It’s been a long time since I’ve written. There are times when there is nothing to say. Let all the earth (flesh) be silent before the Lord! Not that everything I say here will be Spirit, but I do have an urge to write to you and hope to build up the “Body” with these words. I’ve been working as a courier here in Los Angeles full time.

I also started a business entertaining with my accordion in senior facilities. I think people who work in these places get an automatic in with Jesus. This is not a new doctrine (sic)! Changing diapers is difficult when you have children, but how about many times a day on adults who are not part of your family, per se. It appears to me that some people are going through the Cross and just don’t know it. It also seems like some have the Nature of Jesus, but don’t know Him by Name. Many of the places have Jewish residents, not that it makes a difference, but it does. It all matters to some degree. I’m learning more and more how to be real, and yet still maintain my spirituality. These places have people that are in good shape also, very alive and appreciative of my good, upbeat, fun entertainment (ahem)! I’ll play polkas, sing-a-longs, some Al Jolson, and a stirring patriotic medley from a heart that loves America, and one who appreciates what brave men and women have done in laying down their lives that we might have the freedoms we enjoy here in this great land! The natural stuff opens up their heart to me, and if I do the job I want, I then get them eating the spiritual from the palm of my hand. That which is “natural” is first, and then comes the “spiritual”. I get opportunities to share the Word in everyday language, or use phrases from Viktor Frankl (“Man’s search for Meaning”) and others in order to encourage and edify and fire a spark in some who seem to be without hope. As far as I’m concerned we’re all going on to heaven. To see some of what these people are going through and to have someone say that they are going to hell is pretty outrageous seeing as they’re going through some pretty tough hell right where they’re at. People who think like that are in for a shock, I think.


For the past few years I’ve went through some hell of my own, relaying it to others through spiritual message in the way of the “Consuming Fire of God,” living in us and burning up the dross, the wood, hay, and stubble. Or as Job said, “When I am tried I will come forth as pure gold. In this way any street that we walk will be gold. These temples must be purified through fire, that only that which is precious remains: gold, silver, and precious gems. For these things endure the Fire. I’ve written these messages by faith, not seeing the outcome. But now I see the value and the product of the purging.

For when I go to these places and see someone who has lost all hope, and I tell him or her that they are loved by God, And they shake their head no, I can boldly again proclaim to them that he does indeed! I know, because I’ve been through the death that they’re experiencing and have come forth, so I know what I’m talking about. And that spark which is within them knows that what I’m saying is true, even though I may have to reiterate, and they see that I won’t back down. And I give a big smile when I say it. The Word spoken in 2 Corinthians 1:4 is become manifest to a larger degree in my life as it may be in yours, or as it will be as you come through the Everlasting burnings talked about throughout Isaiah, one of my heroes. Who shall dwell in everlasting burnings? He that walks uprightly will. What harm can hell have on those who have become… the Fire?  But what refreshing are they to those who seem hopeless and helpless. They become Saviors, who dwell on Mt. Zion but come down to the earth to show them the first rung of the ladder, or more. There’s nothing like this Word becoming worked out into the flesh! Wow! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout. Who is like unto Thee, O God my Father!

Anyway, this is what I’ve been doing and it’s work. I’m also being led in the direction of acting in the commercial and film industry, and so I’ll just go with the flow and watch God open doors that no man can shut, and shut doors no man can open. Is this why I was led to LA?  In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence! I don’t have to strive, but just rise up and move in Him and have my being in Him and rest in the finished work of Calvary!! No matter how far I attain in this world, even an academy award, what would that compare with, “I’m a Son of God, the Creator of heaven and earth and you.


This is my desire! This is where my heart is at! It’s time! I will do the rest of what I’m doing, and also pursue open doors to visit local groups (You Hopefully) and bring my guitar, and use it and the piano to Worship in song and praise, and to deliver a Living Word that is fresh Manna and Living Waters to wash it down, and on the way down I expect the Waters to turn to Wine. I’ve been teaching on and in the Garden and it’s time to enter deeper into the City, the New Jerusalem that is adorned as a Bride. The stones of this City have been tried and tested and continue to be. They can dwell in the midst of an everlasting burning Fire and only be made purer. Is. 33:14 Who shall dwell in everlasting burnings? Not the wicked, but the righteous as they are purified by the fire. Please contact me for a visit to you, and I’ll bring the Kingdom in me to the Kingdom in you. The deep calls unto the deep! We will have fun, be edified, and you won’t be disappointed. I am looking forward to you calling or e-mailing me so that we can celebrate this New Life together.

Love, In Christ Jesus

































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