DECEMBER 21, 2005

I have had a lot of questions asked of me, a lot here lately, and I have asked different people for their understanding of these questions and would like to share them with you. I do not know the answers to all of the questions that I am asked; BUT, I do know that the answers are within each one of us, and will come forth, IF we lay aside our previous teachings and LISTEN to Father. We WERE PROMISED, and Father cannot lie.

John 14:26, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name (nature), he shall teach you ALL THINGS, and bring ALL THINGS to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

We think, “how in the world will I learn and remember ALL THINGS?” Well, the truth is, this isn’t just teaching us about the bible. Remember, where did we come from? OUT FROM WITHIN GOD. We don’t know how long we were in Him before our manifesting into this flesh world. We actually WITNESSED SO MANY things that Father did. If you remember, in one article that I sent out, I told you how we were in God WATCHING ALL that took place in the OT!! We witnessed Abraham; we witnessed Jesus on the Cross! That’s breathtaking, isn’t it? We also learned that when He gave us this NEW heart, that He wrote His Words on it. And guaranteed, our hearts hold so much more than the bible has in it. AND it’s easier to understand what He says to us, than trying to decipher all the Greek and Hebrew writing that has been translated into English, and had men adding and taking away the truth of what was said, in the past. And what is brought back to our remembrance depends on how much time we are willing to sit and listen to Him. Listen to Him and be OPEN when we hear something that does not go along with what some man or woman has taught us. Of course, He does speak through us, but, LISTENING TO HIM is the safest way of learning.

He IS bringing back to our remembrance so very many things today, that we thought we’d never know.


Do you believe that coming into Sonship is all that Father has planned for us?

No, I do not. We see today, many in the church system, that won’t even accept that we ARE NOW, Sons of God. They believe that they have to die and go to heaven, in order to become His Son. But, we know that that isn’t true. Yes, MANY will step out of the physical body, and they will go right on learning while they are in the invisible realm. (Heb 11:40)

Then, there are some who believe that they are Sons of God, but, the “real” Sons of God haven’t manifested yet. I have taught on this. On my website is an article called “NOW, We ARE MANIFESTED SONS OF GOD.“(Rom 8:14, John 1:12, 1John 3:1-2, Gal. 4:6) For a short explanation:

We were brought forth from Father, as a Spirit Being. As I said above, we don’t know how long we were in this form. But, there came a time when each of us manifested in this physical realm. Did you get that? We MANIFESTED! We WERE His Sons even then. Put together the words, “manifested and sons” and what do you have? MANIFESTED SONS OF GOD. (this word “of”, means, “out from within.” We ARE manifested Sons of God NOW.

I don’t know how or where the belief that a manifested Son, will go around working miracles. (Rom 8:19-23) It doesn’t say that the Sons of God will walk around doing miracles. And some get mixed up with the “greater works.” It doesn’t say the manifested Sons will do greater works; it says “there be some who stand here and greater works, will they do.” You see, the greater works has been going on ever since Jesus was crucified. We need to get all this religious stuff out of us.

What greater work have we accomplished, (of course with the leading of Father)? Well, one of the most important works that we have accomplished, is KNOWING WHO WE ARE and KNOWING WHERE WE’RE HEADED. Folks, believe it or don’t, but the disciples did not know that they were God, or ONE with God. They didn’t even know that Jesus WAS GOD. The Son of God, yes, but not God. By us LISTENING TO GOD and learning that we are as ONE with Him as anyone will or has ever been. I would say that indeed, is GREATER! And remember, I am not saying that WE did it on our own, it was, just as it was with Jesus, THE FATHER DID IT! This may be a shock to a lot of people, but the Son did NOTHING!! It was the Father, THROUGH THE SON who did it all. We’ve made our idols and refuse to turn loose of them. But, turning loose of the idols that we’ve made, out of ignorance, is the ONLY way we will receive Father’s Truth.


IF we are God, who do we pray to?

Before we get into the answer, let me make clear what I mean when I say, “we are God”. Compare the natural with the spiritual. Our body is made up of trillions of cells. Each cell has a purpose and when the cells don’t do what they are supposed to, the body lets us know, that something isn’t right. Well, it’s the same with us being God. He IS THE HEAD. WE ARE THE CELLS THAT MAKE UP HIS BODY. Now, I don’t mean we are literal cells. This is an example.

