MARCH 4, 2007

LOVE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN HURT.”  is really in my spiritI got it in my spirit by reading one of Floyd Watson’s articles.  I began to consider the various types of things that can happen in a person’s life that will shut them down, emotionally, and prevent them to venture outside of themselves to put forth LOVE to A FELLOW MAN.  I’m especially thinking of a family member right now and hearing some of his present challenges and feeling the hopelessness that I’m feeling coming from him and, to some degree, from his wife, too.  And it really concerns me a whole lot.

What would PREVENT ANY OF US FROM LOVING ONE ANOTHER?  FEAR would have to be the greatest force that would stand in our way… FEAR of being HURT again by another person… and in a feeble attempt to protect ourselves from such PAIN, we attempt to build some kind of barriers that help keep us separate from others… prevent us from putting ourselves “at risk.”  

I then began to think of all the types of walls we humans can build around ourselves to prevent our having to deal with our emotions – and I thought of the various gang members and how they paint their bodies, tattoo their bodies, pierce their bodies, use foul, vulgar language, make obscene gestures, or make all kinds of physical attacks upon one another… to prevent any closeness from developing.  Walls can be constructed by surrounding yourself by extreme wealth and great, ostentatious possessions, which limit your world to only a very elect few. 

My husband, Roger, was asking FATHER how we were supposed to pray for these two family members that are walking in so much pain at this present moment… and how we are to pray for others around us who are walking through other great challenges in their lives… and then Roger said he saw a huge Billboard.  He saw the word “ILLUSION.” 

We read the rest of Floyd Watson’s short article on “LOVE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN HURT.”  And the truth of his statement made us both feel better and gave us the courage to rise above all the circumstances and allow the power of Love to flow through us!  What an empowering experience!  What joy and peace to know that we have Love as a powerful weapon in our Holy Arsenal of tools! 















WHAT PREVENTS US FROM LOVING ONE ANOTHER? [Sunny Orly Coffman] 3-4-07          1


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