The Real Location of Heaven and Earth was written as the first of a series which began with the premise that Heaven and Earth are spiritual locations not literal locations. These two locations are found within the believer.

From the Wilderness to the Promised Land, the booklet you are holding in your hand, is written as a second in the series. Its premise is that the desert, wilderness, is not a literal place, but rather a spiritual place found in the believer.

Those who are in the leadership role, the “Moses” company, have already been through the desert or wilderness experience. They know how to lead the people through such an experience. These are known as the sons of God. (Romans 8:19-20)



The Hebrew people left their heaven, their Canaan land to sojourn in Egypt, the land of the earth that carnal mental realm. It was while residing in Egypt (the land of the flesh) and still enjoying the blessings of the Spirit that their spirituality was stolen from them. The desires of the flesh ensnared them to such a degree that even when they left Egypt they cried for the fleshpots of Egypt! They became slaves of the very earth wherein they thought they had freedom. Spiritual liberty can lead to license and license WILL lead to bondage.

These people having realized that the flesh had caught them cried for deliverance. They cried out because they realized that their faith had been an EXTERNAL one for them. It was a legalistic, natural faith in God that made them realize that they were an earth (themselves) VOID of life. They found that the carnal mind, although it acts spiritual, is void of life itself.

What trauma each saint can go through in order to come to the realization that the life of God is not an experience, a healing, a goose-bump, a good doctrine, or even believing that they are so spiritual as to proclaim they are god. ALL religious activity is from the carnal mind. How Paul chastised the Corinthian church for having gifts and being yet carnal, although they were quite religious.

Some have finally come to understand that it is time, high time, to leave the old heaven and earth. Realizing what the new heaven and earth is, the next step in development is that of removing, plucking up, digging out and plowing that which has produced death. Growth in the NEW heavens and the NEW earth is a new path for one who has come into union with God.

We know that only one other man was greater than the stature of Moses in all the Scriptures (Deut. 18:15-18), that man was Jesus. It takes Christ to deliver us from the old heavens and the old earth into the new heavens and the new earth. Moses, a type of Christ, led the people out of Egypt into a SPIRITUAL REALM. For 40 (FORTY) years Moses taught them the Spiritual truths, before it could be manifested in a NEW earth (Canaan).

Who can deliver us from this body of death? (2 Corinthians 1:10) For we no longer reside, dwell or make our home in Adam, but are bound in the carcass of him! Who can deliver us? Moses! (Jesus our ascended Lord). The realm of life is first a spiritual place. It is a realm that has to be obtained in the ethereal before it can be made manifest in the flesh. Until a people were prepared to enter Canaan, the promised land, there was no entering in. In fact, all those who saw the need of a new heavens and new earth and even began the walk IN CHRIST all DIED in the wilderness because they did not bloom.

Moses(Christ) was led of the Spirit into the desert. (Matthew 4:1) Catch that thought – LED OF THE SPIRIT into the desert. He was led to be tempted. It was not to see if He would fail BUT RATHER SEE WHO HE REALLY WAS. He was a son who could not fail. Many who enter the realm of the Spirit, enter into Christ who is in them and thus fulfill Galatians 2:20, but do not continue in the faith. Paul says they are bewitched. (Galatians 3:1)

Bewitched by what? They remember the fleshpots of Egypt. They remember the leeks and meats of forbidden fruit while on the walk of true faith wherein there is no road map, no rest stops. they are snared, and as Scripture says, those who have partaken of deeper things and who were SERVANTS of God are now cast into OUTER DARKNESS (further out than the unsaved! The unsaved are only in darkness.). Only those who were under the age of 20 entered into the Promised Land, save for TWO. Only TWO out of 600,000 men, about 600,000 women, 300,000 children and foreigners that came with them.

Seeing and possessing are two different things. There is an exodus going on. People are leaving the old man, that Adamic, that carnal nature. In their zeal to be like Christ, who they proclaim they are, they fail to realize that an exodus from the old nature does not make one the anointed. The Promised Land reveals it. There is a continuous walk of being in Christ that requires no response. It is a walk of silence in the presence of knowing who you are which is only broken on occasion by God speaking to you concerning your walk. As a young man walking with my father along the road, we would speak infrequently but yet would communicate in a great depth by sharing of the walk, the sights seen together, the occasional word etc. Such is the walk of Christ.

Those who have left the old religious way have entered into a new walk that is different. To feel safe, old ways are tried in the new walk because it worked before. But this time the old ways do not work. The wilderness experience proves that to us. For it is Christ in us, doing His good will and pleasure. The Amplified Bible states in Proverbs 16:3 that OUR THOUGHTS BECOME HIS WILL. He does not make us robots when we are conformed to His will but rather as we walk in the desert, our mind is renewed to His will (Romans 12:2) and our thoughts become molded to His ways. Thus, the things we suffer (1 Peter 4:19) according to His will while in the desert are to make void the old ways in order to train us in the new.

Moses led the people out of Egypt, out of the flesh realm, just as the Spirit of Christ leads us into the wilderness so that we might see our nakedness, our void, our non-production, that we would be clothed upon while in the desert into the very nature of who He is. THE PURPOSE OF THE DESERT AND THE EXODUS IS TO CAUSE US TO BLOOM. Only when we see we are in Christ, baptized by the cloud and the sea (1 Corinthians 10:1), and we realize that we need his covering can we begin to manifest the Christ. It is He who is in us. It is He working His good pleasure. And it is He, the incorruptible seed who is coming forth.

Christ leads us as Moses led the people. Christ leads us into the depths of the desert. Three years Paul spent in the desert learning at the very hands of God. He came forth a new creation man who was totally inChristed. His radical statements have been incorporated into the very canon of Scriptures. Consider Galatians 1:16, 2:20, 4:14 etc. The very barrenness of the desert is the revelation of the new earth.

The new earth is barren to anything of the flesh. “Sing O barren, you who have not borne! Break forth into singing and cry aloud, You who have not travailed with child! For more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married woman. (Isaiah 54:1) The very fruit of the one who has left Egypt is greater than the fruit of the one who produced in Egypt.

Those who settle for the experience of salvation (feast of Passover) and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (feast of Pentecost) eat meat that will not produce life of the Promised Land. It is the feast of Tabernacles that produces life on a higher plane. Those who have entered into union with God establish the revelation of Tabernacles.

While in the desert the people who left Egypt encountered some obstacles. They had a vision of something better, yet not fully knowing what it was. Each time a trial was brought forth unto them, they failed. They fell back on the knowledge of the old order, the old ways. Their failure was due to their lack of three Scriptures – Romans 12:2, 1 Peter 4:19 and Proverbs 16:3. They were to renew their minds so that their thoughts would become like God’s thoughts, and they were to suffer trials while doing good.

Why did God uses Moses to bring water out of the rock? Ah, we have been taught and true enough, that the rock was Christ. (1 Corinthians 10) But it has a far deeper meaning than a type or shadow of Jesus.

In the deserts are rocks, many rocks. Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4) could have turned many rocks into bread to eat on the natural plane. But Jesus responded that He had bread to eat that was of a spiritual plane. Each rock, whether THE rock or a rock is a means of life. The rock in the wilderness brought life to the Israelites. The rock which is within each of us, a chip off the rock Himself, brings us life. So then, the rock in the wilderness, in the desert, that was found in Jesus’ trial is the same rock that is found in our trial of us as we grow in Christ. As Daniel says there is a rock that grows and slays the Babylonish image (Daniel 2:34); it is the Christ in us slaying the adamic nature.

Life issues forth out of that which is dead – like a rock in a desert. For the only life is Christ. True life is barren to the earth plane. With all appearances that rock looked dead. It seemed to have no life. Yet, when called upon it broke forth with water, life. Is this not the fulfilling of Isaiah 54:1? Christ appears with life when all appears to be void of life. Can there be water in the desert? YES. It comes from WITHIN and not without.

“And they thirsted NOT when He led them through the deserts; He caused the waters to flow out of the rock for them; He clave the rock also, and the waters gushed out. (Isaiah 48:21) Psalms 28:4 states “give them according to their deeds, and according to their wickedness of their endeavors; give them after the work of their hands; render to them their desert. (Hebrew for recompense, dealing, benefit).

Even though God gave them life in the desert, they were not able to understand what God was trying to accomplish. They failed to comprehend the dealings of God and finally as God states in Psalms, He had to give them over to the desert – they had to die there. As a people they were not able to separate the true spiritual walk from the old ways of religion that came with them from Egypt. Their desires were for the outward show of religion, that is, being religious in nature. Egypt appeared lush to them compared to the desert they were in. They failed to grasp the depth that God was working in their inner man.

“For behold, I will do a NEW thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. (Isa.43:19) But in this day, 1992, God has a people who are a spiritual people and understand that the desert is no more. These people live in Him and know the inner man will cause the desert to bloom! They are in touch with Him who is Life and have their being in Him. Thus, the outer desert, that body, which appears to be void of life IS NOT. There is a river in the desert that shall come forth and now is trickling from a well within that is full of His Life.

It breaks forth in the desert because the union with God cannot be held solely by one person but must be revealed. Life cannot be contained but has to be given away in order to produce more life. Thus, where the Hebrews failed to see spiritually what was going on naturally, today we find some who know what is going on naturally and therefore can see spiritually.

