NOVEMBER 4, 2005

The Treasure of His Presence in our hearts, like a gift box of Glory is evident; a Living, Vibrating, Quickening, The Warm and Close Comforter.

Impossible to measure, This Abundant Fullness of Love, right within, bursting forth, a Mighty River.

Worship? It Is Everything To Us Now. Death has removed every remaining substance of the old man of us, and now we flow unobstructed; The Mighty Mouth of The River, Clear and Open. We know He Is All We Need!

Worship? Yes. We dwell in our Home Within, and adore The Glory of His Way, Truth, and Life. We bow to The Brilliant Light of His Rainbow Face, and examine The Very Heart and Mind of The One Who Is Life. Humbly, we grace The Great Throne of Perfection; so quickened and alive Our Saturated Beings.

Hail, Mt. Zion, Thou Glorious City”; all things in place, all harmony seen; everything prepared.

Is there water from a rock? Yes, if necessary. Is there resurrection now? We are witnesses of It. Is This Peace? Yes. Is This Truth? Is This Jesus? Yes, Yes. Is This The New Man The New Creation? YES. It Is Salvation to the very limit; Utter Salvation, The Fullness of God Come In The Flesh, That Love Which Makes Perfect? It Is A Rising, A Flowing, A Burning within., A Song of Eternity. It Is The Now Commencement of Forever.

Love Is That Very Center of Life found in our own hearts; The Holy Ghost uncovering and revealing The Living Son Whom We Are.

In This Beautiful City Zion Found and Worshiped Within, One might ask, “Are there arms and legs and eyes and ears? ” Well, did Jesus have arms and legs and eyes and ears when He arose from the tomb? Was He Invisible Spirit, or was He touchable? He Was and Is God Man, Resurrected Savior and Manifestation of The Son, now Appearing The One and Only, As His Own. The Whole of What He Is, Is In The Son. It is written,“ As He Is, So Are We In This World ”. Every Atom of Creation is In Truth, Resurrected, and Made New, Quickened and filled By The Blood of The Lamb. Nothing is lost, for He Is Come and has restored everything that was lost in Adam.. We worship the Newness of The One Who Is Come To Be Our Life, recognizing There Is None Beside Him.

I Am right here, The Life of The Rose, The Butterfly, and The Oak Tree; The Same Life of All Creation, The Very Treasure Promised. I am The Whole of Your House, The Life I Am, Right Here And Now, Is The Treasure, Your Being; Right Within The Quickened Resurrected Center of You. Let every heart prepare Me room, and Heaven and nature sing.Now, bathe in the Crystal River of My Presence, and know all is yielded to The Saturation of My Holiness. You Are turned from lack and separation to Fullness, knowing I, Your King, Am Come, never to depart. Father’s Promise Is Manifested As I Am.”


To every one, delightful awakenings.

Daystar Love and Blessings


WHO IS THE ONE WE WORSHIP?   [Jim-Melba Crofford] 11-4-05          1


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