OCTOBER 4, 2013

The following was in my e-mail this a.m. “…Hey Brad, would you mind commenting?” Followed by several paragraphs – –

I wrote back: “I think I read this very same thing the other day – (we must get bombarded by the same folks. (?) It is interesting because I just answered another e-mail that came in overnight – asking how I prayed for the sick.

“I replied to that one, ‘the only standard I have for praying about anything is to ask, ‘What now?’ Because I have confidence that our SPIRIT-PARENT will provide me with the answer; my stock answer for years, when anyone asked me to pray for them because they were ill, was that I had never seen one instance in which Jesus prayed for anyone to be well. HE DID WHAT HE WAS INSTRUCTED – or what he had a picture in his mind of what our SPIRIT-PARENT was doing, in other words, _____, the short answer to your question is that I don’t pray for the sick.

“You see, ______, in my mind, I know that the desire and purpose of our SPIRIT-PARENT, BWOTON, is always perfect health and prosperity for each of us – ABUNDANT LIFE – and the ‘what now’ question simply means I don’t know consciously what to do – but I know WHO does. What this has to do, related to giving you my comment is that, from one perspective, I totally agree with the piece. From the perspective I’ve just outlined, I think it falls short.

“Moments ago I forwarded to Ryan Bruce a quote by one of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.’

“Frankly, ______, from a ‘worldly’ perspective I think the words you sent me are right on …or, as you folks on that side of the pond tend to say, ‘spot on’ – and he or she seems to have a spiritual basis as well. So my comments are not at all meant to be critical …except as in the sense of a background for looking at them in a different light than might first be shining on them.” [End of exchange]


So here are the words, exactly as were sent to me from a guy in the U.K., which probably came from somewhere else, but who knows in this melting pot world of ours, right?

A-ha! I wrote all the foregoing at about 6:15 this a.m., three and a half hours ago and stopped to e-mail the guy in the U.K. asking, who was the author? …his answer just now popped up into my inbox:

No wonder I liked it and no wonder it seemed familiar; as I suspected, I had also already read it. …Robert Anthony – I’ve never bought any of his courses, but I’ve certainly felt impressed to recommend them on occasion (Ryan and I made a decision that we do not “affiliate market” – but I will say that, if we were to do so, Robert Anthony would certainly be high on the list and I certainly read everything he sends to me …even the “sales pitches” – he is one of the few “gurus” in the plethora of Internet purveyors of such stuff that I think is RIGHT ON …other than my perspective of where his stuff falls short – as I outlined in my perspective in the foregoing. Who am I to critique anything? ONLY FROM MY LIMITED PERSPECTIVE!

All that having been said, I think his words are worthy of repeating, particularly if we are willing to look at them from an honest evaluation of the reason the “praying” of some folks is totally ineffective – lack of faith is another way of looking at what Dr. Anthony is saying (from a Brad Cullen perspective) …what do you say?

Here they are . . .


Your confidence will depend on how strongly you believe in your intent.

Your intent is your goal or desire. Without intent any action is useless and meaningless, and your words utterly devoid of power. To be successful you need to formulate, focus on, and put all your mental energy towards your intention.

Think of it this way; although we know we can never truly be certain as to the exact outcome of any event, we can be certain about our intent.  Your intent is the outcome you want to achieve.

Just focus on that and nothing else.

Also it helps, before you do anything, to go inside and say to yourself confidently and powerfully, in the most authoritative voice you can muster, ‘Of course I can do this!’

Say that so that you believe it, ‘Of course I can do this”. You’ll notice that the mere fact that you are saying that inside your head causes you to accept and believe the fact that what you do will be successful. So, while we can never truly be certain about the specifics of any interaction, we can always be certain about our intent.

I also want to point out this important fact – confidence isn’t certainty. This is true for anything in life. You can still be confident, but you can never be certain of anything.

I know that I’m very confident, but even with all my confidence, sometimes things don’t work out the way I want them to. That happens. However I also know that even though I am confident I know HOW to do something, and I have the ABILITY to do it, if it doesn’t work, it is not going to erode my confidence. I know if I am consistent and focus on my intent it WILL happen.

My point here is this – never get discouraged. With a little practice and focusing on your intent, you WILL be very successful. So just “BE” confident and the rest will follow.


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