It was created by God’s grace in hope that the Truth may be known. The Truth is that everyone will be saved through Christ! As Jesus realized, Christ is our true nature given by God. Christ is revealed in those called out from this world’s darkness to bring God’s Light and Kingdom to all who are lost. Only through Christ will we know, love and be the image of our God. All have one Father and have been created in His image and likeness. His plan from the beginning was to express Himself in and through us. He will accomplish this through, his only Son, Christ. No religion (including Christianity), no church, no righteous behavior will ever save us from the darkness of hell that we have created in our carnal minds. Christ is the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life that will free us from this only hell our world of death, pain and deception.

This site is especially for Christians who have been misguided by false teachings, dark doctrines and selfish pride. The Truth is that God will save ALL through Christ- not just “Christians.” Christ is ALL and in ALL and God is our Father His love is unfailing! We are never beyond the power of the Life-Giving Spirit of Jesus the Christ who remains Savior of the World until all humanity and creation are restored to perfection. God will be all in all (1 Cor 15:28). He will love us to death! God’s overpowering love in Christ will continue to draw us to Himself until we die to sin, ego and the darkness of our minds. We must come to the knowledge of Truth of Who we really are God’s expression of Himself.

My hope is to add more and more writings, thoughts, studies and links showing the truly GOOD NEWS that Jesus Christ brought to this world. That is God wills that ALL mankind be saved (1TIM 2:4) and His will is ALWAYS accomplished (ISA 55:11). God’s universal plan of salvation is done through His Son, Christ who is in all and is the savior of all men, especially of those who believe (1 TIM 4:10).














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