“…Shall ye not know it?…” Of course, we shall know what He is doing because this time we are one with Him. We know His way, yet as we traverse through the desert we are not concerned because of the life that has been placed in us. We live in Him and the desert has no effect on us. We have become His will. We do not live in the outer man but in the inner man and are identified with Him. We no longer look on the natural, but have our spiritual eyes focused on that which is spiritual. (2 Corinthians 4:18) No longer confused by circumstances or His situations the saints realize that union makes all things life.

Those who do not understand union, cry out in the trials. They are weary and collapse from the effort to maintain their faith while going through such fiery trials. But my friends, we know that those conformed to His image are not touched nor concerned about the fire. They are active in the presence of God, even as the men were in the fiery furnace.

The desert is not a place to be scorned and fall away from as it is beheld, but rather is to be understood as the LAST frontier. The body is the last thing to be changed. Those who have entered into the new heavens, the new mind, that mind of Christ, are now but walking through the wilderness so that it might provide the affirmation of who they are. The desert shows us who we are – either Adam or Christ. How do you fare? If you are in Adam the desert is a terror. But if you are in Christ it is a trial that is overcome by the testimony of your life in God.

Christ conquered the wilderness. Moses led the Hebrews three days journey out into the wilderness. (Ex.8:27, 15:22) Three days without water. Nothing on the natural plane. Did they rejoice at His keeping them? No. They still had in them the desire for the Egyptian ways. Their mind was still carnal. The people did not call on the inner man. They relied on the outer man to help them. How often when God is leading His people into a new area they cry out – where is that old time Pentecost power? Where are the goose-bumps? Is it not because the people look back from the plow? No bread they cried. (Ex.16:3) No God, they felt. So they made a god with the leadership of Aaron – that five-fold ministry of the church order that seeks its own way above the way of the kingdom. The priesthood of Aaron seeks its own recognition like the Nicolaitans! But the ministry of the Melchizedec priesthood seeks a higher order.

The people of Israel were tempted/tried in the same manner as Jesus was in Matthew 4. In each case they failed to pass the test. They failed 1 John 2:16. The lust of the eyes, the pride of life and the lust of the flesh, all were trials that the carnal man fails. But the INCHRISTED is more than a conqueror.

Leaving the realm of the carnal religious mind (Egypt) is not a quick step of perfection. It took Moses 40 years to UNlearn all that was not righteous in Egypt. The walk in the desert is to make us aware that we are not to depend on the flesh or the carnal mind to sustain us. Knowledge makes us look big (1 Corinthians 8:1) but it is a close loving relationship with God that makes us mature.

Ezekiel 7:27 states “…and the hands of the people of the land shall be troubled; I will do unto them after their way, the Egyptian way, and according to their deserts will I judge them…” People who do THEIR way, the Egyptian way, the way of the flesh, the way of the carnal mind will be judged by God according to their deserts (Hebrew meaning place of judgment, measure of or custom of judgment). Here then is a cause of concern. The way of the flesh is judged in the desert. Jesus showed in Matthew 4 that He had already judged his flesh and had focused on the life and thus could not be touched by Satan. The carnal mind is removed in the desert in order that the mind of Christ might be revealed.

The desert does not allow the carnal mind to produce. The only thing that can produce in the desert is life itself. Have you wondered where the revival of the late 1960’s went? Have you wondered why there are not healings and deliverances etc. on the scope of the past? God is establishing the order of the kingdom, and in that order of the new heavens and the new earth there can no longer be any carnality nor flesh. The realm of Pentecost is filled with flesh. It is being removed.

Those who are moving in the new order find it is a desert to the things of the flesh because God is revealing the life. Do not look at the desert, look at the life coming forth in the desert …”for in the wilderness waters shall break out, and streams in the desert…(Isaiah 35:6) If you have read Genesis 16:7 you find that Hagar and Ishmael were fed by the fountains in the wilderness. Those who are in Christ always feed those on the lower plane. The people who have not the vision are sustained by the life of those who have the vision. Moses kept the people going for forty years.


“The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?”

Sinners in Zion. Zion is in Jerusalem which is in Israel. Three levels of the saint – Israel (Passover or salvation), Jerusalem (Pentecost or the baptism of the Spirit) and Zion (Tabernacles or the fullness). Thus, the sinners in Zion represent those pressing for the fullness of God who have sin working in their lives.

Who can dwell, that is live or make their home in the fires? Those who walk uprightly before God can. The fires does not touch them, even as it did not touch the three in the fiery furnace. Leviticus 23 states that if we do not afflict our soul (adamic nature) we shall be cut off. (vs.26-28) Adam must be removed in the time of Tabernacles. The purpose of the desert with the Israelites is to remove the adamic nature before they cross over into the Promised Land. Tabernacles is an internal experience that needs to be made manifest from the inside out

All of the plagues that were placed upon Egypt were done so because each plague was an attack upon a pagan god. This interesting point has significance in the life of the Christian as well. for it seems that the Hebrew people were also a part of the first three plagues out of the ten. This means that the people were indirectly worshipping pagan ideas, gods, etc. when they were still called the people of God.

The Hebrew people had not succumbed to the ten gods of Egypt but had fallen under the influence of three. Jehovah saw that it was time to remove His people from Egypt because of their spiritual state of corruption. The purpose of the Exodus and the time in the wilderness was to remove out of their consciousness the three ‘gods” of Egypt which the people were worshipping indirectly.

These Israelites who were in Egypt needed deliverance because their flesh was slowly eating away at their spirituality. The idea that the three plagues were on the Israelites shows the problem of their spirituality. The first three plagues were those of water to blood, frogs and flies.

In Exodus 7:14-24 we find the story about the water turning into blood. The Nile River was a sacred place to the Egyptians. The river had a consortium of gods. Since the area surrounding the Nile was desert, the Nile was looked upon as the means of life and actually worshipped as a source of life. Eventually, this sort of understanding led to man-made gods from the river.

It is important to note that the Egyptians could imitate the work that Moses did (turning the water into blood) BUT they could not UNDO it. The proof of the power of God is evident in that He can be copied, but not matched. The water was blood for seven days. Seven being the number of completion and a proof to the Egyptians that life comes not out of the water but out of the shed blood of Christ! It was in one sense a type and shadow of Christ, but in another it showed that the earth, which had blood spilled on it with the death of Abel, was casting up blood because of the blood shed into it (even as the earth cried out in Genesis 4:10).

God was trying to show to the Israelites that dependency on the natural was guaranteeing a failure on the spiritual. They had lived so long on the life of the natural plane at the expense of the spiritual, that their natural life had become a slavery to them rather than a reward which they had received.

All ten plagues were done by God to thwart the assumption of pagan gods. Each plague was to remove from the Egyptians, as well as the Israelites, the dependency on the flesh. The purpose of each plague was so that the Egyptians and the Israelites would know that God was God and not a god.

Hapi was the main Nile River god. It was a god of fertility. Here was a god that expressed the idea of life on the natural plane. By all appearances such was the case. Hapi was painted as a man with a water pot. Some say he was in the form of Aquarius. Sometimes he was depicted as a man with “pendulous female breasts” to represent fertility. He also was the caretaker of the small intestines.

The second plague was that of frogs. Hek/qet was the frogheaded goddess of fruitfulness. Thus, Jehovah was setting the scene to show that such pagan philosophies of religion would not be able to be fruitful. Ptha, another name for Hek, is stated to have emerged from an egg laid by the “chaos geese” which came from the mouth of the Amenkneph (form of a man with a ram’s head, from his mouth the perfect serpent, lord of truth emerged) {pg 1299 volume 2 Dictionary of Mythology Folklore and Symbols}.

So, Israel was involved with a god of fertility and fruitfulness. But it gets worse! The third plague also was on the people of God. They had NOT sold their firstborn to paganism yet, but they were well on the road to destruction when God decided to save them.

Khepara was the beetle(fly) god. “He was born in the abyss. He was self-created. He masturbated and had intercourse with his own shadow and produced Shu the air god and Tefenet” {page 924 Volume 2 Dictionary of Mythology, Folklore, and Symbols}. Can you believe that people could worship such a filthy concept? The philosophy here is that man is the “captain of his own soul” – he is his own god. In the USA today we see people using liberty as a means to develop that they are their own gods. Each person can do his own thing without regard for the rights of another. This pagan concept is also found in the body of Christ. Individualism gone to the extreme which produces self-gods can not exist with the true Christian concept of “THE BODY OF CHRIST” knitted together.

It is repugnant to contemplate such a belief as Khepara. Yet, the plague placed on the Israelites was in relation to this god. Why or what did the Israelites have in common with these three plagues? The Israelites served Jehovah in their services, in their dress, in their customs, but failed to address the real problem.

Three gods are used here: the god of fertility, fruitfulness and self-procreation. All of these pagan “spiritual” philosophies were included and accepted into the life of the people. How does this affect us? Liberty can turn into license. The ability to watch some movies or programs, which are at best lewd, can effectively limit the spiritual growth of a saint.

Fertility (sexual expression) is great in our society and the divorce rate among evangelical Christians is almost equal to that of non-believers as a percentage. Where there should be a great gap between the two there is not. The god/dess of fertility with temple prostitution has run rampant in our society and the Christians in the USA are now in a secular society and no longer in a Christian society, which we once were. Like Israel of old, the saints are influenced by the culture wherein they live.

