JULY 12, 2007

John 14:3 “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I Am, you may be also.”

Of course I know you are in our hearts, and surely you are looking out of our eyes with mercy. You make your presence known always. This is not the basis of my question because I now am looking for a greater contentment.

This is what I am after: I am sure you have ascended back to the Father where there is never a struggle again; never a pressure or hurt or wound. You are above every circumstance and condition where peace, joy and perfection abide forever. Now, let us reason together. Here you are with the Father, and here are we, your brothers and sisters, gathered with you in the place you have prepared, definitely in The Father. Your vivid presence makes us know we are with you. The Holy Ghost has confirmed that we are One with you, and that we are your body; not to mention that you and the Father are One as well. You did pray that we be One. Now we are in The Father, and have escaped the in-part dimension.

The Presence of this dimension speaks my name over and over. I am not content in anything less than your essence and your touch. I know it is the Father’s will that we have eternally left the in-part realm. Not relying on

the faith of the old man, but we walk in the faith of the Only Begotten who dwells within. I declare this to be the eternal day where there is no darkness at all. I recognize You, manifest in all men, and honor the mountaintop wherein You stand as us. I speak new awakenings today, and acknowledge the infinite blessing you have brought forth. I stand at attention before Your Majesty with no agenda, knowing that which is perfect is come.

As for where you are, it is so wonderful to be with you, knowing within is ever more beautiful and more obvious and especially knowing we are with you as The One.

This question was in my thoughts as I awoke this morning, and I just thought I should bring it up.

This is our day.




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