Let us examine the word Christ. First of all Christ can only be spiritually discerned and God Himself must reveal the truth of Christ to the reader. Therefore I can only attempt to explain in human terms a spiritual reality. Christ, put simply means anointed. Big deal. What does anointed mean? This is difficult.

Let’s take a police officer for example. A cop is born like every other man. He eats, sleeps, breaths, bathes, shaves and acts like every other man. So what makes a cop a cop? His anointing.

In purely human terms a man with an ambition to become an officer of the law goes to the Police Academy. There he is trained, drilled, tested, subjected to psychological evaluations and tested some more. He is schooled thoroughly in the law and if he measures up he is chosen from among other candidates, given a badge and a weapon and assigned to a precinct. There, he is given a detail and a duty watch to stand. The ordinary man is now a police officer and has authority to uphold the law as he sees fit. When a person sees a police man in uniform he knows immediately who he is and knows instinctively that the officer has authority over him in matters of law, order and conduct.

His identity is made known by the uniform he wears and the badge he carries. The symbol of his authority is that badge. His power to resist evil is his weapon. This authority and power is given by the ruling government of the municipality. All of this constitutes his anointing.

How does this relate to the finished work? Here is how it works in the Spirit. Jesus came to the earth like any other man. He ate, slept, breathed, bathed, shaved and behaved (in the form of man) like any other man. Yet He was the one and only begotten Son of God and received the Holy Spirit (anointing) in the Jordan River. He was driven into the wilderness to be tested. After being found worthy to be anointed He set out to finish the work of the Holy Spirit. In other words to prove that Gods Word is truth by manifesting it (himself) in the Earth to chosen men. 

Once He was revealed, (to Peter) he began the walk to the cross preparing the resistant hearts of his disciples for what had to take place…His crucifixion. At the appointed time He obediently went to the cross and finished the work His Father had prepared Him to do from before the foundation of the world. Therefore, Jesus the anointed Son of God, proved to all creation that God is truth and worthy of obedience and devotion and love even to death on the cross in the most unjust of circumstances.

After his crucifixion, Christ rose from the dead and returned to the Father. The Father, pleased with His Son returned the finished anointing (uniform, badge and weapons) to the earth and invites any and all men to put it on. Any person who by faith puts on Christ (the uniform) receives the mind, the training, the insight, the authority and the power of Christ automatically. You become a Son of God. You receive the same spirit that Jesus had and you become like Him in the Spirit.

You see, Christ was Jesus’ identity. You cannot separate the Christ from Jesus. Even though Christ was not Jesus’ name it was His identity. It was a part of Him. Guess what. The same goes for us. When we have Christ in us, it is part of us. It is our identity. It is the Spirit of sonship that the Father is pleased to give freely. There is no work involved. Jesus did it all because He was the only one who could.

There is however a catch. The old nature must also go to the cross with that anointing. It is an integral part of Christ. We must account our old selves crucified with Christ. This death kills every carnal thing that is not part of Christ. We share in His sufferings, we share in His glory.





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