WHY in the NAME of JESUS?


MARCH 23, 2006

This Name is the center of my life’s story. It is the laughter of every cell of my new body; the breath I breathe.

The Name of Jesus is my rest at night and my awakening each morning. It is my Present, my Future and my Song of Songs; The Very Cement of Mind to Body. Behold It Is The Clinging to Life in Joy and Peace.

The Name of Jesus is the map of my comings and goings; my righteousness, my grace and my pillow. It is my friend indeed. It is my beginning and ending, Alpha and Omega; where I commence and where I AM.

This awesome Name is the signet of my hand, the lasso of my work, and the heart of my love and thoughts. I know it to Be The Center and All of My Being; My Complete Security. I shall not be afraid!

I say “Jesus,” and my eyes light up; the trees bow. I say “Jesus”, and I am snatched from disaster.

I have risen in His Name, received His Presence; bathed in His Fullness. How sweet This Communion IS.

He Is a Perfect Rainbow over your head. His Name Is The Beauty of Your Face, The Smile of Your Love. His Name Is un-packageable and unexplainable. It Is Vibrating Life; The Invisible Appearing of Heaven. It’s completeness Is unspeakable.

His Name Is You, Quickened, Made Alive, Come Again In Re-birth. It Is The Great New Creature, New Creation, The All in All. It Is Heaven Today and Now; not a far off place at a far off time.

In The Name of Jesus, We Are Come Again. When you think or move or act or speak in The Name of Jesus, You Are As The Only Son of God, manifesting The Glory of That Which He Is. It Is That Which He Accomplished for Creation at The Cross; “The Finished Work” for Which He Had Been Assigned By The Father. In His Name, you discover everything snaps into perfect order in view of your awakened Spirit. You discover in great clarity, the unlimited measures of His Free Gift called Salvation. Therefore, it is given that ” Whatsoever you shall ask in My Name, shall be done unto you.” Because: His need is your need, it was prepared before the foundation of this new world.

We walk on together in LOVE,



WHY IN THE NAME OF JESUS?  [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-23-06          1


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