JANUARY 1, 2007

We have great expectations for this New Year.  The thought came to me that 2006 – 6 year of man, but 2007 – 7 perfection… is this the year that the SONS of GOD are going to come into their perfection – the FIRST FRUITS of GOD – those that all of creation is in travail for their birthing?  Is this what we are in the midst of?  Even as I am writing this… I sense a “quickening” of agreement within my spirit.

God has set things up, as I understand it, that there will be a group of people coming forth that will walk on this earth as Jesus walked – and greater things shall they do than even Jesus did.  The promise is to every believer… but there is an order about this move of God, as there is about every move He has made – for He is a God of Order.  God operates in Divine Order and has spoken much to the two of us about this Divine Order.  It is the backbone – of the Government of God – the basic structure that holds all things together in his Kingdom.  I believe the construction of our physical bodies is a representation of this Divine Order – our backbone is the basic structure to which all other parts are connected, either directly or indirectly.  It is through this backbone that the necessary bodily fluids flow for the functioning of the skeletal system.  And all of the muscles, tendons, and sinews are connected to this main support [our physical foundation].

I see this company of believers, designated as SONS OF GOD, going forth with the SPIRITUAL POWER of GOD to DECLARE into BEING – the FULL MANIFESTATION of the GOVERNMENT of GOD on this EARTH.

In some way, I see them set in place as JUDGES, given the ability to judge the WORLD POWERS and MAN-MADE AUTHORITIES currently in place.  And in this JUDGING [Knowledge], will come the POWER [Wisdom], and MIGHT [Understanding] to DECLARE [create – re-create – set aright] those things that are out of BALANCE.  This will ESTABLISH the TRUE SCALES of JUSTICE.

This year will see these SONS come forth and JOINED together in various ways – to BEGIN this work.  THESE DECLARATIONS, made by FATHER, through His In-Dwelling His SONS… with PROVOKE what MAY APPEAR AS CHAOS in many places around the world… but those with SPIRITUAL EYES and EARS will comprehend the necessity of DEMOLITION so that  RE-CREATION can TAKE PLACE.  By 2012, we should see the GOVERNMENT of GOD VISIBLE on this EARTH.  But we are looking at 5 more years of WORLD-WIDE CHAOS – peaking and subsiding and then ESTABLISHED ORDER taking place world-wide.  THIS LONG-PROMISED TIME is the TRUE EXPLANATION of the EARTH BEING DESTROYED BY FIRE… the FIRE of GOD – CLEANSING – PURIFICATION – HOLINESS – DIVINE ORDER. 








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