JULY 1, 1999

Notes from Rudy Jones:


Introduction: The word “Remember and “Remembered” and “Remembrance” are from the same Hebrew word as “Memorial.”


The word “remember” in Hebrew is zakar or zkr (Every Hebrew word can be reduced to 3 letters and every word at the root form is a verb.) In Strongs Concordance its number is #2142 and refers also to #2145.


#2142 zkr means - “to mark (so as to be recognized), to mention, to be male, remember - to bring or call back - to think on.


The word “Remembrance” in Webster’s Dictionary means “to think of a person, an event, or an occasion again.”


The Prefix “re” indicates a stored memory revisited; re-call, re-store, re-main, etc. (re cover - re arrange - re live - re petition)


Jesus said, “When the Spirit of Truth is come, he will call to your remembrance the things I taught you in the beginning.” (John 1:4)


The LORD God said, “Put me in remembrance; let us plead together.” (Isa. 43:26)


Exodus 2:24, “And God remembered His covenant with Abraham.”


You cannot restore or recover or replace something unless it once was. Right?


Jesus did not say that you must be generated. He did say, “You must be re-generated”; translated “born again.” My literal translation of His point to Nicodemus: “You must remember your birth (from) above.” Your generation is above in Jesus Christ.


One dependable fact: God’s word never changes. Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning”... The literal Hebrew for these words is, “In the RaSheath”; (by interpretation), “in the Headship Company. RaSheath means  headship, or leading group. The meaning of this Hebrew word has nothing to do with a point in time. RaSheath is a spiritual group.


John’s gospel, chapter one, “In the beginning”... {In the headship company} was the Word... and the Word became flesh.” (the Word was manifest as Jesus) The Word? The Christ Covenant!


Jesus (Yeshua) was the Head of the Headship Company. He was the Captain of the Salvation Ministry. He was the first born among many brethren.


Remember? The Holy Spirit, the spirit life of Christ, The Holy Anointing of the Father (the Anointer) will call to the remembrance, in the anointed - what His instruction was to His Priestly Body in the “ Beginning” (in His body of Priestly brethren) - Also called “the first fruits company; the Melchizedek Company or Order. (John 14:26, 15:27)


Note: There is an Anointer, Our Father

          There is an Anointing, His Holy Spirit

There is an Anointed, Christ’s (in you and as you)

Galatians 3:29 - The corporate body.


Who you thought you were, was crucified with Him - with Him because you always were part of him - chosen in Him from the foundation of the world. (Eph. 1:4) Who you are is His visible, physical resurrected body. And the life you now live in the flesh (the Word has become flesh in you) is lived by the faith of the One who loved you and gave Himself for you - in order to give Himself to you - so that you can be, on the earth, what He is in heaven. (1 John 4:17) 


That was the Plan, remember? It was all written in the volume of the book, in the book of remembrance - Malachi 3.


God said, “When I heard the cries of my people Israel {because of their Egyptian torment} I remembered my covenant with Abraham.”


How could God forget?


We should be exceedingly glad that our Father has within Himself the capacity to forget! “He will remember sin no more”!


But how, we ask, could He not remember Abraham?


Oh my friend --- it is the strength of Blood Covenant, “ the beriyth”.


God’s blood covenant is so based on total commitment - for total commitment is the only commitment He knows - there is NO half heartedness - He so made Himself One with Abraham that He was completely limited in Abraham and Abraham’s seed - that He could not enact His covenant promises unless and until they “put Him in(to) remembrance.


400 years after the God/Abraham Blood Covenant, Amrom and Yocebel in Egypt gave birth to a very special little boy, Moses (named by the princess of Egypt). When his parents saw the unusually attractive baby, they remembered God’s promise to Abraham; “after 400 years I will bring your descendants out of bondage.” Can’t you just see Amrom and Yocabel calculating the time. (Gen. 15:14)


When they remembered - the power of the Oneness Beriyth, the Blood Covenant - allowed God to remember and to put into operation His promise to Abraham.


“Beriyth” = (He in them - they in Him)

What is effective prayer, of a righteous person? It is calling to His remembrance His Covenant promises!


Can you relate to why I say, “One of the most remarkable words given to us is - remember”?














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