But look at what happens when something is out of order in our body. Usually the first thing that happens, with the flu or colds, is that “a fever” says to the head, “hey something’s not right”. When we fall and fracture a bone, what happens. Swelling, aching, pain. They are saying to the head, “hey, I hurt”. What does the head do? It sends out messages to the brain that we had better go to the doctor or hospital and get X-RAYED.

It’s the same with praying. When God wants to do something, or go somewhere, or say something, THE HEAD sends out a message to the part of His Body, what He wants. When the Head and the Body is not in good working order, the body dies. NOT THE PERSON that lives in that body, but the flesh body. Then, the Body arrives in the invisible realm and learns how to be part of the Head as Its Body.

Being ONE WITH FATHER should be such a ONENESS that we do not need to perform the same tasks that we did at one time. HE KNOWS OUR THOUGHTS BEFORE WE EVEN ASK ANYTHING. But, there is a people that is/has come into the KNOWING that HIS THOUGHTS ARE out thoughts. The REAL us, not this physical body. This physical body simply follows directions. If we operate out of the carnal, the body steadily goes downhill; if Father is doing the operating, the body will be changed and not see death or anymore sickness. But, for Father to be the Operator, we MUST KNOW who we are. Not mere mortals, but in the Image of The God of all power; We HAVE ALL of Him in us. We need to spend more time INSIDE of these flesh bodies, that worrying about the outside of this flesh body. You say, why? Because that is where The Kingdom of God is at, inside these flesh bodies?

Now, I’d like to share, with you, some of the answers that I got from different people, on the subject, “Who Do We Pray TO?”


2) ” Prayer is just thought so with the mind of the One Man we are joined to the Head and with that joining all the members have one purpose in their prayer not scattered. So bringing heaven to earth is focused heavenly energy given to each member as his function plays out in the body.”

3) “Words are insufficient and confusing, aren’t they!

It was Father that willed/moved us to pray that prayer… else there would not been the prayer because there is only God. God is all there is. He said, many times… I am God, there is none else. Therefore…because HE moved us to pray HIS WILL, we ARE being ‘sorted’…and that which no longer ‘serves’ us IS being done away with.”

4) “Hi Linda, Through life’s experiences, I have learned that our Father has everything in control. Knowing this leaves me little to pray about. Although I am one of his divine creations “all that is created is created by God” and thus part of God, I am not God. So I have this blessed assurance of knowing He has everything in control. All I find I can do is thank Him and praise Him. I have learned that when I pray to pray for what I know He wants me to have. I have seen many prayers answered and found many not. The answered ones came when I was asking for what I knew in the spirit. The unanswered came when I was desperate and weak in spirit. I hope this helps.

5) “Linda, if this might be of interest to you. While a mission trip to the Philippines several years ago, the Holly Spirit witness with my spirit to be still and see his salvation at work, and so for three months not a prayer was uttered from my lips, and the great works was done. He received all the honor.”

6) “It has only been in this last year that I have crossed over to the other side (of thought) on the aspect of who I really am. So I guess I am at a childlike stage of learning anew and absorbing data on a new level. If anything I am more relaxed in myself and I don’t worry about a lot of things from my previous Passover/Pentecost theology. Praying? I find myself being extremely grateful and saying thank you to Father A LOT. I am intimately snuggling into Father, whispering intimacies to him. So if prayer is communication, this is how I am communicating to Him. Now, as far as communicating with Myself, I am telling me many of the same words that I have said in the past but now from a different perspective since I am growing into myself and who I am. Which aspects of Father are coming out of/through me that the world is groaning for the Divine to manifest? Music? Thoughts? Public speaking? His love? Being?”

