JANUARY 23, 2004

You arose from the grave, left the appearance world to come to the new world; abandoned the old man that was waiting to become, and received the ONE that has come as you. He is your fullness. This is reality.

You discovered it very necessary to know who you are, but also discovered it is not necessary to tell it.

And so you stand at the top of the mountain of Spirit, simply appearing as the love of man in earth; the face of Jesus always before you in every man and in every particle of creation. You are always in rapturous glory. Redemption is in your heart.

You have come to reveal the Father; the height. the depth, the City of Gold, the expanse of the new creation; pure love, your grace extended to all. There is a secret between you and the Father.

You sing the song of redemption; having tasted the blood of the Lamb. You bow to the new Heaven and new Earth; majestic trumpets vibrating within. So you smile as the lovely Song of The Lamb plays within you.

Fear has gone. Doubt has left. Worry and unbelief have been swallowed up in The Christ within. Gently and courageously, you speak of He Who is come; of the ONE Who has made men whole; and you deny Him not. He is your ever so intimate Friend, and He is your place in His garden.

This is your inheritance; come now; so freely and perfectly and fully given. Nothing remains of the old for the Blood of The Lamb has pre-empted sin and separation. The pendulum has swung to the opposite side as Jesus has appeared as His own. Salvation is revealed as His totality.

God’s hand has parted the waters. With eyes wide in amazement, you have freely passed through.

So you speak by The Spirit You are:

“Come today and bathe in the pool of My Love. Be baptized in My phosphorous Presence. I am in you, and I will make My Presence known to you this hour.”

“Just feel the Holy Ghost tickle your toes, and move up into your knees. Feel My vibrating Presence warm your entire body.”

“I am come; the Light of your life, your complete rest. I am come as You, and am not afraid or in lack. I am bold and your overcoming existence. Look at Me. I/You are free indeed.”

“Venture now as the song of Me. In this, you find the whole new creation which is I, Jesus Christ Lord come in the flesh. He that worships Me; who lives My life, now lives it in Spirit and in Truth. This is true worship.”

“He that stretches forth his hand today knows that where I am is fullness, unlimited measure of peace, joy and love. I love and honor his hand.”

“So stretch forth your vibrant hand with a smile, with Godly laughter, and with infinite compassion. That which you do, do it as unto the Kingdom of God; but most of all, see Me in every man and in every atom of creation. You know you have passed from the appearance of death, and behold only Me.  I am all you need.”

“This very hour, be still and know that I am come in you with the treasures of all that I am. Take advantage of the free gift of the Holy Spirit within you. Listen carefully to know your true heart; what I am about, as the new marvelous You. Do you realize that I am the fullness of your entire being and existence, and that I am all in all; all that exists? Do you realize that I am all faith, all wisdom, every solution ? Do you realize that I am here, pouring out My vision upon creation, and am the very substance of that which is in your hand? You now know that the exercise of My Divine Love is the fuel of life, and the bricks and mortar of your joyful creativity.”

“I give you Myself, or clearly,” I stand Myself; You.” Kiss your hand with a Divine Kiss, and hug The Body of Christ. Then go and place your foot on your neighbor’s grass, and secretly call him to His Own Eternal Life.”

Praise Be To Our Father’s immeasurable love,





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