The vision is poor. We are able to be citizens from ABOVE where we have been birthed from Jerusalem. (Hebrews 12:21-22) But surrounding ourselves with the current society has influenced many to settle for a lesser revelation of God in them. God sought to deliver them from Egypt and the gods thereof so that a cleansing could take place in the wilderness, the desert. He did this in order that the Israelites would no longer have any misidentification. He did not want them to focus on the Adamic nature of corruption but rather to focus on who they were! By removing them from Egypt, God wanted to develop in them an understanding of who they were.

Secondly, some who have become saints and are trying to be spiritual have inadvertently (being generous here) gone to the pagan idea that bounty on the natural plane, name it and claim it, etc. is being a fruitful Christian, when in reality it is a doctrine of paganism from the false god of fruitfulness. While God may bless on the natural plane, it is not a signature that a person is a good Christian.

The third god represents the third failure of the saints and the church and reveals the depth of degradation. Here we find saints proclaiming that they are gods. They state that they have been with Him from the beginning and helped formulate the universe (Being IN Him and WITH Him are two different things – Levi was in Abraham when Abraham was before Melchizedek but Levi was not with Abraham). This concept that one procreated oneself into existence from being a spirit with God is from the depths of deception.

So, when Israel had fallen to such a depth as to carnalize who they really were, they became as Adam who as a son of God (Luke 3:38) cast his sonship aside for the forbidden fruit. He was trying to become what he already was and the people of Israel did likewise. They who were Jehovah’s children lost their vision and tried to accept pagan concepts to make them into the image that they already were but failed to see because they were blinded by the flesh. Jehovah decided it was time to deliver Israel. Some were holding forth the faith and Jehovah heard their cry.

For reference sake, the other gods were Leb who was the god that was attacked by “lice.” Apis was the god attacked by murrain. Apis was a cow god (Hinduism?). Doesn’t Jehovah have a sense of humor! Boils were sent to attack Neit the goddess of heaven. She lived in an acacia tree. Hail was sent to confound Iris, the water god. Locusts were sent to attack Shu the god of the air and Sebek the god of insects.

Can you believe that people would worship insects? Yes! God places a desire in man to worship Him and if they do not find Jesus Christ they will worship something as Romans 1 brings out. Darkness as a plague was sent in order to confound the worship of RA the sun god.

The deliverance given to the people of God was a sovereign act of Jehovah who was motivated out of love and concern. The call to the Christian is to “come out of her, my people.” The normal concept is that this means to leave the physical, literal church system. Whatever the denomination the call is to come out. While this is A truth, it is not THE truth. For withdrawal from Egypt does not mean Egypt has been withdrawn from you. The purpose of the Exodus is to have the gods of the three plagues removed from you.

As God deals with those whom He has called out, He seeks to remove the barrier that was created between Him and the people. The barrier is the old carnal nature that prevents union with God. Few be the saints who have seen and understood the problem but the New Testament written by Paul and John clearly expresses the difference.

The barrier is caused by saints being brainwashed by the church system into thinking that religious devotion (Saint Christopher, Saint So and So etc.), beads (rosary), rituals (planned church services), dutiful keeping of the ten commandments, are all requirements to obtain a certain level of rewards in the faith. These are all false.

Those who have physically left the church system still need to have removed from their carnal minds that mind set. It takes a desert to show them to you. It takes a desert to reveal to you if you are in Adam or Christ.

The burden of the saint is that the adamic nature is religious, so even if you leave an organized system there is still a preconceived concept of God, how He acts and what He does. These concepts are what keeps a saint from manifesting Christ Jesus in them.

Adam was religious. True Christianity is not religious. It is a lifestyle. True Christianity is a way of living and not a religious expression. Jesus was NEVER religious. In fact, that is why the Pharisees hated Him – they were religious. The purpose of the desert is to remove the beam in our eye so that we can, like Moses, go back to Egypt and deliver a creation from the bondage that it is in.

The desert is an ENABLER. The desert enables us to see what we are made of, where we live, if our strength is internal or external (as well as if our faith is external or internal), God is removing gods, especially the three. Then EL-BETHEL will be GOD of the HOUSE of GOD



John 17:4 states “I have glorified you on the earth…” These are the words of Jesus and He is stating what He had already done for His Father. When He said this, had He been crucified yet? Had He received His glorified body yet? The answer is no. Yet, He said he had glorified the Father.

Jesus was the glory of the Father. You may have known that all your life. But just what is the normal conception of glory? A halo? Maybe an aura about you? Some have a religious conception of what the glory of God is. Glorified bodies are not the glory of the Lord either.

With whom is your identity, Adam or Christ? In Matthew 17 Jesus is transfigured before them. As Wuest brings out in his translation, “the manner of His inner nature became His outward expression.” We see from this account that He is glistening. Perhaps, you and I thought that was the glory of God, but even that is not the glory of God.

What did Jesus mean when He said in John 17:4 that He had glorified God on the earth? The glory of God is what you do. Look at the rest of the verse “I have finished the work.” The glory of God is a WORK, a ministry, something that you do. It has nothing to do with an aura. It has nothing to do with a halo. It has nothing to do with goose bumps. The glory of God is the work that you manifest on the earth.

Jesus might have been talking about the earth as in the planet earth. While that is probably true, it could also be He was saying that He glorified God IN HIS FLESH. Adam was made of the earth. His inner nature at the transfiguration became His outward expression. How was it expressed? It was seen as a glistening body, His flesh. People saw the inward glory manifesting through His body.

Jesus revealed the glory of God BEFORE He had a resurrected and glorified body. He did it without a resurrection because He was the resurrection. Before the Israelites could cross into the Promised Land, they had to cross the Jordan, which in Hebrew means death. IF the people of Israel had not conquered death when they stepped into the river, they would never have reached the other side. IF Jesus did not have the life of God before the cross experience He could not have come down from it.

When Jesus glorified God on the earth, Jesus caused this earth to produce life. Jesus is the express Image of God. He manifested the glory of God, the life of God in Spirit, soul and body. THE FULLNESS OF GOD EXPRESSED IN AND THROUGH YOU IS THE WORK MADE MANIFEST AND THEREBY IS THE GLORY OF GOD.

As Jesus was the bread broken for us, and the blood shed for us, so we too are in this last age to be the bread and the blood given. We are to manifest Him and be a glory to the Father, even as Christ our pattern was.



When Jesus said that He had glorified the Father, He went on to say in verse 6 “I have manifested your name.” The world groans for the manifestation of God, the revelation of Jesus, the apocalypse, the appearing, the coming forth.

Note that He says “have” manifested your name. He did it before He was crucified, before He was resurrected. He manifested His name and He glorified the work that He did. The ministry (work) that Jesus did glorified the Father.

Our religious nature, inherited from Adam, has a deep seated misidentification. As a young Christian I was told that I pleased God by getting rid of cigarettes and changing my clothing style. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being a good Christian I legalistically followed this concept.

All pre-conceived images have to be removed in order to manifest Him in your earth as well as on the earth. The purpose of the desert experience is to remove the gods of Egypt and false concepts about God from your being.

Are you in the NEW day or the END OF TIME? When we are in the new day we do not think about what is passing but are focused on the new. The end of time concept focuses on death, pain, agony of the old earth and heavens passing away. The new day looks on the pain as birth pangs of the new day dawning.

Careful study of the word “hell” as used in the KJV will reveal that it means grave. Adam is in hell – ie the grave. But those in Christ are alive. Our life is hid with Christ in God. We are the day of the Lord. He is making His appearing in us. He is being glorified in us. (1 Thess. 1:10) The exodus, the wilderness experience, is to remove the dross from our eyes so that He might come forth



In Matthew 12 Jesus went through the grain fields on the Sabbath. According to tradition, his number one problem was that He should not have been out in the grain fields on the Sabbath, the day of the Lord. His disciples were hungry and they began to pluck the heads of grain and eat. I believe they had a good relationship with the Lord. They understood His philosophy. They were hungry and decided to eat. They would not have eaten if it was against the Lord’s wishes.

Notice that Jesus did not rebuke them. He did not say a thing to them. Why? Because it was okay. They would not have eaten IF THEY WERE RELIGIOUS Jews of the day would they? If they were of the Pharisees they would not have touched those things because they were considered unholy. But they had come to the SABBATH OF THE LORD. They were not in the SABBATH OF THE PHARISEES. Religion made the Sabbath a bondage.

Leaving Egypt, working our way through the wilderness, we are to come into the Promised Land, that Sabbath rest. We are to enter into a depth of the faith that far surpasses all conceptions.

What Jesus was trying to establish was that the Sabbath was a liberty. He was trying to show that it was a higher plane than the Pharisees understood. When you enter into who He is, rather than just know Him as a Saviour, or Spirit baptizer, you began to comprehend Galatians 2:20. You begin to see your identity is with Him and not the system, even as the disciples freely ate since they identified with Jesus.

It is a difficult thing to move from identifying with Adam to identifying with Christ Jesus. When you begin to enter into Christ, you begin to become the Lord of the Sabbath instead of it Lording over you.

Now God has not brought us this far just to set us personally free. God has brought us this far that we might set the creation free starting with the church, which is in the wilderness. The church system today is in Adam. If they were in Christ, they would not do sinful things and ruin the name of Christ on TV or otherwise. Identity is the problem.

Those who are in the third heavens are not touched by Satan, even as Jesus could not be touched by Him. If you are in Christ, you reside in the third heavens and cannot sin and have no desire to sin. That is the Sabbath of the Lord.

