And everyone knows He Is The Risen Savior.

He Is The Only Begotten Son of God, now risen. He Is The First Born of all men, Manifest Presence of God In Creation, or to say, He Is Visible God, smiling face to face among men.

He Is Love One to Another, accepting you as you truly are, knowing You As Father knows You.

Jesus has captured all men’s captivity, and has replaced it with Himself; Truth, Godliness; now Become The Righteousness of God In You. He Is The Sole Presence and Visibility of God, The Body of God. He Is The Real You, Made As One, Grace and Mercy Himself.

By His Word, He said He Is The Resurrection, and also The Truth and The Life; He Being The Only Truth and The Only Life. It Is sufficient for all men.

Now comes the day of awakening. Men have fallen on their faces in adoration, discovering the all encompassing mercy of God. Surely we recognize Him As He Is: Resurrection To All Men’s Minds and Bodies. This Is The Open Book, nothing held back, Door Wide Open, He Himself Uncovered. He Is The Clarity of The Mercies of God, The End of Men’s Sorrows. Judgment has been completed at the Cross, and The Light Has Risen. This Day He holds You in His arms and makes You to know Salvation Is Real. Surely He has restored all that was lost by Adam. It Is He Come In The Flesh. You now are aware that The New

 Heaven and Earth have descended and occupied Your space in eternity. This Is Christ In You, The Re-Appeared Remarkable Glory.

You recognize His Supreme and Only Authority, The Inner Lamb of

God, Secure, Privileged, Anointed, and Quickened by His Holy Inhabitment: Holy Ghost, Christ In You.

Now, here You Are, Gracious Anointed Lambkin of God, Heir of The Fullness of Christ. You Are A Mighty Whirring Power Become A Quiet Presence In Father’s Protected Garden. You Are Here To Do Only His Will. All is well in all This Holy Mountain.

You survey The Kingdom’s Scroll with delight. The Mercies of God Unfathomable, seeing nothing out of order. Everything Is Prepared For The King’s Glorified Life To Express His Own.

Eternally Now, Is Resurrection, Jesus Christ In You Ever Present; Ever Holy, and Ever Glorified. Now Is The Music of Heaven declaring He Is Come. Now Is Peace In Your Ever Awakened Habitation. Now The Eyes of Jesus Are Revealed through Your Christ Mind; Mercy, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, and Peace.

Our arms enfold You Dear One as we see You have escaped the darkness. ESCAPE is the word for He has said: “Come Unto Me.He Is Your New Heaven and New Earth for in The Spirit there is no place to lay Your head where He Is Not. There Is Nothing But His Spirit of Fullness, no not one. He, To You, Is All In All.

Dedicated to Awakened Love In The Name of Jesus.



WHO IS JESUS? [Jim-Melba Crofford] 9-8-05        1


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