People often wonder why their “prayers” go unanswered. Jesus promised that, “Whatsoever you ask in my name, believing, it will be done” (period).

Millions of people pray for things every day and finish their prayers by mouthing the words, “in the name of Jesus amen” and still nothing happens. Why? The reason nothing happens is that the condition of the promise is not met. They simply don’t believe enough. Many people compound the problem by adding to “in the name of Jesus,” – “If it be Thy will.”

Are you open?

Why am I able to speak and pray with such authority and get results while others cannot? Because I never pray until and unless I know beyond any doubt, that the thing for which I am praying is God’s will. In other words I am nothing special… I just understand and operate within the system and therefore effectively bringing into existence on the physical plane what God has already decreed is His will from His realm in SPIRIT. So can you! Jesus said any individual who believes enough will do the same things he did and more. Why? Because the SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE does it and it is HER/HIS/ITS will to do it through you!

Before we go any further, one of the primary challenges in the healing power and spiritual healing aspect of this website – www.spiritualhealingsource.com – is making sure people don’t get hung up on what Brad Cullen is able to do. That isn’t the issue, but then again, it is. People who know me understand that the last thing I want to do is start a Brad Cullen, cult-like following, but if you will carefully re-read the foregoing paragraph, you will see the implied message that Brad Cullen can do things not many others can do UNTIL they have their own breakthrough.

One of the first considerations of this breakthrough is to remember that there is a system under which the spirit world operates and how it influences the physical plane – i.e., our lives on this planet.

The system is governed by principles or laws that must be understood and followed if we are going to operate in the authority that Jesus promised, that is, “I give you authority over all the works of the evil one.” The reason most folks don’t operate in the presence and power of I AM, healing diverse diseases, casting out demons, giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, raising the dead and so on, is they believe they cannot. Or, they ignore the law governing such things.

Boiled down to basics we can state the dynamics of the law in this way: Unless the conditions of the prevailing law are met, we have no authority to heal or do anything else on a “supernatural” level.

As an introduction to learning one of the important conditions …I am urging you, right now, to click on www.spiritualhealingsource.com read nothing, but rather go to the top menu bar and click on the “podcast” tab – then scroll down until you see Podcast 9 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – C – click on it and listen carefully and prayerfully to Ryan Bruce interviewing Brad Cullen.

Then what? That’s an individual thing.




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