NOVEMBER 25, 2009

Some while back, I wrote in my journal about words. When I came across the entry recently, thought it something I would like to share:


Words. Yes, Abba Father, I do enjoy words: what they mean, how to use them in speaking and writing. As I was pondering about that just now, it occurred to me that the reason I like words and feel they are important is because – YOU used words; YOU spoke them forth, and all was created…and Jesus is called the Word of God.

Yes, words ARE important, and words are meaningful…and words are special. I know that they can be used to deceive, to destroy, but…they are significant, and powerful for good, as well, for they relate to You.


Also, “…in Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” The Greek word for treasure is “thesaurus” – and a thesaurus is a book of synonyms – words. Jesus is THE Word, and we are all variations (synonyms) of that Word.


Wow, what a thought.


A couple of words that have meanings that are interesting:


…The Greek for “religion” is – dread-speak. Surely it is!


…Amen. The root of “amen”, “It is done, finished,” is “trust”. So when we say the word, Amen, we are saying, “It is done; trust Me.”




















WORDS – THE WONDER of WORDS [Joanne Anstine] 11-25-09          1


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