Many today worship the man “Jesus” as God.  But, I do not believe that was his message.  Jesus always pointed to his “heavenly Father” as the Supreme Being, and accepted himself as being a “son of God.”   All of us are sons of God.  However, the worshipping of a man as God is a senseless act and is what I now call “Jesus Religion.”  I do not believe it is truth, and is simply a distortion of Jesus’ teachings into an organized religion.  If an organized, manmade religion was what Jesus had intended to create, then he would have himself established church buildings and the worship of himself as creator.  No, men who were with him and who came after him both are guilty of creating a false religious system that is quite powerless and leads to nowhere.  This system appears good and true, but is dead and quite frankly disgusting to those who can see the depth of its deception.  It is based on the fear of a false eternal hell and twisted doctrines and teachings, which can never make sense when fully examined.

What is ironic is that the same religious system of control that attacked Jesus and nailed him to a cross because of the threat he posed to that system, is now what has spawned from those who profess to follow and speak for Jesus.  Most Christian leaders say they teach “God’s word,” but create fear, guilt and condemnation to gain followers and call it Jesus’ message.  Jesus’ message could not be further from their false message. Jesus had followers flock to him to hear his words, and all without beating them up in God’s name (Now, that is what I call a threat to organized religion!).  First of all, he never attacked people; he only attacked religion, its leaders and teachers who sold its false doctrines.  Secondly, Jesus always pointed to the kingdom being at hand now and within mankind; not coming someday and outside of mankind.  He never taught a condemning message of fear through the idea of an eternal hell; but instead proclaimed, “all of us will be salted with fire” and “the gates of hell shall not prevail!”  If the gates of hell come down for the righteous, they also must come down for the unrighteous; for the same gates imprison all mankind… the gates of fear, condemnation, guilt and wrong beliefs.

Maybe it is time for you to re-examine your beliefs: search for Jesus’ true message.  How about search for truth and then you will know his true message. 

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