(1 John 3:8-10) He who commits sin is of the devil; for the devil sins from the beginning. He was not a good angel and fell. There is no truth in him. (John, Ch. 8) The son appears to destroy the works of the devil. His works. In Eve it was unbelief. As God said, God knows the day you eat your eyes will be opened. You will be as gods, knowing good and evil. These are all lies. God said none of these things to Adam or Eve. This was total unbelief. John also teaches the devil is the liar and the father of it. (vs 9) “No one born of God commits sin. He cannot sin-because he is born of God.” Will this arouse unbelief? Or faith? (vs.10)  By this we know who are the children of God and who are the children of the devil. Adam and Eve? All his descendents? All Israel is out of Adam as well as all the nations. Adam was but a figure of the man to come. Is all a figure until Christ comes? 


Christ Jesus is the truth. The reality. John wrote of those opposing Jesus. Jesus said they were of their father-the devil. Children of the lie. Jesus words to Peter were -get thee behind me satan. You are disposed to that of man not God. (Matt.16, John 8:44) Jesus also said - “did I not chose 12 and one of you is a devil?” (John 6:7) Is this fact of two fathers and two generations of children with us today? Do the children of the devil know they are born of a lie? Do they know who are the sons of God? How could they know-when walking in darkness? They are unable to discern between a Baptist, a Lutheran, a Pentecostal or anyone confessing to be a Christian and a Son of God. 


Will a son follow these doctrines and organizations? Jesus said-my sheep follow me, another they will not follow. I know my sheep and I give them life. One who walks in truth will not follow these leaders. Many teach Jesus will come at some unknown time and lead them. Who do they follow until Jesus arrives? That is any wind of doctrine that scatters them into these and other denominations.


God chose Abrahams seed out of Sarah not Hagar. This is a chosen people. Not in Christ - in flesh. This produced a separation, Gentiles and Israel. Those having circumcision and those without. Christ Jesus as the word made flesh… came to take away this separation. (Eph.Ch.3) He created in himself one new humanity and to reconcile both to God in one body. A new creation in Christ Jesus. (vs.35) Paul tells us this has been a mystery. Unveiled to him. Other generations of men had no revelation of this secret plan. 


This truth now comes to Paul in the spirit of truth. This - a new operation of God in the son. Jesus brings to birth a new humanity - A truthful image of God - The image of Christ. In Christ there is no Jew or Gentile, man or woman, bond or free. They are all one in Christ Jesus. The words of judgment and death continue in those who do not embrace the truth in Christ. In the son - God is father and one is free from the old mankind. Knowing this truth - one is made free from the one who manifests the lie - The old humanity. 


Now this question… What in God’s program is there for the old man… he one who manifests wrong images of God and the son and man? Cannot obey the law and will not produce glory to God. They are not his children. The flesh returns to the earth from where it was taken. To retain this soul of man is to destroy it. If the old humanity had any future use - then why the new? The new was planted in this corruption. 


Christ is the first-fruits out of the old… Then the believer… Then the consummation of what came before... There is a new creation in Christ Jesus.  Behold all things have become new. When this earthy tabernacle we dwell in is destroyed (not changed) we have a building of God eternal in the heavens. Jesus is the living stone the builders rejected. In the report of Adam and Eve we find no repentance. There were excuses and blame. No one said - “I am sorry.” Repentance is preached by Jesus as a constant... a state of being… a demand placed on the churches in John’s revelation. The old man cannot receive, by faith, any of spirit’s truth. Man has no such faith. Faith comes in hearing the spirit of truth… then faith… the faith that is in Christ Jesus.



WHY A NEW MAN? [Lloyd Ellefson]  12-7-04        1

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