The Pharisees came to Jesus and gave Him a hard time about His disciples eating on the Sabbath. He responded “But if you what this means, I desire mercy and not sacrifice, you would not have condemned the guiltless. For the son of man is Lord even on the Sabbath.”

God established the Sabbath for man. Man was to learn to how to ret in God. He wanted man to learn how to cease from his own labors, his own works. Hebrews 4:10 states that some HAVE entered into their rest. The author of Hebrews was not talking about people who died and had gone on, but rather some who had possessed the realm spiritually. Church order will teach you that you have to die to get certain things in the faith. This is not true

Sacrifice is a legalistic, self-promoting action. Mercy is a God-given motivation. The one is done to make oneself an acceptable (sacrifice). The other is walking in the grace of God realizing that you cannot make yourself worthy.

You may have heard the word “karma.” It really deals with the natural order of things. It comes from pagan philosophy. If you sow, you reap or the law of cause and effect. These could be considered part of karma.

The natural law can be elevated to the spiritual. We know that if we sow to the spirit we reap eternal life. (Galatians 6:8) But when you enter into the Sabbath rest you are ABOVE sowing and reaping. You are in GRACE. You are in a higher realm that has a greater responsibility and righteousness.

When you live in the realm of the Sabbath you are controlled by the Spirit. (Romans 8:14) The real law of the Spirit supersedes all other levels, even natural law. Therefore, sowing and reaping does not affect you because you are walking in grace. They came and sowed destruction to Him. They tried to kill Him and He did die later, but of His volition and not from their action. He did not reap what they sowed.

They sowed death to Him and He gave them life. There came another Sabbath experience with the Pharisees. In fact Jesus had three Sabbath encounters with them. In Matthew 12:9 He came to their synagogue.

At the first location when they challenged Him about the corn, He referred them to the time David ate the showbread and how that was all right. Then He reminded them that they profaned the Sabbath by offering up sacrifices which is work, and that God permitted it. They had to acquiesce on the point. There was grace in the early Sabbath but the Pharisees were trying to bring it down.

So, this second time Jesus comes into the synagogue. He was led to a man with the withered hand. Jesus healed him on the Sabbath. The Pharisees were hoping that Jesus would do just that. They wanted to catch Him in the act of breaking tradition and self-justify themselves.

The healing on the Sabbath was a special event. He healed a man on the natural plane. BUT remember that He was trying to teach the people that the Sabbath was a special day, a day that was elevated spiritually. He was trying to show them a shadow, a type, if you will.

You probably identified with the man who had his hand healed. First, you shouldn’t. Our identity is with Christ. We should be healing the man and not being the one healed. So, if you identified with the man, you are still looking out of the admaic nature and not the nature of Christ. The adamic nature seeks to receive and has that base motivation. The Christ nature is that it is a giving nature.

This man with the withered hand is the first healing that Jesus did on the Sabbath. The five fingers represent the five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11. Jesus healed the church order ministry on the Sabbath. It takes a new day ministry to deliver the church, not an end-time ministry. It takes a leadership like Moses to bring the church out of Egypt and into the Promised Land, not a leadership directed by Aaron.

The church order has a withered hand. It denies for the most part the ministry of an apostle or prophet. It might recognize a teacher or evangelist but generally believes in only a pastor in a local setting. Yes, the church has a withered hand because it denies the power of the ministry.

ALL THE HEALINGS JESUS DID ON THE SABBATH HAVE A SPIRITUAL TRUTH. The ministry of Jesus on the Sabbath is special in comparison to others. Each time He is trying to teach the Pharisees a spiritual lesson, but Aaron cannot learn and must pass away.

We who have had the experience of the wilderness, are to lead the other saints out of the fleshpots of Egypt and help remove the fleshpots from them (the work of the wilderness). If that be the case, then we must identify with Christ and not the sick person.

John was caught up on the Lord’s Day. What is the Lord’s Day? It is a realm of living, it is not a chronological time. It is a place of being, a state of living. The men of Hebrews 11 obtained it by faith. They lived in the Heavenly Jerusalem, even though it was not literal. Jesus lived in a realm ABOVE the earth, above Satan. Through Jesus Christ we can too.

In John 5 we find the second Sabbath event. Here was a man that was infirm for thirty-eight years. Meaning what? This was his thirty-ninth year. Jesus was whipped thirty-nine times for our healing and some say that there are thirty-nine groupings of sickness and diseases. Jesus could not have survived the thirty-nine stripes if He were not living above the realm wherein there was pain.

If you are going through the wilderness, you too will be hit and hurt but it will not touch your inner man or remove you from the realm you live in. It may touch your outerman but cannot dissuade you from the inner man and that relationship.

When did Jesus heal this man? ON THE LORD’S DAY, the Sabbath. Jesus asked if he wanted to be made well and the man answered; “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up. But while I am coming another steps down before me. Jesus said to him, “Rise up. Take up your bed and walk.”

Immediately, the man was made well. He took his bed had walked that day …on the Sabbath. If you are in Christ, you are in the Sabbath and you are living in the Day of the Lord. You will cause the body of Christ to RISE UP or resurrect out of their stupor, their slumber. Proclaim it to them and they will begin to walk.

Now there are certain things that happened to this man when he was healed. His spirit was right and was willing but the flesh was weak. When He who is the light speaks to darkness, life comes forth. In this case, it was ONE NEW MAN. He was resurrected right out of the depths where he was living. He was set free from the carnality that he was in so that he could walk in what Christ had established for him.

This man was healed on the Sabbath, against all religious creeds of the Pharisees. The seventh day is about to dawn and it will take the sons of God to manifest His name and allow light to come out of them (Christ in you) and set the people free.

We have been called to the headship of Christ, to be set down as government upon the shoulders of the body of Christ so that they might come into union with Him. One, like unto the Son of Man, who was sitting in the midst of the candlesticks. (Revelation 1:13) That was not Jesus, it was one LIKE Him. It is the corporate body of the sons found in the midst of the church, but not of the church.

Christ was the Lord of the Sabbath. Who are we? We are of Christ, we are lords of the Sabbath. He in us will manifest Himself to creation and set it free from the bondage of corruption. He will have total pre-eminence in us.

In John 7:20 Jesus said I did one work and you all marvel, Moses therefore gave you circumcision, (not that it is from Moses, but from the fathers) and you circumcise a man on the Sabbath. If a man receives circumcision on the Sabbath so that the law of Moses shall not be broken, are you angry with me because I made a man completely well on the Sabbath? Do you judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment?”

It is as if He were saying “How can you judge me?” They circumcised a man on the eighth day and did it whether the day was the Sabbath or not. Jesus was saying to the leaders that I AM THE LORD OF THE SABBATH. I am here to establish a man completely free in Me with no flesh in him at all. I am establishing a man who has been conformed to my image.

When you personally go forth and touch people’s lives you are establishing the people in the kingdom because you are removing them from the kingdom of Adam, that realm of carnal understanding. Do not father anyone in the lower orders of say salvation or Pentecost and let Adam live. Jesus came to give all FULL salvation, full deliverance, full conformability to His image. He gave each that which was needed to bring about the change in them.




The earth was destroyed, right? What earth? You and I are alive on terra firma. What earth was destroyed? It was the earth of ADAM. Noah was a righteous man and was transported into the new age. What is going to be destroyed by fire (2 Peter 3:10-13)? The earth. What earth? The natural planet? No. The Adam man who was made of the dust of the earth is going to be destroyed once and for all.

As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be. The son of man shall come. What son of man? The same son of man we read in Matthew 12. The Lord of the Sabbath shall come forth because he is above the lower orders.

Adam was made of the dust of the earth. He was of the lower order. God is making a man of the heavenly order. As we have borne the image of the earthly, we now shall bear the image of the heavenly. (1 Corinthians 15:44-49)

When the earth is destroyed 2 Peter 3 states that there shall be a loud noise. It is the same sound that is in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 where the Lord will descend from heaven with a shout (noise). He shall descend out of heaven – where is heaven? It is in YOU... for He has made his abode there. (John 14:23) He shall descend out of your innermost being and be made manifest on the earth (your body). It shall cause a rending and a tearing, even as the tombstone is rolled away and He bursts forth out of Adam with the brightness of His coming.

The political, social, economic and religious shaking that is going on in the world today is because Adam is falling and the saints of God have been birthed into the third heavens (Rev.12:5) causing the one sitting in such a position to be dethroned. As Christ takes His rightful place Satan attacks the earth, the dust, the adamic realm. “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth.(Rev.12:12)

If you are in Christ, you look for what remains. If you are in Adam you are looking at what you lost! It is Christ that is coming forth out of the wilderness. The purpose of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness was to reveal to Him who He was and not to cause Him to fall. The wilderness is to help our identification.

All three trials of Christ were on the three levels of the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life. All trials are to see if you are above the three levels of sin.

The LORD OF THE SABBATH ministry is the one with which we should identify. We are preaching and establishing a new man in a new way in a new day. It is only as we come out of the wilderness of self, only as there is an exodus from Egypt that THE LORD, who is LORD of lords, can manifest.



Is the wilderness a natural desert, or is it a desert in your mind? Is it a place of dry bones, where carcasses lay covered by sand or is it your carcass of adamic flesh void of life lying on the earth? Are they natural bones bleached by the sun and void of marrow or are they your bones void of life on the natural plane?

