AUGUST 21, 2005

She peeked around the corner with those flirty brown eyes. I see my darling Melba is home. Lady of the castle, glowing features, and eyes like waters of bliss; she satisfies my longing heart.

I know how Father feels as He holds the world in His Arms; Loves Capacity Unmeasured.

“This is My commandment, that you love one another.”

“I have come to reveal The Father; to Be That Which you have not been able to be – True Love. I Am The Cement of Perfection, Father Come in earth. My Love Has Blanketed Perfectly, and You are able to know Me As I Am; The Only Begotten Son Revealed.”

Now, Humility Shall remove the clouds of darkness that linger in your thoughts, and unveil Your Eyes of Love, for I, The Lamb Have Risen. ”

I speak to you of Father, The Congruent One. There is nothing outside of Him in His Re-appearance In Earth; I As His Body Made Known. I speak As The Tie That Has Bound While We All rejoice in Resurrection Awareness. Peace Is My Name. Joy Is My Reward, and Righteousness Is Who I Am, (Your Exalted Presence.) You Are My Restored Gift of Father’s Love.”

The Patience of Father Has It’s Just Reward As Neighbor meets Neighbor in Paradise; Each One caring Lamb to Lamb, Friend to Friend.

Holy Spirit Is Presenting The Son. “ Behold My Beloved Son, Come Again In Earth. Isn’t He Lovely? Isn’t He Beautiful? Isn’t He Just Perfect? Would You care to touch Him; to handle Him? One Touch Shall Reveal Your Fullness. ”

“And now, The Day Is Here, seals open, The Unveiling of This Great City. Eternity has never been all that far away, as well as You Dearly Beloved One Of Peace!“



WE NOW ABIDE AS HIS HEART [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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