WHAT does the CROSS and the BLOOD MEAN?


The crucifixion to me begins with Jesus laying down who he truly is and choosing to believe the lie that we are separate from God.  This was the cup he drank from in the garden of his mind – hence, he took upon himself the sin of the world or rather the false beliefs that the world believes…and that is that God is outside of us and far away.  Hence, on the cross he proclaimed, “Father, why have you forsaken me.”  Jesus chose to see things the way many of us see things, so that we could identify with his condition at death.

The crown of thorns on his head represents the mind pierced and in agony from such false beliefs – the condition of the mind trapped in mistaken thinking.  Then, Jesus crucified, is a picture of what we have done in our minds concerning ourselves.  We (through the goggles of religion) have killed the idea that we are sons (and daughters) of God.  We have each individually chosen to believe that the outer body is really who we are.  By doing so, we have forgotten that we are eternal spirits.  Yet, this truth cannot be destroyed or killed permanently, because who you really are is spirit (unchangeable) and that was demonstrated by Jesus’ “resurrection.”

Jesus is a portrait of mankind.  He represents all of us. When we look at Jesus, we need to see ourselves.  The blood of Jesus represents the “connectedness” of us all.  If we consider “bloodlines,” blood physically represents the spiritual truth that all of us are connected, and one.  When blood is traced, it shows that all of us are connected; and so are we spiritually.  This connectedness is the meaning behind the verse, “The life is in the blood.” 

As Jesus’ life was taken, his blood was spilled.  This openly showed that when his connectedness with each other and God was removed, the body was lifeless – dead.  When the blood was poured forth, it was also a reminder however, that we are not separate.  “Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins,” better means without the showing forth of our connectedness, there is no forgetting of the illusion of separation from God and each other. And, Christ is the perfect Son of God; who we all spiritually and truly are as a whole spiritual body.

“Christ in you, the hope of glory,” as the scriptures say, remind us to look within to the perfect spirit we all are. Christ is the recognition of our oneness with each other, and with the Divine Spirit.

If we choose to hold up the cross as religion does, to me we are identifying with death and separation, and missing the bigger hidden message.  Not a good thing.  Why not focus on Jesus’ resurrection – the truth that we are all one; and we are all spirit and never die.  Jesus thoroughly demonstrated that the body could be killed, but the spirit which all of us are, is pure, incorruptible, and eternal.

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