There are many interpretations of Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones. Some say it shows the tribes of Israel coming back together and being a viable force again. Such belief holds that this occurred in 1948 when Israel was made a nation again. Or perhaps you see it “spiritually” as the corporate body of Christ coming together to form one new man.

Each is correct in its own way. The first is the broad stroke of the brush, and the second a little finer in its interpretation. The first stroke considers the natural plane via a nation. The second considers a spiritual point and ponders a spiritual body. But there is a third, which presents the truth on an individual plane.

While we have seen a natural fulfillment of the bones coming together and forming a nation, we must also realize that the spiritual follows. But before the truth of a corporate body of saints being formed can come to a realization, it MUST occur on an individual basis. It takes a group of individuals possessing their calling in God to form the corporate body that the Lord is looking for right now.

Some ministries emphasize the vision of the “body” others point to the “individual” walk. Both are correct. The balance is that both are occurring at the same time, it just depends on how you are viewing the occurrence. A sick member of the body will keep the individuals from possessing the fullness of God corporately. Those individuals who God has separated from a local expression of Himself must have a submissive nature in them. Those who have that submissive nature would be free to attend and share in a local assembly because of their nature. Others who attend a local expression of Him and are rebellious or arrogant or independent of nature are not really a part of the body, even though physically there and should not be allowed to share. Those called to be sons are able to flow together.

Ezekiel 37 comes to pass IN THE WILDERNESS, that is, for the individual/corporate body of Christ to be made manifest in this world, each part must know its place and fit in with the whole plan of God – which is to manifest Himself in a people. (2 Thess. 1:10)

Moses did not lead the people out of Egypt so that the flesh would be left behind and forgotten. Moses led the people out of Egypt so that in the wilderness they could concentrate on the Beloved. In the wilderness they saw manna from heaven, the water provided by the Rock that followed them, and they saw the deliverance that was possible from the flesh of Adam and the glory that could be revealed.

The bones lying in the wilderness in the valley speak of a need for resurrection. Consider the phrase “flesh and bone.” Israeli custom is to call the wife the bone and the flesh the children. Thus, in Job 2:5 Satan challenges God to stretch forth His hand and strike the bone and flesh of Job. Job’s flesh was struck but not the bone.

Jesus on the resurrection was flesh and bone. He was of a higher order. We are called to be His wife and the church to be His offspring, spiritual beings delivered, resurrected from out of the Adamic flesh.

God is beginning to take the dead bones, those who form the spouse, and create life. Only those who are dead to Adam begin to show the life of Christ because they are alive in Him. Isaiah 62:5 states that the sons are to marry Him. We are to be the wife of God. When we are created in His Image, coming forth jointly knit together then we can in turn become who He is and bring in the church, who is our spouse. We shall lift the other saints in the part realm (in Passover {Salvation} and Pentecost {Baptism of the Spirit}) into the presence of the fullness through their marriage with us.

As the sons marry Him and become Him to the church who the church marries, then the church becomes Him and the world will see Him in the church and come unto Jesus. God will be all in all. (1 Corinthians 15:28)

It is only after a husband and wife become ONE that a new creation is formed and is their FLESH. When we who are the bones in the valley, are totally dead to self, which we are in Christ when we have union with Him, then God comes and quickens us, puts life into us. (Ezekiel 37:5)There is no blood in this creation. It is not a natural creation. It is a spiritual creation after the resurrected, ascended Lord Christ Jesus.

It is Luke 24:39 which states: “Behold my hands and feet, that it is I, Myself. Handle me and see for a spirit does not have flesh and bone as you see I have.” Christ Jesus, the one who had arisen from the dead was now alive but without blood. Spirit life quickens flesh and bone. Flesh and bone live because of Spirit, not blood. If God’s breath were not in Adam, Adam’s blood could not have kept him alive.

Those who are dead bones no longer depend on the flesh (blood of Adam) for life but rather are alive in Christ. The wilderness allows God to clothe us from above – without the use of hands (fleshly ways) as 2 Corinthians 5:1-6 clearly states. There is in the natural land today a people who are dead in the wilderness – dead to Adam but alive in Christ.

Those called to evangelize the world (Romans 8:19-20) are the sons of God. They are to bring about the deliverance of the earth. The manchild of Revelation 12 was birthed from the woman, who represents the church, the body of Christ. The purpose of the manchild was to save the woman (Rev.12;14), even as Joshua and Caleb were to lead Israel out of the wilderness. So, too today, the sons are the firstfruits unto God who enter the third heavens (Rev.12:5) and create the way for the rest of the body to come forth. The sons have been called to lead the realms of Salvation and Pentecost into the fullness of God.

The dragon (vs 13) has been cast out of heaven and allowed to roam the earth, the dust realm, the adamic realm. He devours all those who LIVE in that realm of the flesh – Rev 12:12. As Eby and Roach have written, Satan attacks the carnal mind, that soul realm. The church order, that soul realm, that has not entered into union with God, like the sons have, is attacked by Satan BUT because the church is sealed (Eph.1:3) the enemy will not snare but will just harass the woman.

Hebrews 9:14 is fulfilled here. The conscience, the mind, is PURGED. That is, the sin nature of Adam, that dust nature of the earth realm is removed. The word “purged” in the KJV is the Greek for “catharsis.” This means a cleansing that makes one pure. Thus, the purging of the woman in the wilderness is a nourishing and cleansing of her so that she, the soul, can be the full revelation of the soul of Christ (Isaiah 53:10) and be offered up for others.

Ah, the wilderness! It is a time of trial for the soul, the mind, that woman nature. Adam was a living soul. He died. God is quickening us to create us in His Image – a life quickening Spirit. We are being changed from the earthly to the heavenly No longer soilish, soulish, but rather a spiritual being, who has the mind of Christ.

Being made in the image of God is not the final step. It may seem to be to most, but that is a selfish carnal concept from the adamic nature. No, my friends, God is changing us as a PART of a total plan, let us remain humbly and gladly a part of the total plan.



The prize is ALL. Nothing else matters. Only the prize matters. Everyone will cross the finish line. I have a picture in my office of a hurdler and the quote of Philippians 3:14 underneath it.

If you have not seen the track race which includes hurdlers, please do so. We should consider the time of preparation needed to be a world class hurdler. Early morning training, a coach told me, would include 1 and 1/2 hours of weightlifting followed by 4-5 miles of cross country running. The afternoon would be filled with speed drills and technique training lasting at least 2 hours. The early evening would close the day with an hour of running. Most track people are students at an university and would carry the full-time student load besides!

Training like this brings blisters, shin splints, cuts, bruises, dirt embedded in the knees and hands and other problems. Yet, the effort in the race is only what is seen by the spectator.

The team’s success is contingent on the hurdler doing his part, even as the body of Christ depends on each other. As he practices alone with his own thoughts, the mental attitude plays a great part in the success or failure of the individual. The agony, the doubts, the physical stress… all present temptations to quit.

But this person has NEVER looked at the practice all the while training. He has always looked at the prize. He hurdles over many hurdles in order to finish the race. Whether he runs THROUGH them and hurts his shins, TRIPS over them and stumbles on into another one or successfully clears each one, he must finish the race. The prize is the goal, not the finish line.

His eye is NOT on the hurdle. Tom O’Brien, Missouri Western State College Track and Field coach, stated to me that the hurdler is actually concentrating on his technique as he hurdles. Why would he count steps? In practice he has found the hard way. He discovered that it takes a certain number of steps to stretch his legs to the maximum without over extending. By doing such he can get maximum thrust for effort. Also he has learned to live within his abilities.

Fluid motion with good physical technique will win out over muscular abilities and even talent of the individual. It is the technique that means success. Success has a pattern, success is good work habits. The Christian walking in the wilderness is learning good work habits. How? He learns to depend on God and not himself. He realizes his abilities are in God.

There is no difference between Egypt and the desert. It may be a change of circumstances, physical surroundings, but he who is running the race of life in Christ Jesus, whether in the flesh pots of Egypt or in the drought of the desert, walks on in the “techniques” that he has learned. When trials come, like in Matthew 4, the response is always the same. Be faithful to the technique.

What is Christian technique? It is being inchristed, that is, Christ being made manifest in your flesh (2 Thess.1:10) as you are conformed to His Image. (Romans 8:29, 12:2) The purpose of the desert is to see if you are walking in that realm.

When you are in Egypt the trial is to see if you are dead to the world. (Col.2:20) While you are in the desert, the trial is to see if you are dead to the law. (Romans 7:4) The purpose of the Promised Land is to see if you are dead to sin. (Romans 6:2)

If Christ was versed in the letter (law) of the Scriptures rather than the spirit of the Scriptures, He would have fallen to Satan’s wiles. The desert is a sifting place for us to come into the spirit of the Scriptures rather than a literal or legalistic understanding.

When the hurdler runs, his eye is not on the crowd (spouse, child, family, friends, etc.). His eye is not on the finish line. His focus is one-eyed not two. Chrysostom stated centuries ago “that he who runs looks at the prize and not the crowd.” He concentrates on his technique while running. Technique wins races. He runs looking unto the finisher of the faith. (Hebrews 12;2) His eye is on the prize, his inheritance which is God. He runs with patience. (Hebrews 12:1) He is not weary (Isaiah 40:31) because he has trained and developed techniques that enable him to succeed and he therefore rests in the Lord as he proceeds. The runner that has started the race is stripped (1 Cor.9:24) of his old nature and is being changed as he presses on. (Phil.3:14) He runs for the crown (1 Cor.9:25)

1 Corinthians 9:24 and Philippians 3:14 use the same word for prize. It is found only twice in the Bible. It takes discipline to win the prize and the wilderness creates that opportunity. Vincent brings out in his word studies that the word “mark” means to be intensely focused. Only a person truly focused on Christ will win the crown.

