OCTOBER 14, 2001

I’ve just heard a powerful address via TV by a well-known minister in Georgia this morning.  He is speaking many of the things that are in my heart.  He has been used of God today  to cause re-evaluation of many things in my spirit.  He is currently the only man broadcasting on television that I have liberty to listen to.  That speaks volumes about the condition of the “organized church.” 

The importance of God moving me away from the “organized church” has impacted me in an even greater way this morning.  I’m realizing that the “religious devils” infiltrating the organized church are the same religious devils that deceive and control the false religions of the world.  And I remember that “likes attract” – or “birds of a feather, stick together” – or other popular phrases that speak truth concerning familiarity.  It is this familiarity or agreement that is the ingredient that brings people together to do good or evil.

In this case of dealing with religious spirits, “a little leven – levens the whole loaf.”  And we must separate ourselves completely to God and listen only to His voice in this time of exceeding trouble in our land and in the world.  It is not a time to accept whatever is spoken from a pulpit and act upon another man’s words.  It is time for a personal relationship with the God of Heaven and Earth – for hearing ears to receive only what He speaks… and for willing hearts to obey – to act upon whatever He directs. 

The people at Babel found they couldn’t do much in their own strength and power.  They had determined to build a tower so high that they could enter the heavenly realm under their own plan.  But God’s plan will not be deterred by anything man tries to accomplish.  God simply confused their languages – making their communication with each other near to impossible.  That should have been a graphic enough illustration to turn every man back to total dependence upon God Himself.  At least it did squelch their tower idea.  It should have shown them the futility of trying to accomplish anything without God’s direct input. 

But God’s Plan is steadily moving forward and by the process of time, His Plan is being accomplished.

In an attempt to relate what I’m saying to the events going on in our world today – I’m going to ask you give consideration to the possibility that Osama bin Laden and the Taliban may simply be instruments in the hands of God to waken America to a more accurate assessment of it’s present spiritual state.  I know that in recent weeks, I’ve heard more talk about God on a national level than I’ve heard in a very long time.  I’ve seen more people doing heart searches – checking out their own spiritual condition, showing more concern for their fellow men, showing more patriotism, and giving of their own personal resources more freely.  Don’t these responses appear to be evidence of a walk-up call that has touched many lives? 

While most Americans would have to agree that their perception of terrorist leaders like Osama bin Laden and political regimes like the Taliban that protect such terrorists are evil, in our way of thinking, we cannot deny that what has been meant for evil in our nation has been used by God for good.  God makes that promise to His children in [Gen 50:20.5]:

As for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, [as they are today].

Many people are searching for answers at this present time.  May the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon serve the useful purpose of a constant reminder that we all need – must have – a personal relationship with our God.  We must take the time to seek His face and listen for specific instructions before we take any step.  Independent action could produce death, but acting only led by the Spirit of God, is certain to bring forth His life.



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