YEAR 2002

What would you do if you thought you’d met John the Apostle and he told you things that resonated with the deepest longings of your heart?

I know it sounds preposterous, and you’ll have to hear me out to understand it all. But over a four-year period I had twelve life-changing conversations with this mysterious stranger and they changed everything I believed about God, the Christian life and the nature of the church.

I’ll warn you at the outset that the journey has not been easy. Most people who start this way end up stopping for various reasons before they get to the greatest joy and freedom imaginable. I hope you don’t. This is the best!

Over the next few months you are invited to join me on a journey. I will tell you the story just as it unfolded and you can make your own conclusions. I will post each chapter as I can get them completed, usually about one per month. The site will show when the most recent chapter was published and when the next one is projected to be. We’ll also be adding a host of features that will tell you more about me and allow you to participate in this unfolding story.

In the end, I am planning on publishing all the revised chapters in a book called, “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore!” and make it available worldwide. The reason we are going first on the web is because so many people in Christian publishing have told us there is no market for a book like this. We hope to prove them wrong by finding those people who are not afraid to ask the difficult questions and pursue the fullness of God’s promise for his believers and his church.

Most importantly, I hope this story helps you to understand better who God as he really is, who you really are, and what he’d always intended his church to be. If it can encourage you in that journey, then it has truly been worth it.














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