The world groans for the manifestation of Christ. The desert produces the bloom. A spring breaks forth in the desert. A spring of eternal life that hurdles all obstacles because it is Christ in you coming forth, as Moses came forth out of the desert to set the people free.  



 Just what does union mean? The Greek word for union is “kollao” it means to be glued to, stick to, cleave, join oneself to, keep company. I prefer the word “super glued.” I am sure that you have used super glue to mend things. The glue actually creates a chemical bond.

Perhaps, the best way to explain a chemical bond would be with the concept of the elements Na and Cl or as they are commonly called sodium and chlorine. Each by itself is a lethal chemical. Each kills. If these two chemicals were MIXED together, they would still remain separate in their identity but “together” in a mixture.

YET, if we took the same two poisonous chemicals and caused them to form a NEW substance, the new substance is SALT. Salt is helpful, a preservative, and necessary ingredient for man to survive. The two chemicals bond together and in their bonding, they become unbreakable for theirs is a balanced formation. Each has lost its imbalance! Each has lost its identity and created ONE NEW IDENTITY.

The beauty of these elements being conformed to a new image is the very concept of “kollao.” For the word translated UNION in the KJV English is the same word meaning GLUED (kollao) in the Greek.

True union with God comes from, as Mr. Spock of Star Trek would say, “a mind meld.” The identity of you remains as a personality but your identity expresses through it the very nature of God. Thus, the death of Adam, that carnal mind, allows the mind of Christ in you to be brought forth in a special way – with your God ordained personality traits.

While I do not want to get into it here, let me just say that I hold seminars that discuss the four personality traits (same as shown in the four gospels) and show how each person is disposed to one that predominates in them, Jesus, of course, had perfect balance of all four. I then can help couples, co-pastors, etc. to arrive at a place of better understanding of each other because they can recognize the traits. Your personality is God-given and He seeks to infuse it with life rather than the death that Adam gives.

1 Corinthians 6:16 “… he who JOINS himself to a prostitute becomes one body with her…?

Yes, this verse uses the word “join” which is the Greek “kollao” for glued. Imagine, how we Christians have glued ourselves to Adam’s nature. We have committed adultery with other gods, even as Israel did and later was divorced from God because of her sin. If it had not been so we would never have been grafted in.

Our soulish nature cannot be redeemed because our carnal mind is at enmity with God. Jesus came to set free our spirit which was bound by the carnal mind. His coming was to release us so that the mind of Christ could be developed by the joining of our SPIRIT with His SPIRIT. He came to break us from the prostitution of Adam.

Luke 15:15 “So he went and JOINED himself to one of the citizens of that country, who sent him into his fields to feed swine.”

The parable of the prodigal son reveals one of the household who gives himself over to the flesh and its desires. He ends up in the pig pen drinking swill. The word joined is the exact same as the word joined in this whole discussion. We either are going to be joined to Adam or we are going to be joined to the Spirit, as the following quote reveals.

1 Corinthians 6:17 states:  But he who is UNITED to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him.

When union with God comes, there is a change from Adam, who is a LIVING SOUL, to that of a LIFE-QUICKENING SPIRIT, even like Christ Jesus. This is the fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 15:44-47. The union expresses the heavenly nature because you have become bound to it, just as in times past you were bound in sin until God caused you to desire Him.

The purpose of the Exodus from Egypt is for you, while in the desert, to recognize your union with Him. By removing the fleshpots of Egypt from your SOULISH eyes, God hopes that you will FOCUS WITHIN with your SPIRITUAL eyes and identify with who you are, even as Paul did in Galatians 4:14. Thus, when you confront trials, tribulations of the desert on the three planes (Matthew 4, 1 John 2:16) you will not identify with Adam, who Satan works through. It is expected that you will identify with the Son and realize that you are one of His sons. (Rev.21:7, Romans 8:19-20)

When 1 Corinthians has its full work in you, you become a SPIRITUAL being. Your identity is so in touch with Him that the first thing you truly notice is that while going through trials and tribulations you are not touched by them in the inner peace that you have, although the tribulations do cause a change in your circumstances. Ah, whether you abase or abound, live or die, it is Christ.

Romans 12:9 “Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, HOLD FAST to what is good.”

The phrase “hold fast” is the Greek “glued.” The union of Spirit with God, which creates the NEW MAN, causes us to be glued to that which is good. What is good? Love. GENUINE love. Love that is not reasoned out by the mind or determined by the situation. If love were determined by the situation, Jesus would never have laid down his life – people did not deserve it! No, genuine godly love is above situations, confrontations, evaluations and examinations.

Union with God, being GLUED TO GOD, creates not only an inner peace in the midst of the desert, the exodus, but reveals a love so genuine that situations cannot change it or manipulate it. Can you love God in the fires? Can you love God in the lake of fire? (See our message on the lake of fire). Can you be in such a union with the purposes of God, that when the brethren tell you that you are in error, you still lay down your life for them – even when you have been separated?

The desert is a place that reveals your freedom in Christ. Some people have been separated from the “system” so long they are in bondage to the “separation.” They are no better than those in the system. Jesus walked in and out of the system at will. If He, who was to die for the people, could not go in unto them so that they could prepare the path of His death for them, what freedom would he have? Union with God allows following His will regardless of the consequences.

As many of you know, I do not celebrate Christmas. (See our message.) I do think it is pagan. But I rejoice for those who do. Why? Because Christ is being uplifted. (See Philippians 1:15-18.) Fighting over who is right in their interpretation of Christmas is like fighting over how many angels on a pinhead. Right doctrine while important is not the ultimate.

The desert is a place to reveal to you whether you are IN CHRIST or IN DOCTRINE, just like those in the system! You can leave EGYPT (THE SYSTEM, THE DOCTRINE) but the desert shows if the SYSTEM HAS LEFT YOU. Holding fast to that which is good is being glued to HIM and being open to changes in doctrine. How hard a lesson to learn!

I struggled through being a Baptist and Pentecostal to come into no rapture and sonship (via precious brother Bill Britton.) Only then did I think I had it well organized to find out the concept of sonship included reconciliation which, I was taught was wrong! But then I found many who held to the doctrine of reconciliation but had no concept of it working in them and through them. Doctrine is lower order and death, even though it may be right. ADAM FIGHTS OVER DOCTRINE, THE SON LIVES IT. The desert shows with whom you are unionized.

Acts 17:34 “But some JOINED him and believed…”

Joined to him. Can you imagine being bonded to an apostle? What would it have been like to be glued to Paul? Knowing what he thinks before he speaks, even today as I know what my wife (of 20+ precious years) is thinking – so too is coming into union with God. The desert reveals if you have it or if you don’t. Do you know Him well enough to act before He speaks? Ah, such is union. 



Our identity as the “sons of God” (Romans 8:19) should be with Moses. God calls Moses “god” as he appears to Pharoah in Exodus 4:16. For many going through the wilderness is an identification with the people! Again that is a carnal identification, and adamic response.

Christ Jesus is who we are to identify with. He is the pattern to follow. We follow Paul, are JOINED WITH Paul, even as Paul tells us to follow him as he follows Christ. (1 Corinthians 11:1) If we are joined with Paul (Acts 17:34) then we are revealing Christ Jesus.

Moses, Paul, and others unknown are the examples that we are to follow. Are we coming out of the wilderness leaning on the beloved or are we staggering at the promises and dying in the wilderness? Moses and Paul both had many trials and tribulations but each was formed into a leadership role. Moses led a NATION of almost 1,000,000 people out of Egypt. Paul preached a gospel that was new and changed the world.

We are called upon AT THIS TIME to do a radical thing. We are here to revolutionize the world with the revelation of Him. We are going and revealing a path that has never been gone on before.

A chorus is sung by the name of “This is the day.” It is better to change it like the saints have in Chicago have done by saying, “I am the DAY.” The Lord’s day is the appearing of Him today in you. Manifest the light, the life of Christ.



The outworking of Christ. He is hidden within the believer. Some He is deeper within than others. The purpose of Christ in you, the hope of glory, is the manifestation of Him through you. He comes within the believer at the point of a personal salvation experience. It takes a drawing of the Lord (John 6:44) in order to be chosen. (Ephesians 1:4) When we respond to the drawing of the Spirit, it is because He is drawing us away from being a slave to sin (John 8:34) to being a prisoner of Christ.

It takes a personal drawing of the Lord so that He receives the glory. If we came to Him of our own volition He would not receive the glory. As slaves to sin, we had no desire to come to Christ. We did have a desire which consumed us and caused us to sin. The longer we developed in that realm the worse we became. But Christ, desiring us to serve Him extended us mercy unfailingly, grace victorious. Thus, He receives the credit and the glory for our deliverance.

Having begun on such a path, He planned the completion of our salvation. Just as He so gently and lovingly delivered us from the bondage of death, He also brings us along according to our ability to yield to Him. There again, we yield to His Spirit because He has dealt with us. The path we are on is just as sure and just as straight as the path that leads to destruction EXCEPT that this path leads to life.

