AUGUST 6, 2006

Dear Barbara,

Thanks for staying in touch.  It is just wonderful to be able to hear from you when it is convenient for you to write. It seems we’ve been out of touch a lot and I treasure our moments of sharing in this season of our lives.

Two years ago, I heard the Lord say to me “I’m taking you back to your roots.”  Well, I sure didn’t know what He was referring to… seldom ever can we understand things He speaks to us within our spirit.  My natural mind wondered if I’d be physically moving back to Ft. Worth… but since I’ve started going to the little monthly get-togethers at Angelo’s Bar-B-Q on the 4th Tues of each month and visiting with the varying group that shows up there… and then participating in that 50th reunion and your wonderful visit with me during that time… and now Virginia’s present challenge and the exchanges I’ve had with you, Carol Ann, and Suzanne, I’m starting to get some understanding of those words from two years ago… for my roots are in all of you – not in a geographical location, but in the hearts of people that have known me, to varying degrees, over this 50-60 years of my life.  Thanks should go to all for the various parts each have played in “filling in the blank spaces in my own life.

I traveled for over 27 years… talking to literally thousands of folks every working day in that period of my life… and yet I can tell you that there is just something special about this group of folks that went to North Side High School.  What I’m saying here is not sentimental, emotional drivel.  No, it is truth.  Perhaps we were just exposed to a wonderful group of quality educators that not only taught the rudiments of each of their particular subjects, but were also the caring humanitarians that saw into each of our lives and were given the grace to bring out our best qualities.

It has been my experience that I can carry on a conversation with one of you guys and come away having confidence that my statements were received and understood.  And, likewise, I am able to understand you and comprehend what you are communicating to me.  This may sound too simplistic… but I just have to tell you that while we do not have the air of elitism, we are a unique group and we have a whole lot to be grateful for… grateful to those that fed us with their wisdom, parents that really cared for and about us… that nourished us in the basics of godly principals and gave us the love of God to develop in strength of character and the ability to develop lasting relationships with our peers.

Well, I didn’t know I was going to expound on all that… but it is from my heart.  You are special and you mean so very much to me.

I’d like to hear what kind of title the doctors have pinned on this affliction you periodically experience in your knees and elbows.  Would you share a little more with me so I know how to pray for you!










LETTER to a HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND – 50 YEARS LATER [8-6-06] ~ LETTER          1


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