Beloved, this great new dimension of splendor and awe in the Spirit demands a higher consciousness of Father in Christ than our previous walk. It is “Sure and steadfast (to all) which entereth into that within the veil, where the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus…” Heb. 6:19, 20  And this is the “treasure in earthen vessels” that we have now, even a New Covenant principle that our “Testator” left for us to possess in spirit.

Identification with the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” is being voiced by various ones in the body of Christ world wide. Rev.13:8. Christ is truth, He is the Alpha, and Omega-First and Last. He is the Word that never changes. And the illusions of our natural life may all be rearranged. So don’t look at things we can see and feel, they are only illusions with no true reality.

Jesus gave us a promise after His resurrection that we haven’t believed. We have been like the traditional church, and said that He meant it for the apostles. We read, “He breathed on them, and said unto them, receive the Holy Spirit. Whose so ever sins you remit, they are remitted unto them, and whose so ever sins you retain, they are retained.” Jn. 20:23

The problem is do we believe it? It has to be believed for it to work. There are people around the world who are believing this promise of Jesus, and they are doing as He instructed, and it is working. It has worked for me. About three years ago Elaine Cook told us about Henry Gruver, and his book, “Prayer Walker.” And how Henry walked all over the world praying as the Spirit led him. He went and goes into remote lands, and countries Remitting sins of Pagans of present times, and of the past. We got the book, and I tell you, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized at once, when Jesus says anything it is not just for the sake of gab, but reality from the Father.

This is the first thing that Jesus said to His disciples after He rose from the dead. “Receive the Holy Ghost and remit (forgive) sins.” Are believers aware of His instructions? Scripture tells us, “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them.” 2 Thes. 5:19.

Now beloved, if our Father is not “imputing sins,” why are the saints? Because of our lack of enlightenment in Father’s essence and nature. Bill Green, of Riverton, Utah, told us two weeks ago in Modesto: “We must quit making decisions with the five senses, we have the mind of Christ.” I concur to that.

When the body of Christ begins to remit sins, instead of “imputing their sins,” a change will come to the midst of thee, water running free around the trees of your city. “Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished (ceased), that her iniquity is pardoned.” Isa. 40:2

One other thing that is etched into my consciousness is: “Cease taking any thing personal.” Whether it is said or done in the negative.

Two and a half years ago I began remitting our son, Ron’s sins. Ron had always been like the Prodigal son. He lived for sensual pleasure, with no regard for his salvation, or anything spiritual. At the same time, Father had sent me to get my kids (grown now) who had went astray. And they came in, but Ron? WOW! Thank the Lord for His promises, sure and steadfast forever.

Ron had been an embarrassment to the family for half of his life. At family gatherings he would go into a rage over anything, and the language he used before rushing away in his car made the whole family glad he was gone.

Ron works for our son, Don who has a business in Modesto, and is older than Ron, and one day I got a call from Don, saying “Dad, Ron told me that he wants you to save him.” This was about two weeks after I had began remitting his sins, as Jesus said. I told Don that I couldn’t save him, but Jesus can. He had tried to get Ron to go to a nearby church to get saved, and Ron said, NO, I want dad to save me.

So here they came, and the Spirit moved like a mighty wave of love, and Ron wept and repented before us and the Lord, and His angelic hosts. And the prodigal son, Ron was ushered into the kingdom of God. It came by prayer and remitting his sins as Jesus had instructed. I praise my Father for His unconditional love, mercy and grace.

“Those whom he predestinated he also called, and whom he called, he also justified, and whom he justified, those he also glorified.” Rom. 8:30.  Another version reads like this: “And having chosen us, he called us to come to him, and when we came, he declared us “Not guilty,” filled us with Christ’s goodness, gave us right standing with himself, and promised us his glory.”

In Christ, invisible, “Clothed in honor and majesty, Who covers himself with light as with a garment. Ps. 104:1, 2 He has seated us in His throne astronomical, Eph.2;6, Rev.20:4. Here we reign with Him in Spirit, as we abandon our will to Him and the Spirit intercedes in and through us. We are CO-laborers with God our Father.

Beloved, to forgive in love is to “remit sin.” By not loving and forgiving is to “Retain.” I feel an urgency to write this after hearing from various ones from across the world. You forecaster’s of divine truth are actually experiencing secretly, and openly our once laughed at forecast’s.

Jesus said, “Me and my Father are one. He that has seen me has seen the Father.” John 14:9 “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.’ Oneness with the Father is a consciousness of being in Him, and He being in you. This is one’s entrance behind the veil into the holiest of all, by the blood of Jesus, and all things are transparent reality in spiritual illumination within.