Proceeding on this road, we find that the road has a name. It is called OUTWORK street. There is only one way that leads to the life of God. It is a street that is golden. (Revelation 22:2) Golden because it is the way to divinity (gold speaks of divinity in the Scriptures).

Jesus Christ said He would come again. Others may speculate on the subject, but we would rather elaborate on the truth of Christ in us. Such a truth enables us to realize that He is entombed within. The incorruptible seed (1 Peter 2:23) placed within us at the time of salvation begins to grow. As Paul states, some plant, others water but God gives the increase. (1 Corinthians 3:6) If Christ is in us, then He has already come.

It does not yet appear what we shall be because we are becoming His will in earthen vessels. We are being changed from the nature of Adam who had the propensity to sin and chose to do so. We are becoming Christ. We are becoming Spirit.

Some might challenge that, question that thought, and if they are even a little bit religious they may be insulted by the statement that we are becoming Spirit. But consider the outworking of Christ as Paul presents it. Galatians 3:3 Paul states “Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh?” The walk is a walk of the Spirit. Salvation is spiritual. Yet, normal religious teaching makes it a carnal, earthly commandment through the constant pounding of theologians that we must KEEP the Ten Commandments, DO good works etc. in order to enter the kingdom.

True spirituality is walking in the Spirit and keeping the commandments, not out of duty nor because it is the right thing to do. True spirituality is the ability to walk the life of Christ without conscious effort, nor premeditated thought or actions. The religious carnal mind has to think about being “good” which automatically negates the truth of spirituality. Therein is the difference between Adam and Christ, walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit. Yet, both are on the outwork road.

The outworking of God in Christ Jesus is contrasted to that of the manifestation of Adam. Adam was made of the earth, earthy. (Genesis 2:7) God was displeased with the results of the earth. (Gen. 6:6) He foreknew that the earth could not bring life on a SPIRITUAL PLANE, so God offered His Son (Revelation 13:8) before the creation began.

The outworking of Christ began before creation. You and I are a part of the total plan of the ages. Just as Adam had a beginning part being made of the earth and predestined to fall, so also we having partaken of Adam are now able to partake of Christ.

Since we have partaken of Christ, each saint (if you think you are a “sinner saved by grace” you still have an adamic outlook. God sees you as a saint) is on the upward path out of the tomb of Adam, out of the dust of the earth of which Adam was made. The saint is slowly becoming a heavenly being and fulfilling the verses of 1 Corinthians 15:44-49.

The ascension of Christ in us is the manifestation or appearing of the Lord that will change the world. According to the Hebraic calendar we are in the late 5700’s which is in the sixth day (Book of Calendars). Thus, we can expect in the next few hundred years a “people” to come forth in His image; whereas, up to this time it has been individuals on a sporadic basis.

Since Jesus Christ there have been a few, a remnant, from time to time who have manifested Him. Paul was one. He was confronted by James and others. He verbally fought with Barnabas. Yet, inspired Scripture declares that the Son was revealed in him. (Galatians 1:16)

Paul was like Jesus. Jesus confronted the Pharisees. Jesus was confrontational. He called them “vipers.” He continually, at the cost of His own life, proceeded with the plan of God by tearing down strongholds of the flesh that were found in the carnal minds of men. His ways were so far above the ways of man (Pharisees) that they could not comprehend them, and the Pharisees sought to bring Him down to their level. They uses all forms of self-justification for their own purposes.

1 Corinthians 11:29-30 “For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner, eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this reason many are weak and sick among you and many sleep.”

The person who is walking in Christ and is the manifestation of Christ discerns the body of Christ. This person does NOT cause judgment to come upon himself. The reason judgment does not fall is that the person is walking and living in the outworking of Christ in his life rather than living in the flesh, that old adamic man.

How does one eat or drink? I drink of the body of Christ, that is, I drink of the Christ in each saint! The body of Christ is not bread nor is the blood wine. But rather it is the spiritual life (wine) and the very spiritual mind (bread, ie. word of God) of the other. I must and you must discern the Christ in each person.

We must drink their blood! Even as Christ Jesus lives in them and shed His blood for them, they in turn are shedding their own blood for us by laying down their life for us. The experiences that they have had in their growth in God are for us as well as for themselves. Did not Paul state that he would be a cast off in order to bring another in? The body of Christ can only survive if the whole body survives.

It must be understood that the way of God is THROUGH man. God manifested Himself through Jesus, the son of Man. The express image of divinity was revealed in a man. Thus, God reveals Himself through the vessel who is open unto Him. When we see Jesus in each other, we are well able to partake of Him in the other. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit. (Corinthians 6:17) He who is joined to the Lord becomes one with Him and thereby one with the body of Christ. In reality as I see Him in others I am one with them and with the Father at the same time.

We are not talking about eastern philosophies here, but rather trying to express the understanding that we must recognize the body of Christ!! Many saints are so carnal that as they look on another saint they do not see a saint, but a sinner. This is the adamic nature acting religious which denies the very power of true religion. God sees no sinners. He came in a man to save sinners and make them saints, but the brethren look on each other with jaundiced eyes – seeing a sinner which in reality does not exist in the body of Christ. Behold the body of Christ!

When a friend came to my house, I offered to him the keys to my house. I literally gave him a key. Of course, he rejoiced since he was a Canadian and traveled throughout the USA. But I carried the analogy a step further. Not only did I give him the keys to my natural home, but also the way was opened to him to sup in my spiritual house. Now, he had the key to both houses! Your temple, your house, your body, is my habitation because I live in Christ and He has come to make His abode in you. (John 14:23) I dwell in Christ and Christ Jesus dwells in me who is in YOU. Thus, we have a union, a wholeness that reveals the fullness of who He is.

The outworking of Christ in each of our lives is for the very revelation of Him. The body of Christ is to be the express image of Him in the world. But such cannot be until the brethren behold each other as Christ. There is still a religious nature of the old Adamic man which predisposes most to see the other in Adam rather than in Christ. Until this “religious revelation” is removed the reality that we are the body of Christ cannot dawn.

Some will say, “I know that I am part of the body of Christ.” Good that is a start. But until we see Jesus in others and recognize their existence is in Christ we fail to discern the body of Christ. The result is that there is sickness in the body of Christ, a sickness that is unto death. The outworking of Christ in our life is to remedy this situation.

The Greek word for “out” is “ek.” It generally means: “out of or from the midst of.” Consider 2 Corinthians 1:10 where Paul states that God delivered us “OUT OF so great a death.” Some would say that this means delivered from an “impending death” others would state that it means delivered from an immediate death. A physical death? No. God delivered us OUT FROM THE BONDAGE OF DEATH AND CORRUPTION. We are alive in Christ.

John Knox quoted the verse this way: “It is He who has preserved us and is preserving us from such deadly peril…” We who were in darkness have seen a great light and we have come out of darkness into His marvelous light. (1Peter 2:9) We are preserved from death as we behold life. We behold life by seeing Him in others and opening the door so that others may see that we see Him in them!

“God use me?” or “God never uses me” or “I never know when or if He uses me” or “I could never be Him in this world.” Such verbiage reverberates through the Adamic personality and quickens it with temporal life. Adam sits on the throne since the saint is no longer identifying with Christ Jesus. Jesus has been deposed in His own house which you are.

The outworking of Christ is the dethroning of Adam through proper identification with the Ascended Lord Jesus. Discerning the body of Christ begins with the recognition that you individually are the body of Christ. Treat it as such! Discern your body. Are you giving it life or death? If it were Christ’s what would you do differently? Phrased another way, if it were your body and Christ came in it what would you do differently? Salvation is a changed mind. Changed from the carnal mind, which is at enmity with God, to the mind of Christ which seeks to please God.

Now that you have discerned who you are in Christ Jesus, discern the body of Christ corporately. This is where the outworking of Christ requires strenuous effort. It is far easier to see yourself identify with Him than it is to see others in Him. Until all the sons of God come together in unity before the throne of God, and recognize the differences among themselves as assets and not liabilities, the full manifestation of the Lord in the corporate body will not occur, even though He is appearing in some individually.

We must rightly discern the Lord’s body. Our focus has been on who we are in Him and not on who the other is in Him. Our focus has been on who we are and what we are to do and not in the doing of the call. As God develops the out working of Himself in us, let us continually be manifesting Him with a conscious effort. Then, the corporate body will not be sick unto death, but alive and well – as will the individual.



The way of the Lord is life. True spirituality is a way of living. The purpose of the Exodus is to reveal to the people in the wilderness that PIGS DO NOT WHISTLE. As you know, pigs are considered by the Hebrew people to be “off limits” because the Old Testament states that swine are unclean. The wilderness was to teach them that the “pig” nature of Adam cannot be taught a new way to live. It is unclean. Because its nature is unclean the adamic nature has to be destroyed and the new nature must take over.

The wilderness is a time of revelation. It reveals to us what we are focusing on. If we see the rubble left after a godly earthquake in our life, then we are in the adamic nature. The pig must die. The pig roots in the rubble. IF you have lived on a farm, you know that the pig will eat anything. The pig has no “taste.” I have seen them eat left over cow feces! The pig nature is such that it is always in the dirt, the dust of the earth. The adam nature cannot become the Christ Jesus nature.

Swine carry disease. Trichinosis will kill you unless you fully cook the meat of the hog. Adam will kill your spiritual man by slowly placing in your spiritual nature a little worm which is the natural is known as the Trichinae. This little worm burrows into the skin and stays put until an appointed time to come forth. One of the purposes of the desert/wilderness is to remove out of your spiritual man all that hinders the full development of God in you. Get the swine out!

