WE CONTINUOUSLY TURN to HIM [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-3-07          1


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