JULY 29, 1999


The Spirit of Life of Christ the LORD is that mysterious divine electrical energy in your body; which activates the frequency impulses in your brain to send signals to your heart to beat, to signal the autonomic nervous system to adjust the body’s temperature, to regulate the chemical plants -- plus the dozens of chemical processes to maintain health in the cells, including the order to replicate.


When your soul recognizes “that” God given spiritual energy as the origin and the sustainer of your life; as the “Christ” -- that revolutionary transforming truth event is called in Christianity, “being born again, being born from above.” That recognition comes when you see Jesus as the personification and perfect manifestation of “that” Truth; the Father.


According to Jesus’ conversation with Simon bar Jonah...  you were able to recognize “that” anointed life in Jesus, because the same life vibration is in you. There is a spiritual law which declares; you can only see in others what is in you; The Mirror Principle.


The Father named His Life, expressed in physical form...Jesus, because the expression of His Life will save His people from their sin.  Their sin is the deception which results in misunderstanding the Truth of who you are, and lowers the mind vibrations to “see” the physical as all there is.


Recognizing and accepting the Christ in you as your true identity actually elevates; causes an ascension of the frequency of the brain; called in the Bible -- “the mind of Christ” -- vibrating at a faster rate.  The experience at times can actually be “sensed” as a quickening of the pulse;  even causing you to “catch your breath.”


The higher vibrations activate a portion of the human brain cells which have remained dormant; because that area of the brain was reserved for the Creators own thought vibrations.  That part of the brain is spoken of scripturally as the “Virgin.”  That protected garden has never known the earthy, mortal, carnal vibrations of a man.  That garden is reserved for the Christ.


The higher purposes of the Grace and Righteousness aspects of God’s nature, which He reserved for those who enter the intimate union called the festival of Tabernacles.  That ultimate union is only experienced by those who have forsaken the allurements of the lower nature -- to enter into the faith adventure of exploring a country where natural man has never gone -- it is the third heaven, which is the fourth dimension.  That place is called Father’s house --it is more exciting than a space flight.

















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