JULY 2, 2007

I Am The Spirit Manifest; The body of righteousness, the appearing of God in Earth. I AM the Father’s love, the unveiled reality. I am you, you now know, and will know Me as I am. The awesome Presence you feel has taken It’s form. It is I, appearing as man. “

“Where I AM, there You are; in the place prepared, for We are now seen as one new man of Earth and Heaven become ONE.”

“The seed of righteousness: The perfection I Am is bursting upon the tables of men’s hearts. Grace has swallowed up the old. It is I who commands the dawning of this, The Lord’s Day of The Resurrection, I AM.

I shall not be separated from man; the glowing Temple of My Residence, My Abode. Why would I have raised the dead, or why would I have healed the lame or misfortunate if the body is vile?”

Why would I have shown My Body a Living Brilliant Light at the top of The Mount if it were not real for each of you?

I have requested The Father make us One, and This Is Present Truth. He always answers My Word. Therefore, this is the day of My Appearing in Flesh answering the desire of men’s hearts. With a clear voice, I have requested men to fear not, and to accept the Faith of The Son of God. Thus, I Am Come in the flesh to be the answer; not only for fear, but also to every thing whatsoever men need. I Am the apprehender of all men, awakening each in his own order, to be The Fullness of The Godhead Bodily. I have come to do for men what they have never been able to do, as I have chosen them in Myself. They shall know that they are not their own, but Mine.

“We Go Forth Together




WHO ART THOU JESUS? [Jim-Melba Crofford] 7-2-07          1


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