FEBRUARY 16, 2004

We See Our Savior Is His Grace


The Kingdom of God is not only a Word to be spoken, The good news of salvation, but is also to be lived. You are predestined to live it because it is in you. All that I am, I am in you.” “The Kingdom of God is in you.”

“My Kingdom is everything that I am, and everything that I Am has always been in you. Now, this day is the time of great awakenings, every man in his own order, for the way is paid and is paved with the gold of MY own Being.”

“Consider this: You have something right in your hand that can never be taken from you. It is Your/My mercy. Mercy is yours to have and to hold and to be; is yours to give in ever increasing abundance, because it is the increase of you. Mercy and Grace have become your portrait, your fragrance, your stature, and Being. It is the Appearance and the Being of Christ in you, The virtue of His/Your Presence.”

“There is a dynamic you unveiled; forever flowing in increasing measures. You have found forgiveness for yourself, and have accepted forgiveness for every man. You have entered the love of our Father,and have uncovered the mystery of Christ in you.”

The Precious Lamb of God said to Paul, the apostle, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

Now, what do you think Paul heard by this Word? Think on this: It was clear that Paul was to receive nothing in addition, other than the grace of Jesus. But why should he? It is immediately and forever clear that there is nothing above or outside this wonderful grace. His grace is love. Love and mercy is God, and God is love and mercy. He made it clear that His grace is sufficient.

It is written: Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ.” Now, what about truth? Why is it matched with grace? Because, Truth is Grace revealed; Jesus Himself, The Lamb of God. Truth is your individual revelation of Grace, which is Christ Jesus come in the flesh; the fullness of His bountiful love in you. (Christ in You, The Lamb of God)

Know Grace; know God ! Mercy is in you, and you may say, “I am My Father’s Love. I am born again; a free One. I am everlasting peace, joy and righteousness, bursting on the scene. I am Light; for Grace, My Savior is my sufficiency. I have dined sufficiently for I have eaten the Lamb. You, yourself now are able to say, I have heard the fullness of the Word, and I have received Him and know Him.”

See, It is not hard at all. Here we are, back to square one; to our first love. In the wonderful beginning, we have discovered His love for us and all His children. We now can walk down the street, and see Jesus in every face, because the same mercy He has extended to us is also extended to the whole world. We realize that when we were without hope, He gave His life for us. We are His manifest Presence, even now. This, that is in our hand, is not lacking; not limited.

We are come, the expression of our Father. “Know ye not that I must be about My Father’s business?”

He has received us His own. “Let us Go forth, aware that He, everything He is, is here to stay; Humbled, we know, the Hand of mercy abides as us, and is, realistically, the only Hand that exists. Herein is the fullness of power; This abiding Presence.”

To You, ever living Savior within, This is our declaration:

We are thankful for your wonderful Presence, Your Being that increases daily in our awareness. This Grace, in it’s fullness is our platform of life, and magnetically calls us to worship. We thank You for the fullness of You and the rest that we find as You. We pray together that the world may know the truth of Your Grace, and give thanks that we all have become one bountiful and available Being; Lights shining into this new day.”

“That they may be ONE, even as You, Father and I are ONE.”

Amen, and Hallelujah!




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