Here “our heart is set a dancin’, and our feet are set dancin’ too.” Here we see all creation dancing and shouting for joy of its deliverance from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. We are the body of Christ, and each of us are a manifestation of Christ in human form, this we know beyond our natural senses.

Beloved, free all who have been bound and they are free and blessed.  Bless all, and “don’t take anything personal.” As you are conscious of union with Christ, you see yourself as a unique form of Christ, and as lovers. There you know you are perfect in spirit which is nothing but love without measure.  And we are not just called to a feast, we are become His feast for those who are hungry. 1 Cor.10:7, “We being many are one bread, and one body, for we are all partakers of that one bread.”

This is a new dimension where He lives as us, and we as Him, and are one with our Father in Christ.


Without a vital connection in Spirit on the higher plane of operation it is difficult to understand how our Father deals with His people on a non-physical plane. The principalities and powers of darkness are trying to hold onto their prisoners, but the mighty Christ is walking the earth in His many-membered body, to release the prisoners from their prison houses, even religious ones.

“Whose so ever sins you remit, shall be remitted” is on the threshold of becoming the “Order Of The Day” (military term). A new king-priest order has arisen with a brand new word, and with authority invested in them to “remit sins,” and “Loose on earth, as it is already loosed in heaven.” Matt. 16:19

This word is not written with ink on paper, but “written with the Spirit of the living God, not on tables of stone, but the tables of the heart.” Yes, “Manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ.” Which you are beloved.

The Father’s DNA is passed from His Son Jesus to the Corporate One. His DNA and all His divine substance is carried in the Word and spirit anointing spoken and written by you, His body. When He came to us, he brought all that He is with Him. By our being birthed from above, we became the essence and substance of what He is, in spirit. Being born again, not of corruptible, but of incorruptible seed, by the word of God which lives and abides for ever.” 1 Pet.1:23

As sons in the Son, we are given the same ability as Jesus the Pattern Son to speak Father’s word that removes mountains from before us. Jesus Christ took sin, poverty and sickness to the cross, and all that we lack was nailed there. They are the illusions of the soul mind. The soul (Eve) is attracted to the realm of sensation-delight to the eyes. is good for food, is (desired to make one wise). Sounds like the “harlot” of the book of Revelation, which is mans natural wisdom and knowledge. Her foundation must be the “five senses.”

A group of us met at Mel and Mary Spratley’s, in their home in the country, near Modesto about 6 weeks ago, and Jeanette, and Eric Olson, plus others were there, I told them that “making plans under sway of the five senses is now obsolete.” Several spoke there, and the substance of the gathering was so refreshing. Jeanette has such a beautiful booming voice, and her prophecies are fabulous.

“The mind of Christ” has prominence today. Beloved, the Father rejoices over you with great delight. You are “partakers of the divine nature.” 2 Pet. 1.4 Realizing our oneness with Him is the only way to fulfillment of our deepest longing and aspirations in life.

Here our consciousness is on a pure spiritual dimension, where awareness of Father is no mystery. This is utterly different, as we are compelled in the awesomeness of His presence to praise and worship Him. Seeing as He sees, leaves no lingering doubt that we were blind to spiritual reality. Our Father is sharing His secrets with His sons in this dimension of unfolding Himself within us. To forgive in love is to “Remit sin.”

Father is saying, “Arise, cross into the dimension of the “Promised Land” of supply, and plenty, it is within the veil, inside you. The anointing in this deeper depths of the Spirit within is transforming everything in its path. And the equation of that is: we walk in His power and anointing. And “all things are yours.” 1 Cor. 3:21, 22

We are next of kin to the Godhead, being in the Head, Who is Christ Jesus, whose dominion is over all principality and powers. Father reveals His deepest mysteries within the veil. In the “holy place,” Pentecost, He reveals by “Installment” 1 Cor.13:9. There “flesh wars against spirit, and spirit against flesh.” Here Father is our Booth. The “feast of Tabernacles” is feast of booths. Where Father tabernacles with man. Rev. 21:3

The holiest is present and available, and few are aware of it, while natural situations seem to go on as usual. 1 Pet. 3:4. The Father’s intents and purposes is beyond mens comprehension. Over the years we have had gatherings in our home, and one day as we were worshipping in the Spirit, I saw Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and hosts of un-known saints of bygone ages around the throne of God worshipping with us. And the words of Jesus came to me: “Many shall come from the east and the west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven.”

Matt.8:11. And beloved, there was a knowing that I know that the saints who have gone before us are not afar off, but near at hand. “We are surrounded with so great cloud of witnesses.”

