JUNE 1, 2008

The building committee was talking with the building superintendent today up on the 85th floor of the building that is scheduled for 140 floors. The superintendent was saying that he had placed a large number of workers on the first five floors as maintenance workers. The building, although only a little more than half completed, was already needing repairs on the lower floors.

The committee is complaining that at this rate, the building will never be completed.

“I need more workers,” the superintendent said. “I need experts in crack repair, and experts in finding cracks, and I need a faster source of supplies as well.  I need a lot more funds too.“

The chairman of the committee says, “Well, let’s pray. Let’s pray for more workers and most certainly more crack finders. Let’s get this building done. After all, we’ve got many more buildings scheduled. I just wish we could get everyone in the city to pitch in.

There is always a bystander. This particular bystander said, “I see a building without cracks. Maybe you are trying to do something that can’t be done. Maybe you are trying to duplicate something that is already done.  Maybe you would like to gather might and power to do in-part that which has already been perfected.”

In one accord, they surrounded the bystander and cast him out of the city.


No apologies;



WORKING on the BUILDING [Jim-Melba Crofford] 6-1-08          1


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