WHAT do we THINK of GOD?


APRIL 18, 2007


What do we think God is like? It matters, for our view of God affects our theology, and our theology affects our view of God.


Andrew Jukes summed it up in this manner: “For our views of God re-act upon ourselves. By an eternal law, we must more or less be changed into the likeness of the God we worship. If we think Him hard, we become hard. If we think Him careless of men’s bodies and souls, we shall be careless also. If we think Him love, we shall reflect something of His loving-kindness.”


Malcolm Smith did an interesting survey – he asked quite a few people what they thought of God. A few said powerful, the rest said Judge – and not one said Love.


A sad commentary on how Christians think of Him…GOD is love!!! That is His essence. All the rest are attributes, and all are resting on the foundation of love. They do not come into action unless Love says, “Yes.”


What a difference it makes, knowing HE is love, in how we treat, look at, others.


























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