Heb.12:1. Now I see the Lord calling out a new generation unto Himself, from among the “come outers.” There are new garments and seals coming to the body of Christ. There is a new presence of the Father in those arising into His likeness. He is quickening and transforming myriad’s of sons through the indwelling Spirit of truth.

We were born from above in Christ, free from all illusions of the flesh body that has no true spiritual reality. Even this body we live in is illusion that we walk through. All that remains is Christ the Son, we in Him, and He in us, the manymembered one. One must see Him in the Spirit, or never see Him.

For all the ecstasy and inner joy it brings, we are compelled of the Father’s all encompassing love to press nearer to Him. We have abundant joy in the inner courts of Abba, leaning our head on His breast knowing we are the one whom He loves. Here we are in the light of Him in whom is no darkness.

In Spirit we are beholding the mount Zion, city of the King celestial. In Spirit we are seated with Him in His throne celestial. Through the sovereign bidding of our Father, He has brought us into union with Him and we have access into the holiest. He is the “holiest of all” within. “In him we live and move and have our being.”

Father is enthusiastically extravagant with His love. His abundant grace enlightens us to receive all that He is. He has made us partakers of His great kingdom of love. And every negative and repulsive force is now bowing and shall continue to bow to the celestial light rays of Jesus resurrection life. This energy liberating process in us is an almighty incorruptible barrier to all that is mortal and corruptible. Father’s divine substance within us is an almighty force driving antagonistic forces to the very nucleus of their origin for elimination.

The Lord is being more glorified in His saints, and the illuminate Father’s searchlight is present to uncover any thief and robber’s works of darkness, by discernment He has invested in us, along with the gift of the word of knowledge... to the extent of consciousness of being swallowed up and immersed in Him. We are realizing the fullness of the purpose of making us in His likeness, and birthing and maturity of full sonship.

Beloved, we are Christ Jesus bright clouds filled with gold and silver rain, exuding the more sure syndrome of Father’s personality. Thus we are not having to make a pilgrimage to a holy shrine or place to pray better. John 4:24. His presence is with us where ever we are whether in this city, or that. We know our Father the Creator is everywhere. Some suggest that He is THERE, at a certain counsel. The Jews suggested that He was in Jerusalem, at the temple.

Methinks that he is as much here with me now, as He will be tonight in the service where my son, Don pastor’s. Yes, I know He will be there too, but is he greater in one place than another? I have an uncle in Sacramento, who goes to Israel every October for their Jewish festivals. And he has gone there for at least 24 years thinking it is more holy there than here.

“God is Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

We have restricted ourselves to certain sacred times and holy places of our choosing, rather than being conscious of His presence here and now. One woman said, “I can’t really worship God unless I am in a church with stain glass windows.” So we have been of a mentality of being more spiritual in places, or on occasions. Jesus said, worship the Father, not on any certain mountain, or what we think is a holy city, but worship Him in spirit and in truth.

We have come to the hour of receiving the impossible in this great explosion of this new spiritual nuclear fission. Beloved, those precious wine skins of religion involving the repetition of formal prayers, performing many varied sacraments, keeping feast days of tradition, priority being given to forms of religion, most men want to function in and understand the Father without waiting before Him for that built in imparted spiritual electricity. Thus, having not this vital connection with the Holy Spirit personally on a higher plane of operation, it is impossible to understand his dealing with us in the celestial dimension while standing on terra firma.

Father’s embrace has taken me, spirit, soul and body into captivity to Himself. Oh, my Father, how can this be? I love the warmth of His embrace. And beloved, (as Eric Olson said), We don’t volunteer into His kingdom of our own will, we were conscripted into it by Father’s sovereign will.” Not by force, it was His love that is irresistible. He says to us: “Whose so ever sins you remit, they are remitted unto them.”  “Love covers a multitude of sins.” Loving is forgiving. “God is love.” Father is vastly incomprehensible, without bounds. We who walk with the Father of lights are liberally given His spiritual treasures now.

Our daily walk and talk is the manifestation of Christ. We don’t draw any attention to ourselves, only Him. We speak our own environment into existence by the words we speak. It should be Christ’s glory through His radiance emanating out from us. Thus expressing, manifesting, enhancing and glorifying Him.

Beloved, continue to rise in Him in His vast appearing. His love in you is becoming so great that you will invite and accept His presence in the way He is resurrecting you and manifesting Himself. Shout for joy beloved, you are born from above, and we set creation free by remitting sins, not imputing them. “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them. and has committed unto us the word of reconciliation.” 2 Cor. 5:19

Love and hugs,


WHOSE SO EVER SINS YOU REMIT, THEY ARE REMITTED, Parts 1-2   [Scott Paris]          1


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