Maybe it has not been clear pertaining to “The Place Prepared?” Let us carefully look into it for we could be hiding the true answer from ourselves. Or, we could be waiting, maybe like waiting until we have sufficient income to enter into our ministries, or maybe we are waiting until our family is ready to go along with us, or maybe we need more time to find understanding? We could be allowing many different or unusual reasons why we can not find the “Place Prepared.”

Nevertheless, It Is Already Prepared, The Place Where He Is, regardless of any hindrances we have allowed. It is so fully prepared and open, even unto experiencing everlasting life. Men have overlooked it because it is far too simple.

In Hebrews 4:3 through 11, we are admonished to enter into rest. This rest is Lord Christ Jesus, and is The Kingdom of God. It is the Divine catapult over all earthly appearances. It is so open ended, that it is Heaven within. This Rest is “The Place Prepared.” It is The Divine Resurrection, The Seat at the Right Hand of The Father. It is “By My Spirit, Sayeth The Lord. This rest is a never, ending journey into the everlasting Presence of our Father Love, Whom Jesus has revealed. It is a baptism of His Presence, ever increasing fulfillment of His Love. It is our ultimate arrival given freely because of that love, and established complete, The Finished Work. It is the charm of the Christ mind, knowing all is well, and that there is no darkness at all in this Place.

The Kingdom of God is here in Its fullness, unlimited fullness, right within us, and made subject unto us. It is pressing its sovereign perfection in a loving, apprehending way. We are Its Subjects, having come to “That Which Is Perfect.” Its frequency is always with us, instantly available to our inquisitive hearts. It is our constant abiding place.

To press into Its Glory is to baptize one’s self in Its great love, peace, joy, and rest; The baptism of Rest. It is given as the absolute escape from any world appearance. It is translation into rapturous harmony, release from all of the past, and all darkness.

To acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ as He Is in His Glorious Fullness within, is to enter into Rest. This is the end of all wonderment and struggle. It is peace beyond understanding, manifest before we may think. Take no thought, for to think will make you late. He Is Come now and is revealing Father Love; all things made perfect, all sorrows and darkness removed. This is Father, The Kingdom of God, All things in harmony, complete from the foundation of the world.

Do we think we are free from the world of all appearance? Do we think we Have risen from the dead? Do we think we may speak to a withered arm? Do we think we may live without an apparent source of income? Do we think we are in the Place Prepared? Enter into absolute Rest. Set aside reasoning and bathe in The Spirit to the point you become aware of Reality. Set aside the deafening care of today and recognize the Son Realm where no dragons abide. Recognize home where Perfection Abides, where I Am, thus releasing the shackles of this world.

II Timothy 2:4No man that walks in Truth, shall entangle himself in the affairs of this world. (Paraphrased) Be free from these entanglements now as we behold the face of Love. We are not in the world of sacrifice, but are translated into the Kingdom of His Dear Son where all is as beautiful as The Spirit is beautiful.  Amen



WHERE I AM, THERE YE MAY BE ALSO [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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