The wilderness was a time for Moses to show his leadership abilities. It is obvious from the record that he was well schooled. The education in Egypt is not what we are talking about but rather the education he learned while spending 40 years in the wilderness. The book of Jasher brings out that he even ruled another kingdom.

Moses’ turning point in the desert was dramatic. It can be read in Exodus chapter four. As he was leading the flock (type of people), he led them to Horeb (which means desolate). He led the flock to the Mount of God, the Mount of desolation. It is here, in the middle of desolation that God is found. Can you imagine a desert/wilderness and in the midst of the desert a place of desolation? Such is where Moses heard God.

He saw the burning bush. Why did it burn? Why was it not consumed? He heard the voice of the angel of the Lord coming out of the bush. How could this be? Scripture says he looked and beheld. Looking suggests a two dimensional approach. Beholding suggests a complete wrap-around perception. Moses studied this event before his eyes, just as a scientist would study a situation. Here in the midst of desolation which has no attraction, there was a sight to behold. The vagaries of the uninhabitable land made such a sight easily seen.

Moses like the rest of us must turn aside from his secular, humanistic abilities and even lay aside his ‘spiritual’ abilities to really see what the Lord would show. He not only was attracted visibly to this event, but he also needed to be in the place that He knew the voice which spoke. Leaders, true leaders, not only have a vision but also know the voice of God. Hearing the voice, Moses turned, looked, and beheld.

He turned from the path he was on. He changed the way he was going. He laid aside the direction which seemed correct. Can you make an abrupt change? Leaders are open to change. They change so that they are better prepared to help the people. Change is the process of preparation for ministry. When God is finished with you, ministry begins.

After Moses turned to look (not behold just yet). God called. God responds to our response. God calls after we have turned from our ministry, our sonship, our calling. For he wants us, not our ministry, not our functioning in the body etc. Ministry begins when we want only Him in a fullness in us. If we lay aside the weights and turn to behold a new thing, He will call.

In verse 5 we note that God told Moses not to draw near. Moses was excited and was coming forth to see and to enter into whatever was happening. But he had not shed the shoes on his feet. In type and shadow, Moses was still using the “old walk” to enter in. He still had some ‘good old teaching’ that had to go. He still was trying to walk the new walk with the old shoes! The laws worked before, surely they should work today. But such was not the case as far as God was concerned. God commanded that Moses should take them off. The ministry, which the shoes represent, was of God. God would not take them off. The reason Moses had to take them off was the fulfillment of Hebrews 9:10 and 10:9. Moses had to lay aside what was good, wholesome, called of God and he could have continued in that realm. But Moses saw that for him to progress in God he had to change and leave every preconceived notion or understanding.

Who before Moses had seen a bush burning that was not consumed? While it attracted it would also repel those of faint-hearted. Who would approach such a thing? Only a strong, courageous person would advance towards the unknown. God sought such a person.

He had to take his shoes off because it was holy ground. (vs.6) It was holy DUST. Ground that is holy is ground that has no Adam in it! Holy means righteous. Adam could not stand before God. In verse six Moses hides his face. Why? Adam cannot look on God because Adam is unclean and Adam is unrighteous. I would venture to say that many sons think that they are righteous before God (as Moses may have) but if we came face to face with God, we would humble ourselves and realize that we are more like Adam than we are like God.

“So I have COME DOWN” God states to Moses. He lowered Himself to appear on the natural plane. Moses hid his eyes because he was blinded by the LIGHT of the countenance of the Lord.

The light that we speak of is not the natural light. Moses was blinded by the LIGHT of Genesis 1:2. He who is the light of the world, is that light. The glory that radiated upon Moses caused Moses to stand before the Lord – that is able to stand because he was righteous before God – but Moses was not able to endure the light because Moses was still in Adam. Light shined in a dark place (the adamic nature of Moses) and the darkness could not comprehend the LIGHT that was in darkness nor the LIGHT that was before it.

Here was a man that Deuteronomy states was the most humble man in the world. (Deut. 18:15-19) Moses even told the people later on that God brought them into the wilderness “that He might humble you and the He might test you, to do you good in the end (Deut.8:16) Moses was speaking from personal experience. Any leader who is worth his salt will be tested before he assumes leadership. The LIGHT that was before him, caused him to be humbled and changed.

LIGHT causes separation from darkness. Darkness withdraws. What remains IS. What remains is that which can live in the LIGHT. Only that which is LIGHT can live for all else is death. LIGHT removes darkness by being what LIGHT is. Acts 2:16-21 is a quote by Peter of Joel 2:28-32. In verse 19 Peter states “the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood.” What reference has this to us? It is not talking about the natural sun and the natural moon. (although I am sure there is a natural fulfillment as well) The light of understanding of the sun/moon is of Genesis 1:14 and not the LIGHT of Genesis 1:3. For the light of the sun/moon is a LESSER light. These lights are provided for those who walk in darkness and not in LIGHT. Those that walk in the Adamic nature walk in darkness under the law. Many Christians although alive in Christ still walk legalistically and therefore are in Adam and not in grace which is the LIGHT.

So what is Joel 2:16-21 talking about? It is saying that the LIGHT, the Son of God, the WORD, removes all lesser lights – sun, moon, stars. Joel is saying that when the Holy Spirit comes, sent by the Son from the Father of lights, it removes the part realm, the realm of light in darkness and establishes the light of life, the fullness realm.

When Moses stood, justified before the light, He was in the nature of God. The trials of the wilderness and the place of Horeb, meaning desolation, had prepared him to stand before his Maker and be acceptable as a minister of the LORD. The purpose of the desert is to create leadership who can tell the people that because I have walked this path and conquered it through my faith in God, so can you.

The LORD sent Moses back to Pharaoh as “god.” (Exodus 4:16) In all reality Moses was a type of Christ in that He was to be ‘god manifest in the flesh’ unto Pharaoh, even as Jesus was God made manifest in the flesh. In this hour we have another call like Moses. We are to be deliverers for the saints. For God has called the sons of God (Romans 8:19-20) to fully manifest Him in their flesh so that they might be an encouragement unto the people of God.

In verse 10 of Exodus 3 we find that God calls Moses to “come.” Come where? Come unto God or into God and reside in Him and in His plan for the deliverance of the people. God wanted Moses to deliver the people out of Egypt, the place of the world, and bring them into the wilderness to deliver the world out of their nature, and to bring them to the promised land to see if they could live the life of God while being blessed. Said another way, the promised land is to see if the saint can successfully use prosperity.

The priests in the Old Testament would go in and out of the Holy of Holies. They could not remain in the Holy of Holies because they dwelt or lived in the Adam nature. It takes a removal of the old heavens (Hebrews 9:10, 10:9) to establish the new. When Moses set aside his sandals, he removed the old, never to move back into its nature. From the moment that he came down the mountain (even as God came down to meet him, Exodus 3:8) Moses was moving from that point on as a god unto Pharaoh and as a prophet unto his own people.

He came down the mountain clothed with the same sandals he went up with. By all outward appearances he was the same man, but to the Egyptians he was different. Just as Jesus appeared as you and I, so did Moses. But just as Jesus was different from you and me, so was Moses. He was totally empowered by God and had to be in order to appear as a god to Pharaoh. (Exodus 4:16) Moses went into the realm of the Holy of Holies and never was the same afterward. He always resided in that realm. Even though he could not enter into the Promised Land, he never left that realm. His sin was one of frustration because he could not deliver the people out of their nature, even though he did deliver them from Egypt!



While we are in the wilderness, we are to identify with Moses and not with the people who left Egypt. The wilderness is to create leadership. The world and the USA, is in a time of wilderness, a desert. It occurs with every turn of the century, and with it even worse during a millennium time. Upheaval, unrest, wars, etc throughout history have been worse at the time of a millennial change. Great leaders arise.

Jesus came and changed the dating of history! He caused such a millennial change that the whole of recorded history was changed because of His presence in the wilderness of the earth. Now is the time again for a change in history. In the next few years we shall see major men of God, men like Moses, coming forth in His image to right a world that has gone wrong.

The planet earth is not going to be destroyed. God has made it for man. But just as God destroyed the DUST OF THE EARTH in the FLOOD, while a godly man, Noah, established a new order, so in this time the DUST OF THE EARTH will be destroyed by FIRE, while the sons of God establish a new order. In Noah’s day men were killed (dust of the earth); thus the wicked were removed. Today, men will die also, removed by the fire of judgment upon the earth that proceeds from God’s vessels.

It will be a man who has taken the gauntlet challenge of the wilderness and conquered his Adamic nature who will arise and leave the wilderness, knowing that the wilderness was just to prove to him that he was in Christ rather than in Adam. This corporate man made up of individuals will come forth out of their Adamic bodies, transfigured before men so that they see it is He in the midst of them. It is He in the midst of their wilderness, in the midst of their Adamic flesh, who is manifested. Jesus was the son of God in His flesh, and no one knew it unless He told them or manifested some great act. He changed history. Turmoil is here, history is changing, and out of the wilderness, leaning on her beloved, she comes, as Song of Solomon states. Who is the she? Isaiah 62:5. The sons of God are now coming forth.






















WILDERNESS to the PROMISED LAND, Chapters 1-12 [Charles W. Weller]          1


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