KJV John 16:16: A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father.”

Below are Strong’s Concordance Numbers for the Greek words:

KJV John 16:16 A little while <3397>, and <2532> ye shall <2334> <0> not <3756> see <2334> (5719) me <3165>: and <2532> again <3825>, a little while <3397>, and <2532> ye shall see <3700> (5695) me <3165>, because <3754> I <1473> go <5217> (5719) to <4314> the Father <3962>.

G2334  qewre,w  theoreo  {theh-o-reh’-o}  from a  derivative of  2300  (perhaps by  add. of 3708);  TDNT –  5:315,706; v ¤ AV – see  40, behold  11, perceive  4, consider 1,  look on 1; 57 ¤ 1) to be a  spectator,  look at,  behold 1a) to  view  attentively,  take a view  of, survey  1a1) to view  mentally,  consider 2) to  see 2a) to  perceive with  the eyes, to  enjoy the  presence of  one 2b) to  discern,  descry 2c) to  ascertain,  find out by  seeing ¤ For  Synonyms  see entry  5848  Means to have EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE OF as Jesus ‘…shall never see death” (John 8:51)

G5719 Tense  – Present  (See 5774)  Voice – Active  (See 5784)  Mood –  Indicative  (See 5791)  Count – 3010  G3700  ovpta,nomai  optanomai  {op-tan’-om-ahee}  or o;ptomai  optomai  {op-tom-ahee} ¤ a (middle  voice)  prolonged  form of the  primary  (middle voice)  optomai  {op’-tom-ahee},  which is used  for it in  certain  tenses, and  both as  alternate of  3708; TDNT –  5:315,706; v ¤ AV – see  37, appear  17, look 2,  show (one’s)  self 1, being  seen 1; 58 ¤ 1) to look  at, behold 2)  to allow one’s  self to be  seen, to  appear  

G3708 o`ra,w  horao  {hor-ah’-o} ¤ properly, to  stare at [cf  3700]; TDNT –  5:315,706; v ¤ AV – see  51, take heed  5, behold 1,  perceive 1,  not tr 1; 59 ¤ 1) to see  with the eyes  2) to see with  the mind, to  perceive,  know 3) to  see, i.e.  become  acquainted  with by  experience,  to experience  4) to see, to  look to 4a) to  take heed,  beware 4b) to  care for, pay  heed to 5) I  was seen,  showed  myself,  appeared  G5695 Tense  – Future (See  5776) Voice –  Middle


The disciples were ‘spectators’ as the meaning suggests. They participated, experienced the son of God, Jesus who was God in the flesh. But Jesus tells them they shall not experience (qewre,w  theoreo) Him again in a like manner in this verse ( John 16:16).  But He does tell them He will be seen (ovpta,nomai optanomai ) by them just not in the same way.  The implication is they will see Him, as on the road to Emmaus or they shall see Him in their mind… But the Man Jesus will not be seen again… only the ascended Lord.














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