We now reach the summit. We said from the beginning that no greater statement was ever made than that God is love.   Because that reveals the heartbeat of the universe when we know what kind of person He is who is the All in All of the universe: ‘of Whom and through Whom and to Whom are all things’, and ‘by Whom all things consists’, and who ‘gathers together in one all things in Christ’, having by Him ‘reconciled all things to Himself’. And we, therefore, know that being love, He is for others; and that is all He is because that is all love is.  

That is why in the last book of the Bible, we have constantly revealed to us that He is ‘The Lamb on the throne’.  And we saw that if He had appointed His Son heir of all things and through His Son brought us, the many sons, to glory as His brethren and co-heirs, then we are co-inheritors of the universe. We can only safely own, manage and develop His universe, if we have that same spontaneous love-nature that He has.

That is precisely the meaning and purpose of the long, long trail of human history and His own total identification with us on that trail. He descended to our hell for us so that we now ascend to His heaven with Him.  The outcome of our identification with Him on this decent level-ascent is that we now partake of His diving nature — and that nature is love.

In union with Him, we are lambs and other-lovers, because in the mystery of Spirit-unity, we are He who is love in our human forms, the Father in the sons by the Spirit.

God not only became sin for us, but became Sin AS us.

He was IN and AS us all the way, and it was because of Him that we could catch up in our conscious minds the entire scope of His reality as us!

I can’t say more now, but I tell you, He has provided a total redemption… total, total, total.

There is nothing or no one outside of Him.

He IS all and IN all.





















WE HAVE REACHED THE SUMMIT [Linda Bunting]          1


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