Where Did Satan Come From?


This is a copy of a letter to a pastor who had questions on the origin of Satan, the devil. How did Satan get on this earth? Why is he here, and why doesn’t God get rid of him for our sakes? Is the devil so powerful that God has to fight him it an all out war with two thirds of the angels fighting for God, and one third against Him?

Is it true, as tradition says that it is not God’s fault that Satan is here? Is it true that God would not create anything bad, such as a devil or darkness or calamities? The Bible says be did.

Why is the devil on earth anyhow? Is there a purpose for him being here, or will God get rid of him as soon as He is able? What does Cod have in mind for eternity that makes it necessary for an opposing force of evil to war against the saints at this present time? Does this have anything to do with the destiny of the sons of God?

This brief paper was only an answer to a pastor’s question, and all the answers are not here. There was no attempt to fully answer all the questions, some of which have not been revealed by God yet.

If there is sufficient interest and response to this little paper, I will write a longer and more complete message on it later. I wait to hear from you. Is this the time of “tradition busting? I know there will be a great outcry from those who cannot turn loose of traditional views, no matter how weak they are. But Truth will prevail.

Now turn the page and read the letter to the pastor, and let the Word and the Spirit guide you.

Greetings in the wonderful Name of Jesus our Lord!

Thank you for your good letter, and the questions you asked about Satan are valid questions, in fact these are questions I had to ask myself when God began dealing with me regarding this matter.

My conclusions are built upon one strong foundation… that God is sovereign, that nothing happens outside His divine will and purpose, and that He does everything up front, nothing devious or deceitful. I don’t mean by that, of course, that sin, war, crime, etc are God’s will for us. But it is the will of God that man has the right to sin or be righteous, as he chooses Result.. sir,, war, crime, etc. .

So I had to ask some questions, which I will ask you – Did God create the devil, or did a holy angel (Satan) create the devil by rebelling and sinning? In Col 1:16, Eph 3:8-10, Eph 0:11-12, Isa 54:16-17, Isa 45:6-7, Cant 4:16 we read that God created principalities and powers, and that p and p are devils and rulers of the darkness. We find that God created t he waster to destroy, and Jesus said Satan comes to destroy. God does not excuse darkness and calamity by saying “the devil did it”, but God takes credit for creating darkness and evil.

Question: Did God WANT a bad devil on earth or not? If not, then God is not sovereign, is weak, and had to adjust His plans because of the intrusion. I cannot accept that answer. Could God get rid of the devil today? If God wanted to, could He destroy Satan today, yesterday, 2,000 years ago, or in the garden? Or is He unable to do that yet, but is trying, and will eventually win the battle (we hope)? He IS able, but has not done it, so I have to conclude that He still determines to leave Satan here for now. So we have to say that God wants a devil here. WHY He wants a devil here is another subject.

So if God wanted a devil on earth, how did He plan to get him? Was it to create a Holy Angel, make him an archangel, guardian of God’s holiness, choir leader of heaven, etc (modern theories), and then HOPE that he will someday fall into sin and become a tempter so that Adam can eventually be put to the test? Or did God PLAN for this Holy Angel to fall? Maybe to set him up? Or some other way to get a devil without creating one, so that He would not be blamed, therefore getting Himself a bad reputation?

Or did God just create a devil (a real “good” devil, as devils go) right up front, and take responsibility for it? The word of God tells us that this is exactly what He did. He created the world with opposites ... good and bad, joy – pain, light and darkness, up and down, positive and negative. And Satan was the negative force that mankind had to overcome to become like God. Man failed, so God sent Jesus, the positive force that redeemed us, and opened the door for us to become sons of God (John 1:12).

Man’s cop-out is: “If Satan was created sinless, living in a sinless heaven and still could not resist sin, with no one to tempt him, what chance do I have? Why should God judge poor me for falling? With all the temptations around, I don’t have a chance, its not my fault. The devil made me do it”.

God is not our tempter. But He says plainly in Deut 30 that He has set both good and bad before us, and that it is up to us to choose. In Isa. 45-7 it says that God creates “evil”, but that word does not mean sin, it means calamity, sorrow, etc. Sin is created when man rebels and will not walk in God’s way. God does not create sin, but He created the sinner. “Satan sinneth from the beginning”. Satan and sin is there for us to overcome by choosing God’s way.

As for God “sending” an evil spirit to do a job, please read II Thess 2:11, Judges 9:23, I Sam 18:10, Psa 78:49, and there are many others I will not weary you with. To try to explain those away in order to spare God’s reputation is not sound scriptural exegesis. And God does not need man to protect His reputation. He does what He wants to do, and does not have to explain anything to us.

As for Satan being the “Lucifer” (King James Version only) of Isa. 14 and Ezekiel 28, consider this… this being who fell was described as holy and beautiful and wise before he fell, and was described as being in the Garden of God, walking among the stones of fire, etc. Read Genesis account of creation, and find that the Garden was prepared for ADAM, not Satan, and that according to the “gap theory” (a foundation for the Holy Angel Lucifer theory), the Garden was not even created until after “Lucifer” was supposed to have fallen and become Satan. So Satan could not have walked in the Garden of God in a holy state, as per Ezek. Read the footnote on Isa. 14:12 in the Amplified Bible, as to why “Lucifer” is only in King James.

Well, there is much more. And the more I get into it, the more I am convinced that Satan was never holy, that God created him a devil from the beginning. I’m just glad I don’t have to defend the other position, as I am not able to bring myself to twist scripture around to fit my ideas. The only one I can see who fits, spiritually, the description in Isa. 14 and Ezek 28, is Adam… the one in the garden, and the corporate Adam (mankind) that proceeded from him. Read those two chapters in that light.

Brother, I feel your sincerity, and your questions do not offend me in the least. But nothing God has done, in creating a devil therefore setting up a situation where man would sin, resulting in a chaotic world, in any way reflects any damage to the nature of God. For He makes all things work together for good to those who are the called according to His purpose. To say that there are two strong opposing forces at war, and that God seems to be the stronger, therefore will win… is not the image of the God I know. All these things had to happen in order to get us beyond the innocence of Adam, and through Christ to the glory of God. The very worst thing I can think of is: What if there had never been a man called Jesus? But had there been no devil, therefore no sin, there would have been no need for a Savior. God’s plan is beautiful, we just don’t see it all yet…. God simply acts according to His divine will, plan, and purpose. He does not REACT because of some action taken by someone else outside of His control. Our God is in complete control. His wisdom is beyond our comprehension, so we “walk by faith” and not by sight. We do not understand why we have to have a devil on earth, but knowing that by God’s power we gain strength and maturity as we overcome the devil. There WAS a devil created, there was sin committed, therefore Jesus came as a Savior and became the Head of the Church, the King of the Kingdom of God, and we shall reign with Him forever! Glory to God!





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