7) “Hi Linda. Because I would be praying to myself, I don’t ‘pray’ anymore. Though, if someone asks for prayer, then I most certainly WILL pray for them… to the Father. The prayer is for their ears… for where they are in their understanding. So I use words they will ‘receive’. But in lieu of praying as I once did… about family, about situations, or my daily needs/desires etc… I learned a long time ago to say, ‘Handle it, Lord.’ And now knowing that I AM Lord… I ‘talk to mySelf’ and still say, ‘Handle it, Lord.’ Or ‘Help me with this.’ Or ‘Show me.’ Or ‘Give me the words to say.’ I do not say ‘why,’ ‘how,‘ or ‘direct’ other than by end result desired. A simple ‘Fix it.’ is often enough. Though I often hear myself saying, ‘Lord!‘ or ‘Lord?’ without any other word at all. It is wonder full, Linda.”

8) “Well… how about this. I don’t pray anymore… not in the sense that I used to. I kind of just have this inward knowing that everyone and everything is supposed to be exactly how it is even though it might not “appear” that way. I do though, carry an attitude with me at all times, that my purpose for being here and now is to bless creation and to help them know that this is also their purpose.”

9)  One person replied to Linda that they do not pray at all anymore. I believe that may be a transition period from traditional religion to reality. I came to a place where I did not know how to pray because I knew I could not go back to the old way. I read Micahel Molinas’s book, written in the 1600’s called THE SPIRITUAL GUIDE. I often go back to his book because it is teaching me how to meditate on the Christ within, wait upon Him, not looking for anything but just His presence. I have found that when I spend time there, things work out better, even though I have not received answers per say. We need to not throw out the baby with the bath water in our transition period. There is a place that I feel I have not come to yet, where I will do only what I see the Father doing, and say only what He is saying. In that place there is a time to use our authority and change those things around us, even the weather, healing the sick, emptying the hospitals and raising the dead. Jesus said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me… and then He changed the elements.”

10) “I don’t ever say that “I am God’ …I rather say “I am the divine substance” clearly no one is all of God….in this realm of separation hence the old English words seem appropriate “I pray thee” in addressing another person. If I am not all that God is then there really is no problem in praying to the rest of me is there? if I am in this consciousness… all that God is as me… still allows for God beyond my awareness…”

11) “Good morning that is indeed an interesting question: “If you are God then who do you pray to?” No matter which way you go with an answer it goes in a circle and comes right back to the same question. The answer I’m getting in is; there is only one God and we are each God individualized. Therefore we are all God the Father individualized. The one you pray to is God the Father and that is the corporate body of God which includes yourself. You’re not praying to yourself, the individualized God, but to the corporate God. Many of these things can be quite confusing. We are each the fullness of God, but we are each the fullness of God individualized, and yet we are all the One God. Almost blows your mind doesn’t it? I’ve been using the following example for many years. Look at an electrical power plant and see God the Father as that power plant. There are electrical wire going out from that plant to houses all over the state These wires are carrying electrical energy (God) to all these houses to light the house. You are the light of that house. One God, One electrical energy, One light, but many houses. (The houses are our individual physical bodies)”

12) “Dear One, I guess I don’t have answers, but am grappling with same questions. I think sometimes I sense the Father or the Son. I’m also asking my angels to tell me how to pray. In Genesis God said Let us, and He was talking to Sonship and Holy Spirit ,so I hear, so sometimes I just open my being to the All inclusive AM-ness, trying to escape labels. Other times, I just feel the need for Father, sometimes, I want to touch Jesus. Maybe it’s like natural relationships: sometimes, even as 58 year old, I want to talk to my mom. Sometimes husband is called for, sometimes daughter, sometimes friend.”

So, as we can see there are different thoughts about this question. All are at different levels of this journey that we are on, so we will not all be in agreement. One thing that we can see is that there is definitely a move of God moving among the Body. I mean no offense to anyone; For those who are in Sonship and believe that, that is as far as we go, they will go on praying to Father. To those who believe that we are still sinners, under Grace, the begging and pleading to Father, will continue. To those who have received the revelation that we are ONE WITH GOD, will allow the Head to lead the Body. When He leads, they will SPEAK in an answer to whatever the subject is about. They are learning to use the dominion that was given to them. Regardless of where anyone is, it is STILL HE that does the leading. And obedience must follow. We are learning what it will take to rule the world.

I would like to leave you with something to think about;




WHO DO WE PRAY TO, IF WE ARE GOD?  [Linda Keith] 12-21-05         1


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